Tantus Alan O2 Dual-Density Realistic Dildo Review

I overlooked the Tantus Alan for a long time because it seemed unremarkable. Tantus’ marketing campaign for the toy, in fact, was “Meet the Guy Next Door,” because Alan—at 1.54” diameter at the widest and 6.5” insertable—is a little above the median girth for a human cock. The toy also lacks any extreme texture; the coronal ridge just barely sticks out. 

Tantus Uncut #1 with Tantus Alan
Tantus Uncut #1 with Tantus Alan.

But I’m glad I eventually bought an Alan, because it really is a nice everyday dildo. I also love the skin-like finish that Tantus uses on its realistic dual-density toys.1 Alan’s coronal ridge may not be quite as large as I like, but the shaft right below the ridge features a series of small, barely-there lines that massage my vag’s frontal wall nicely. These lines may not look noticeable, but the grabby outer layer of this dual-density silicone blend makes them very apparent for me (keep in mind that I’m pretty sensitive, though).

I find the amount of squish in Alan perfect, in contrast to the Tantus Sam—also a realistic O2 toy—which feels hard to me in comparison with Alan. Alan’s glans is squishy but not at all floppy. In other words, it’s the happy medium I’m always looking out for. When I stick the suction cup attachment into Alan and ride the toy hard, I can almost believe the slogan plastered across Tantus’ O2 toy packaging: FEELS REAL.

It feels real when you’re pounding it except for one thing: a total lack of curve. Alan is just too straight to be perfect for me. The shaft from around the coronal ridge to the top of the bullet hole is very dense because of the extremely firm inner core. But because the core is missing in the lower half of the shaft (the bullet hole takes its place), the bottom half of the dildo is more bendable. I can get the slight G-spot curve I need if I’m thrusting manually or if the suction cup is stuck to a horizontal surface and I’m leaning over the dildo:

Tantus Alan with suction cup, bent forward

I figure that Tantus makes the squishier outer layer of silicone thinner on its vibrating O2 (dual-density) toys so that these dildos don’t flop around because of the bullet hole. I’ve also found the Tantus Sam and Duchess to be inflexible, whereas my Tantus Uncut #1 bends pretty easily (and it comes with a curve already, which makes it even better for G-spotting).

Despite my complaint about Alan’s straightness, I love the multiple uses of its hole. Here’s a breakdown of what you can do with it:

  1. Insert a bullet vibe, of course. The ability to put a rumbly We-Vibe Tango in is a wonderful feature.

    Alan with We-Vibe Tango partially inserted.
  2. Tantus suction cup attachment! This is where I’m really excited, because I’ve long wanted a dual-density toy that I could use hands-free. I usually use it on my nightstand, but if I’m pretty close to orgasm I can stick it on even a slightly textured wall, and it’ll stay put for long enough. It sticks well to shower walls.
  3. Stick your finger in for a better grip while you’re jerking the toy into yourself. This is awesome for me. The base is just the right size for my hand (not mega-enormous like some toy makers’ bases), and combined with that, putting my middle finger in the hole makes thrusting a truly pleasurable experience.


I like the Tantus Alan a lot. Although it doesn’t provide me with intense G-spot pressure, I keep coming back to it again and again. I would definitely recommend this dildo to anyone looking for an average-sized, dual-density toy with a suction cup. Though Alan isn’t my absolute favorite (the Tantus Uncut #1 is), it has a lot of great selling points:

  • Outer layer of dual-density silicone has a good amount of squish for me. It’s still firmer than the dual-density of New York Toy Collective, Vixen VixSkin, and Pleasure Works, so check those out if you want a softer toy that isn’t floppy.
  • It doesn’t require me to stretch myself at all, so it’s a great girth for super-fast thrusting or for sensitive-vag days.
  • The bullet hole allows you to either insert a vibrating bullet or to go hands-free with the suction cup attachment.
  • I like the extra ridging below the coronal ridge. Alan isn’t super-duper realistic, but I still love the toy’s aesthetic.

And the cons again:

  • No natural forward curve; bends some but not a lot because of the super-stiff inner core.
  • The coronal ridge could be more pronounced.
  • Not for size queens or texture junkies.

If you’re looking to meet a very straight “guy next door,” pick Alan up at Peepshow Toysat SheVibe, or direct from Tantus.

* * *

  1. Check out my Tantus Gary O2 review for more about this O2 realistic dildo finish.