Vixen Creations Large Realistic Bent Review

Vixen Large Realistic Bent on green-and-blue fabric

When I want a dildo that’s wide and firm, I reach for the Large Realistic Bent, by Vixen Creations.

It’s no secret that I found Vixen’s VixSkin Maverick to be too squishy—so I decided to try out the Large Realistic Bent. It’s the same shape and size as Maverick, but it’s made of only one (firmer) density of silicone. And I wasn’t disappointed. The Large Realistic Bent (which I’ll call “LRB”) not only includes all the features I loved in Maverick, but is more effective for pure G-spotting due to its hardness.1

Large, with a Realistic Bent (Duh)

Though Vixen Creation’s name for the toy, “Large Realistic Bent,” is a bit boring, it’s quite the accurate description.

First, LRB has a maximum diameter of 2″ and is thick throughout, so it’s a big boy. Though the toy’s insertable length is 6.5″—above average—this length seems short in comparison to the thickness. For me, this isn’t a bad thing. It’s easier for me to hold on to LRB’s base and thrust because it’s not, say, 7.5″ insertable—my vag is only so long.

Large Realistic Bent laid out next to the longer NS Novelties ColourSoft 8" dildo
LRB next to NS Novelties’ ColourSoft 8″ (also 2″ max diameter).

And the coronal ridge…whew! I’m pretty sure I’ve said this in at least 50% of my reviews, but I love me a big ridge that juts out and really makes its presence known. This was my main complaint about Maverick: because of the softness of VixSkin’s squishy outer layer of silicone, Maverick didn’t create the right amount of pressure on my vag’s frontal wall. I had to do a lot of caressing and intense thrusting to reach orgasm with Maverick. But with LRB, there’s nowhere for my G-spot to hide.

So How Firm Is It?

Silicone densities are complicated. I’d like to reduce LRB’s hardness down to simple shore durometer (if so, I’d say it’s close to 15A shore), but the toy’s thickness and multiple technical factors may also affect how firm it feels. So I’ll just say that I think it’s a little more squishy than your typical 2″-thick, realistic, suction cup toy, and definitely more squishy than Tantus’ “flexible” single-density (not Super Soft or O2) toys.

Also, people are complicated. I find LRB to be firm but not painful to thrust quickly once I’m warmed up, but I know there are others out there who prefer very squishy toys. I believe I’m somewhere in the middle as far as what firmnesses I like.2

The main reason I’m able to really enjoy LRB’s firmness is that its shaft has a forward curve for more intense G-spot pressure. It’s intense for me. Sometimes, it’s too much, and I have to insert the head up almost as far as it will go, so that I can massage the most sensitive part of my vagina with the subtler, more gentle foreskin ridge. (Which has some nice texture, btw.)

Suction Cup Base?

I’ve said in my Suction Cup Dildo Guide that VixSkin suction cups are weak (this was based on my previous experience with Maverick). I thought that Maverick stuck fine for a while if I was moving straight up and down (or forward and backward, for wall use). But if I leaned forward or backward while I was going at it very hard, and the suction cup would come loose in a jiffy.


Vixen Large Realistic Bent stuck to shower wall
When I got LRB, I thought that the suction cup base was basically the same—very weak. I stuck it to the wall and pressed, like I would with any other suction cup dildo. But, after months of testing, I’ve realized that I was doing it all wrong. Apparently, the key is to press hard until you hear some air escape, and then press really hard again until absolutely all the trapped air comes out. Before, I’d been missing this second phase.

Since my discovery of this double-stick process, I’ve had LRB stay put well on the vertical laminate tiles in my shower (pictured above) and on a very smooth, polished-wood nightstand—so it works on both vertical and horizontal surfaces. Like other suction cup dildos, it will still still detach itself sometimes if you use it too vigorously on a painted wall or other textured suction.

I’m glad I no longer have to keep one hand between my thighs while I’m using LRB, to catch it before it falls on the tiles below. That was awkward.

Large Realistic Bent base bottom, with shiny/swirly purple marbled silicone.
Shimmery base between my thighs.

Final Thoughts

I thought I liked squishier toys, but the Vixen Large Realistic Bent’s two firm ridges are pleasure with an impact. This dildo is awesome if you want a somewhat-firm toy for really intense G-spotting/P-spotting. It’s hard but not really hard, plus the forward curve hits me just right when I angle the dildo slightly. I love the length (6.5″), and the purple-shimmer color is gorgeous.

And, if you like this shape but want a thinner toy that’s still pretty firm, you’re in luck: there’s also a Small Realistic Bent and a Medium Realistic Bent. If you do like your toys squishy, but not floppy, Maverick’s dual-density construction really is top-notch (as is that of Maverick’s younger sibling, Tex).

You can check out the Large Realistic Bent at at SheVibe!

I bought my Large Real. Bent. But in any review, I will tell you when something does not work for me or when I think it’s badly designed. By buying through my affiliate links, you support my writing at absolutely no cost to you. 

  1. Your mileage, of course, may vary. I tend to like slightly firmer (but not hard) toys.
  2. For example, though I find some dual-density toys too soft (like VixSkin, for some uses but not others, and the Pleasure Works Firm Core line), I dislike the hardness of the original Tantus Vamp. I also have very little interest in using any glass, metal, wood, or ceramic toys because of their hardness.

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  1. I have a Bondara mr realist dildo in large and it looks really similar to the NS Novelties’ ColourSoft 8″
    Maybe same mold ? Thing is it’s a bit too firm and the head and veins are too much when inside. For me vaginally and analy for my boi.
    Would you say the large realistic bent doesnt feel as hard with less textures/veins and a different coronal ridge compared to your ns novelties?


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