Blush Novelties Real Nude Ergo Review

The Blush Novelties Real Nude Ergo is a team player. It’s the nice guy who’s considerate about your budget, and who plays well with your other close friends (like the We-Vibe Tango or the FemmeFunn Ultra Bullet). The average-sized Ergo1 doesn’t make waves, but its squishy outer layer of silicone works well for those times when you desire comfort rather than an adventure.

Real Nude Ergo red roses
The Real Nude Ergo is out to woo you…slowly and gently.

A Gentle Ride

If you’re looking for a softer, nonrealistic silicone dildo, then the Ergo is an excellent choice. First, it’s the most affordable dual-density2 silicone dildo on the market. And equally important, the Ergo’s outer layer of silicone has a great amount of squish for me.3 It’s similar to the medium (00-50) firmness options of fantasy toy makers like Bad Dragon, and slightly squishier than Tantus’ new Super Soft dildos.

Real Nude Ergo head squished in my hand
The squish is real!

The Ergo isn’t at all floppy, though, because of its harder inner core. In my Real Nude Sumo review, I emphasized that the Sumo’s inner core was so firm that I couldn’t bend the toy’s head forward to hit my G-spot. And the Ergo’s core is still made from the same inflexible silicone, but its slight forward angle makes it more enjoyable for me to thrust by hand.

Also, the Ergo’s head doesn’t include the firm core, so it’s softer than the rest of the dildo. The rounded coronal ridge sticks out just enough to tug gently at my G-spot each time it passes by. Real Nude Ergo's head and upper shaft, on granite counter

The Ergo’s finish is also incredibly slick when lubed up. Unlubed, it’s sticky; it attracts more hair than almost all the other silicone dildos I own. You will need some good water-based lube like Sliquid,4 or else riding the Ergo will feel rough.

Later note: A few months after I published this review, Blush Novelties announced that all its Real Nude toys would move from having this kind of really sticky-tacky finish to having the less-sticky, more-glossy finish that my Real Nude Sumo has. I’m glad, because after a few months, I had to start keeping my Ergo separated from all my other silicone dildos because it was making them a bit sticky too.

But when it’s well-lubed, Ergo’s shaft provides very little friction, and no texture. It’s almost as smooth as using a very plain dildo with a gloss finish (like one of the Tantus Silks), as long as you re-lube often. And this is where the Ergo stops being perfect for me, personally. I’m drawn to the very realistic and the very fantastical, so the Ergo’s lack of shaft texture didn’t stimulate me as much as I would’ve liked. [Note: Luckily Blush now makes a line of realistic dual-density silicone that’s also very affordable: Neo Elite. See my review of those here.]

The Suction CupReal Nude Ergo with rubber duckies shower wall

As a lover of suction cup toys, I’m pleased that most Real Nude line toys include a built-in suction cup. The Ergo’s suction cup works well on both horizontal and vertical surfaces, as long as they’re flat. It is slightly thicker and smaller than the Sumo’s suction cup, which is marginally stronger. But the smaller diameter makes it easier for me to fit my hand around the Ergo’s suction cup when I want to thrust it manually. It’s exciting to wrap my fingers around the Ergo’s balls and squeeze them from underneath while the Ergo’s base is nestled in my palm.

But back to suction cup play: I like the Ergo as a shower toy, but I don’t adore it. The firm core doesn’t allow me to angle the Ergo perfectly to hit my G-spot when I have the toy stuck to a wall. Overall, I prefer the firmer-through-and-through Ruse Magic Stick (my review here) for shower penetration because of the Magic Stick’s drastic curve. I have yet to find a dual-density toy that I love to use stuck against a wall, so know that I’m really demanding! Your mileage may be very different with the Ergo.


The Real Nude Ergo’s squishy head, delicately curved coronal ridge, slight forward bent, and smooth shaft all add up to make it a kinder, gentler G-spotting toy.5 The pressure it exerts in my vagina is pleasurable, but not intense. When I use a good bullet vibe, my orgasms around the Ergo’s soft, silky head feel lovely.

If you like your dildos slightly smaller, Blush Novelties also offers the Ergo Mini.6 Or, check out the Real Nude Suko for a more textured ride.

If soft, smooth, and suction-cupped sounds superb to you, get an Ergo here!

* * *

  1. The Ergo’s maximum girth is 1.5″ diameter, and its insertable length is 6″.
  2. This means that it has a hard core under a softer second layer, allowing for the dildo to feel pleasantly squishy while not bending during use.
  3. It’s still not as soft as VixSkin, if you’re looking for really squishy dual-density. See the “Dual-Density” section of my Dildo Firmnesses Guide for more details.
  4. Or an oil-based one like The Butters, if you prefer.
  5. And quite likely a gentle P-spotting one, though this isn’t my area of expertise.
  6. Personally, I’d like an Ergo Maxi as well. ☺

2 thoughts on “Blush Novelties Real Nude Ergo Review”

  1. Hi! After reading your review I’m considering purchasing the Ergo, I’ve always wanted to try a dual density toy! Does the Ergo fit into a Spareparts Joque Harness?

    • Hi! The Avant Ergo (same toy as the Real Nude Ergo, just moved into a different product line by Blush) does fit into the Spareparts Joque either of 2 ways:

      • With the suction cup only inside the O-ring, in which case it’s more wiggly, or
      • With the ball slotted in through the back, only the shaft outside the O-ring. The suction cup will be pressed tighter against the wearer’s pubic mound. This route should give better control.

      I hope that helps!


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