Bondara Mr Realist Review

SO bright.

It’s bright-pink and incredibly tacky…and I can’t stop looking at it. If my computer desk weren’t clearly visible from the street,1 I’d probably stick here just so I could look at this eye-blinding cock all day.

What I Like

Apart from my fondness for hot pink (but never fear: if you hate hot pink, it comes in tan, black, and purple too), I like Bondara’s Mr Realist because it’s everything that a realistic, suction cup dildo should be: hyperrealistic (veins running everywhere, with good-sized balls), with a nice coronal ridge, a forward bent, and a strong suction cup. For me, a lover of realism, the shape of the glans and the ridge really hit the spot. Plus, it’s available in four different sizes (see the “Full Description” tab), from 4″ circumference to 6″ circumference. Mine is the large, so it’s 5.5″ max circumference (1.75″ diameter) and supposedly 9″ long, but a lot of that is the balls and the suction cup: it’s about 6.5″ insertable length.  

Now, as much as Mr Realist appeals to me, it—like most inexpensive, mass-produced dildos, with the exception of NS Novelties’ ColourSoft line—has one big drawback: it’s fairly firm. I’ll discuss this dildo’s feel and compare it to two other realistic, suction cup dildo lines next.


First, a quick description of the retailer/manufacturer. Bondara2 is UK-based, and looks very similar to big sex shops like Lovehoney and Pink Cherry. I’m in the States, so it took this toy twelve days to get to me (not too long), and shipping only cost 5 pounds, so less than $7 USD.

Vs. Lovehoney

The Mr Realist line is almost indistinguishable from two of Lovehoney’s Lifelike Silicone toys, the 5.5″ length; it has the girth of Mr Realist in small and the length of Mr Realist in medium) and the 8″ length (also comes in pink; which seems comparable to my large Mr Realist size-wise). Honestly, the only reason why I bought the large Mr Realist instead of the 8″ Lovehoney Lifelike Silicone was price: about $22 USD for Mr Realist versus $45 for the Lovehoney.

Vs. Colours Pleasures

NS Novelties’ Colours Pleasures line features several sizes and lengths of realistic, silicone, suction cup dildos. I had previously bought a Thick 5″ because the girth (1.75″ diameter) was just what I wanted, but then I discovered that 5″ insertable just isn’t much length when your suction cup dildo is attached to a wall; large Mr Realist’s 6.5″ of insertable length is much better for me. Also, the Colours Pleasures dildo didn’t have the slight bent that the larger two Mr Realists do—and I like me a good G-spot curve (update: which is why I ended up liking Blush Novelties’ Magic Stick even better than Mr Realist, despite the former’s smaller size). Speaking of which:

Mr Realist here already had a slight bent, but it’s capable of bending to about 90° when forced.

Flexibility/Shore Strength

In my Silicone Dildo Firmnesses guide, I group almost all inexpensive, suction cup dildos into one category, because their levels of squish are all pretty much the same, most likely around 20A shore strength. This means that they can bend some with pressure or with quick thrusting, but they’re not squishy.

And this is why I like Mr Realist, but there’s no way I would be satisfied with it alone. My Uncut #1 (review here), my ColourSoft 8″ (review here), and my Blush Novelties Magic Stick (review here) are my go-to choices when I want a realistic dildo, because Mr Realist’s hardness is usually a bit much for me and the curve isn’t quite enough. Still, Mr Realist is more comfortable for thrusting than my Tantus Vibrating Vamp, which is firmer and has less bend than Mr Realist. And if you’re looking for a more realistic feel rather than just a realistic look, check out the “Dual-Density” section of my Firmnesses post.

Uncut #1 head-to-head with another 1.75″-diameter dildo, Mr Realist. 

The Suction Cup

I found Mr Realist’s suction cup to be quite strong—even stronger than the Tantus suction cup attachment. Really, the only drawback of Mr Realist’s suction cup was that it was fairly wide, which (along with the balls) make it slightly difficult for me to jerk the toy manually.

I can confirm that Colours Pleasures and Bondara’s Mr Realist suction cups are pretty strong.

The Bottom Line

Check out a Bondara Mr Realist if you like realistic-looking dildos and don’t mind a slightly firmer toy; it’s a great starter dildo because of the price and the four different size options. The forward bent and the pronounced head made it satisfying for me, even though it’s not my absolute favorite. I’d also recommend the very similar Lovehoney Lifelike Silicone dildos (5.5″ and 8″) and the Colours Pleasures line with the same qualifications. Or, check out Blush Novelties’ Ruse line, which has some slightly different shapes.

  1. Damn, I need to get a blind for the windows in my glass-paned front door.
  2. Thanks to the owner of Chick Makes Dick, who recommended this line of realistic dildos.