Shapely Toys Binate Review

The Binate has always reminded me of a cobra…So here it is, a snake in the grass. (I’m bad at “nonrepresentational.”)

For anyone interested in abstract, nonrepresentational dildos, I can’t recommend Shapely Toys enough. The designs are creative and unique, the service is fast, all toys are very reasonably priced, and customs don’t cost extra.1

My Binate

Though I have a strong preference for cock-like toys, I couldn’t resist the awesome ridges and twists on the Binate. The toy has two sets of textured surfaces (I’ll call them side A and side B), so that if you turn the toy ninety degrees at a time, you’ll start with side A and then you’ll see side B, and then side A again, etc., etc. It’s curvy and incredibly fun.

Side A.
Vs. side B.

Shapely Toys offers a gallery of previously made toys so that you can get an idea of possible colors. After much consideration, I chose normal green (which is a bit turquoisey) and an interesting metallic called sunstone, which is a light gold with a hint of rose, in firm (10A) silicone.2

The toy came out beautifully, but I was most surprised by how quickly it got to me: only five days later. Five days for a custom marble, including two-day shipping? Yes!3

This is definitely a hand-sculpted toy: there’s a small seam down one of the side Bs, a few other tiny knicks in the sculpt, and the base is slightly ragged on one side. But you really have to look hard to notice these imperfections, and I’m very impressed with how symmetrical the Binate is—something that’s difficult to achieve in a hand-sculpt.

In Use

The Binate’s max circumference is 5.25” (1.67” diameter) at the widest part of side A (the cobra’s expanded hood, if you will), and the minimum girth is 3” all around the very top of the toy, with 6” of insertable length. I like the width of side A, and the ridges right below that maximum girth are stimulating. I enjoyed the pronounced, cupped ridges of side B even more, though I wished that the toy was wider on side B to give me more of that ridgy goodness.4

Smaller side of the Binate vs. the average-sized Tantus Alan.
And, for all you size monarchs out there, Binate vs. a medium Bad Dragon Nox.

Still, I enjoyed alternating between the two sides: by my third orgasm, sides A and B seemed to be in a race to see which would make me come first, forcing me to alternate frantically between them. Prior to that grand finale, though, using the Binate was a learning experience for me: the toy forced me to go slow and really feel the texture, because the Binate lacks the heavy head that I typically prefer in my toys. The bulge in the smaller side B only really provides about an inch of full-on stimulation against your preferred wall.

The second (lower) bulge on side A was also a novel experience for me. I have very little interest in “knotted” toys, but this bulge in the Binate is like the gentler cousin of a knot. It’s not a large increase in size, but the bulge is definitely there in use, especially when combined with the upside-down-shapes right before the base; I like the mild pressure all these details put on the mouth of my vagina.

One more interesting feature of the Binate’s silicone is that it’s especially tacky. That gives it almost-suction-cup-like properties when the base is stuck to a very flat surface.

The Binate can bend quite a bit even in 10A silicone.


Overall, I’m super glad I got a Binate. Not only is it a beautiful piece of art, but the unique ridging provides a fascinating kind of stimulation, especially when the user alternates between the two different sides. I would recommend it to anyone who’s looking to add something new and different to their toy collection, who likes abstract toys, and who appreciates great customer service.

Head over to Shapely Toys and get yourself a high-quality, nonrepresentational toy in your preferred colors for as low as $22!

Binate’s base along with a silicone sampler pack from Shapely Toys.
  1. Two-color marbles don’t, at least. It is an extra $10 for a three-color marble, and $5 for glitter or glow-in-the-dark pigments.
  2. People who are especially sensitive to texture will want to get this toy in a softer firmness, since the ridges are very noticeable. I love mine in firm (10A) silicone, because it still bends with my body but doesn’t squish too much while I’m thrusting it fast.
  3. Fantasy toy makers are often slow in delivering their products, and sometimes are horribly slow (*cough* Frisky Beast *cough*). Though Bad Dragon offers next-day shipping on premade toys, custom marbles take quite a bit longer.
  4. I prefer broader G-spot stimulation; I’m not 100% sure I would call myself a size queen, but I definitely like my toys larger than average.