Tantus Gary O2 Review

The Tantus Gary O2 is like the lovechild of the Tantus Silk Large and a real cock with a long foreskin. Gary has the Silk’s rounded, flat head, but with loads of small ridges and a skin-like texture. Plus the squish is for real!Tantus Gary front, top half on blue background

I ❤ Tantus’ O2 Realistics

I was very excited to add Gary to my collection because I’m in love with Tantus’ O2 (dual-density) realistic dildos.1 The unique matte finish of these O2 realistics gives them the most life-like feel that I’ve yet experienced in a dildo. Check out this family photo:

Tantus Alan, Gary, & Uncut #1 side by side
From left to right: Tantus Alan (review here), Gary, and Uncut #1 (review here). Yes, the fact that they’re all in cocoa (=tan) is sad.

I thought that Gary would be very similar to Alan in size because of the product specs: 1.5″ diameter and 7″ insertable for Gary, vs. 1.54″ diameter and 6.5″ insertable for Alan. But whoa, Gary actually looks larger in person! Slight size variations do occur in silicone toys, so my Alan turned out to be about 1.51″ max. diameter,2 while my Gary is about 1.65″ max.3 This means Gary’s size is a little above average,4 but the dildo is uniformly thick all throughout, so it feels very filling.5

The softness of Gary’s outer layer is silicone is sublime—just the right amount of squishiness. The top three inches of the dildo seem totally uncored, so Gary’s long head and upper ridges are made of basically the same silicone as Tantus’ Super Soft toys.6

And by its midshaft, Gary is still soft without being floppy; its firm inner core makes it feel erect even when it’s thrust fast. Speaking of my favorite activity…

In and Out, In and Out

Gary is superb for thrusting. Fast, slow, whatever—this dildo’s many lines feel awesome rubbing against any part of my genitals.7 Gary’s softness makes all this texture feel gentle, no matter how hard you’re going at it.

Gary also feels very gentle because its coronal ridge is so subtle. As much as I love screwing Gary, I have to admit that it’s not the best G-spotting toy in my collection. When paired with a good clit vibe, though, Gary works wonders for my vag. The amount of give when I orgasm around the rounded head is delightful.

Another Look at All the Ridges

I’m a fan of extra texture in my dildos, so Gary is irresistible. Gary’s glans is long and pretty textureless, but below the coronal ridge are all these little lines. There’s even a secondary ridge that equals the (gentle) stimulation of the coronal ridge.

Tantus Alan vs Gary ridges
Alan’s ridges (left) are more subtle than Gary’s, but Alan’s seem firmer to me due to the toy’s thicker core.

And the back of the head has so much texture too. Maybe it’s just because I’m a huge phallophile (cock-lover, hence the site name), but this is beautiful to me:

Tantus Gary O2 back of head

All in All

I’ve really enjoyed the squishiness of the Tantus Gary’s silicone. If you’ve been interested in Tantus’ recent Super Soft releases, then Gary is the closest Tantus O2 (dual-density) toy I’ve tried. Its upper half is all squish. But, in contrast with Super Soft toys, Gary’s mid- and lower shaft have the firm core that makes O2 toys more resistant to the pressure of fast thrusting. This is why, when my (very enthusiastic) partner wants to use a dildo on me, I hand him the squishy-but-sturdy Gary. I absolutely love my favorite Super Soft toy, the Vamp, for solo play, but I know Gary will perform better with rapid thrusts.

Really, my only difficulty with Gary is that it’s not amazing for pure G-spot stimulation. Gary’s coronal ridge is very broad and flattened (plus soft!), so it’s not as intense as a toy like the Fun Factory Boss or the Vixen Large Realistic Bent. Some days, I just need a little more OOMPH than Gary’s gentle nature provides. That’s when I’m happy to pull out a strong clit vibe like the We-Vibe Tango. Gary and the Tango make a perfect pair!

If you like gentle but textured stimulation, the Tantus Gary is a wonderful choice. I would most definitely recommend it—and the Uncut #2, which has a slightly larger coronal ridge—to anyone looking for an average-sized realistic dildo.

Pick up some Gary here at Tantus! Or see all Tantus’ O2 dual-density silicone toys here.

* * *

  1. See my Silicone Dildo Firmness Guide for more information about dual-density vs. single-density toys and how squishy they all are!
  2. That is, 4.75″ circumference at the coronal ridge and right above the base.
  3. 5 3/16″ circumference at the coronal ridge and at the secondary ridge almost an inch below that.
  4. Based on the average human cock, which is said to be 4.5–4.7″ girth.
  5. Plus, my measuring tape says that Gary is at least 7.5″ insertable length, so a good bit longer than Alan.
  6. I say “basically” as a qualifier because Tantus says that, although the Super Soft blend and the outer layer of O2 dildos are both “5 shore silicone,” the Super Soft dildos are formulated to feel softer than the outer O2 layer. But if there is a difference in squishiness, I haven’t noticed it; the biggest difference to me comes down to the different varieties of matte finish. O2 realistics have a very grabby, skin-like matte, whereas Super Soft toys are a little slicker.
  7. I also enjoy using them to stimulate under my clit.

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