Vixen Creations VixSkin Maverick Review

VixSkin Maverick review
Maverick is a great product, but we didn’t work out together in the end.

The Vixen Creations VixSkin Maverick and I had a torrid love affair, but then I had to say good-bye.

He seemed great when I first met him: tall, muscular, with beautiful features. During our first encounter, though, I discovered that his suction cup was…temperamental. And after we’d been together for a little while, I realized that while his girth was awesome, his head was just all squish. He just couldn’t stand the intensity of my passion!

Now that Maverick is gone from my life, I do miss that beautifully shaped coronal ridge, and the faux foreskin texture underneath. Still, I think our breakup was for the best, because overall, the VixSkin Maverick Dual Density silicone dildo’s big head was a little too squishy—the G-spot stim just wasn’t enough. I had to move on to a host of other dual-density silicone dildos, before finding my favorites.


The VixSkin Maverick by Vixen Creations was my first dual-density silicone dildo, so I apologize for the overly dramatic personification above. Maverick just felt so much more real than any toy I’d previously owned!

Maverick is 7” of insertable length, with a big 2” maximum diameter (up at the protruding coronal ridge and throughout the bottom part of the shaft). The slightly raised texture right under the coronal ridge is a beautiful design, as it provides some extra stimulation.

Maverick has a great ridge combined with a great curve.

Oh-So Squishy

The outer layer of VixSkin (dual-density dildos by Vixen Creations) is soft, somewhere around 00-30 shore in feel. Because so many people swear that VixSkin is the most realistic-feeling line of fake cocks out there, maybe I just had my expectations set too high for Maverick, my first dual-density silicone dildo. For me, Maverick’s glans is a tease. As it rubs my vag’s front wall, with every forward stroke, I want to orgasm. But.I.just.can’t.quite.get.there. It’s just softer than a real cock head.

Really, that’s why I should’ve gotten the VixSkin Mustang instead: its über-squishy head sticks out so much, and curves so far forward, that it makes up for the extra softness. I just want Mustang to pound my G-spot for half an hour at a time, it feels so awesome. It’s like eating your favorite dessert while getting a full-body massage. Oooomph, yes.

A final note about VixSkin silicone: it’s sticky. Unlubed, it feels kinda draggy. But when you do use lube (and why wouldn’t you?),1 Maverick is suddenly really smooth. It glides in and out, moving easily with each stroke. It almost feels like a gloss-finished toy. This may be a good thing or a bad thing for you, depending on your preferences. Since I do often like my toys a tad draggier, like Ellis, Maverick’s gliding surface wasn’t exactly what I was looking for.

“Suction Cup” Base

Vixen classifies these models as “suction cup base” dildos. I was psyched about this because when I bought Maverick, I was trying to replace a large PVC suction-cup dildo with something nontoxic and more realistic. (I eventually found the closest thing to be NS Novelties’ ColourSoft series.) Then I got Maverick, and right away I saw that the base didn’t adhere very well to the wall.

The key with all Vixen Creations suction cup bases is that you gotta use a lot of force. Like, really slam them down onto your flat surface. If you’re trying to mount the dildo on a slightly textured surface, like a wall with not-glossy paint, you still may not have the best results.

There are also a few ways to work around the suction cup problem, including a thigh harness, a Liberator toy mount, or some double-sided (probably PVC) suction cups.

Maverick next to Woody (Mustang’s single-density counterpart).

TL;DR: An Awesome Toy, Just Not Perfect for Me

The dual-density VixSkin line includes many high-quality, realistic dildos. I’d definitely recommend that everyone check out at least one of them, even though Maverick didn’t work out quite like I had hoped it would for all my G-spotting pursuits. Maverick is big, squishy goodness—but not perfect for my selective vag: the head’s so soft! If you are looking for gentler stimulation, though, Maverick is an amazing choice for a large toy. It works great with a bullet vibe, and VixSkin is always beloved for comfortable anal play. I just wish I’d bought myself a VixSkin Mustang instead, for even more realism.

Here’s what I liked and didn’t like about Maverick:

YES!!! points:

  • The curve.
  • The shape of the coronal ridge, plus the smaller foreskin ridge, are stimulating (yet gentle).
  • Dual-density.
  • Thick, but still very forgiving because of the squish.
  • Handmade by Vixen, of US-sourced silicone, in the US. (Not mass-produced.)

Eh, that’s disappointing:

  • Uncored head feels half-cocked to me when I’m really pounding it.
  • The suction cup base may come detached during use.

If you like big, squishy penetrators, find Maverick for under $100 here!


  1. Seriously, folks, don’t be a hero—lube is your friend. I say this to my former self.