Tantus Echo Super Soft Review

Tantus describes its Echo Super Soft as “a fantasy dildo whose head is repeated multiple times.” So, when the folks at Peepshow Toys were looking for a reviewer for this new Echo, I’m sure that they thought of me immediately. After all, I’ve made no secret of my interest in fantasy sex toys.

Tantus Echo Super Soft fantasy dildos
Across the top: Shapely Toys Binate. Left to right: Twin Tail Creations Cortez, Echo, Damn Average Above Average Alien, Xenocat Artifacts Caiman. (For some reason, I didn’t include my Split Peaches Unicorn Horn!)

Though the Echo may not be the most sensational fantasy toy out there,1 its abstract ridges do provide the textured stimulation that’s characteristic of many fantasy toys. (Plus, for some reason, the Echo reminds me of an alien from the back.2) Here’s why I’ve come to love the Echo Super Soft.

Tantus Echo Super Soft pennies
A lot of Super Soft dildos come in copper, but Echo is available in “purple haze” (all in my brain!) and wine colors.

Soft and Textured

I thought the original Echo’s ridges looked interesting, but I was never enthusiastic enough to get one because I personally find Tantus’ “flexible” silicone…not very flexible. (Sure, it’s flexible in comparison with glass or metal, but in comparison with many other silicone dildos, not so much.) Your mileage may vary, of course; firmer toys work very well for some people.3

Tantus Echo Super Soft Vamp Super Soft
Tantus Echo Super Soft above Tantus Vamp Super Soft. I love both toys, though they’re very different.

This is why I was thrilled when Tantus began expanding its Super Soft line earlier this year. Starting with the Vamp Super Soft, and progressing to the Adam Super Soft and many more, Tantus has answered the demand of more-sensitive users like me.

You better believe that I’m picky about dildo firmness—picky enough to write an extensive guide on it. And I have absolutely no complaints about the Echo Super Soft’s firmness. For me, this softer silicone is magic when combined with the intense ridges that ripple down Echo’s shaft. Plus, the long, straight head feels amazing to squeeze around.

And then the curved ridges come, one after another…


If my vagina could speak, one of its first sentences would be: “Life’s too short for boring dildos.” To me, “boring” means totally smooth and slick. I need some texture and/or drag to make thrusting any particular toy an interesting enough experience that I don’t switch to one of my many other choices.

Luckily for my genitals, the Echo definitely delivers on texture. I love all the ridges after the coronal ridge: they have a nice, downward-curved shape that’s like an exaggerated coronal ridge. One after another, the ridges massage my the frontal wall of my vag (and my vulva, depending on how far I have the Echo inserted).

For more intense G-spot stimulation, I really to like to insert as much as possible of the Echo Super Soft’s 6.5″ of insertable length. The Echo’s head, though it does anchor the Echo into place well when I’m using the toy as a vibrating dildo, isn’t the best for pure G-spotting. (I’m going to be presumptuous here and say that if I had designed the Echo, I would’ve given the head a more-bell-shaped curve, like this, and a coronal ridge that protruded as much as the Echo’s lower ridges do.)Tantus Echo Super Soft head curve

I don’t dislike the Echo’s head—it’s just that the ridges farther down the shaft are what really do it for me.

Lastly, the finish on Echo’s silicone makes vigorous thrusting around the rippled shaft more comfortable. It is a matte finish (not a gloss), but it’s the smoothest matte I’ve ever felt—smoother than the matte finish on my other (nonvibrating) Super Soft toys, Vamp and Adam. And unlike many softer silicone toys, which are sticky, Tantus Super Soft doesn’t cling to your fingers and attract all the hair in a three-foot radius.4

Tantus Vamp, Perfect Plug Kit, and Echo
Vamp and Echo Super Soft again, with the Perfect Plug Kit in between to form what Tantus calls a bouquet of cocks.

TL;DR: I ???? Soft Ridges

The Tantus Echo Super Soft has quickly become my most-used Tantus Super Soft dildo. (And that’s saying a lot, because I love the Vamp Super Soft’s big round head.) For me, the Echo’s soft silicone and pronounced ridges are a winning combination. All these ridges team up to stimulate everywhere from deep in my vag to the underside of my clit,5 gently but persistently. Though sometimes I wish the Echo’s head had more of a curve, its long, bulbous shape works well when the Echo is suction-cupped to the wall. Then, the big head holds the dildo inside me while I’m massaging my clit with the shaft’s lower ridges.

You can find the Echo Super Soft here! But if ridges aren’t really your thing, you can see more Tantus Super Soft options here.

* * *

  1. At first I wanted to scoff at the claim that the Echo is a fantasy dildo, but then I realized that “fantasy” toys come in all different varieties, from abstract ridgy things to dragon dildos and horse cocks. Who says that a “vanilla” toy maker like Tantus or Fun Factory can’t be included in the fantasy list when they make toys like the Echo or the Tiger? Plus, Tantus has just come out with an even-more-fantastical dildo: the robotic-looking Steam Hunk (which I also adore: review here).
  2. Yes, I did add an “alien dildo” tag to my site while writing this review. ☺ What do you think: am I crazy? Tantus Echo Super Soft back
  3. This is one reason why the Pure Wand is a classic G-spotting toy, for example.
  4. It still attracts a lot of it, just not all of it!
  5. “CUV complex” is a technical term you sometimes see thrown about. See my G-spot anatomy post if you’re interested in details.

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  1. Aah interesting, glad you’re stating your preferences. I am different in that my vag does not like texture at all. I have this firm vibrator with a swirly texture on top that’s like a string of just 3x3mm or so, but that’s too much texture for me. Maybe when I’m really horny I’m wet enough for the texture to not feel so pronounced, but I tend not to grab it in that case.

    Maybe though, maybe, these ridges on the echo would feel nice, because they’re a bit bigger and softer…


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