Blush Novelties Real Nude Sumo Review

Blush Real Nude Sumo full lengthDual-density silicone: I’ve said before that it’s the way to go for a realistic-feeling dildo, and I’m on a personal quest to test out as many dual-density toys as possible. But…I’m picky. Too soft was the VixSkin Maverick, too hard was the Tantus Sam; too flexible is the Pleasure Works Cadet Vibrating, and too straight is the Tantus Alan.1 So, while I think Blush Novelties has done a great thing by making such an affordable series of dual-density dildos with awesome suction cupsthe Real Nude line—the Real Nude Sumo is OK, but not amazing, for me personally. Here’s why.

1. The Wavy ShaftReal Nude Sumo dildo shower wall

I chose the Sumo out of all the Real Nude options because I’m a sucker for big-headed cocks: the Sumo’s maximum diameter is 2″. Plus, under the coronal ridge, there’s a secondary ridge that I hoped would provide extra stimulation.

Real Nude Sumo dildo head close-up
I do really enjoy the size and shape of this head.

But I didn’t realize how much the shaft below those ridges would curve in a wave-like pattern. This bothers me because this mid-shaft rise is preventing my G-spot from receiving the full force of the head when I’m thrusting.2 Also, the outer layer of silicone is so soft that I can’t much feel the second ridge! (I was hoping it would be something like the Tantus Flurry—except larger—but the second ridge might as well not be there.)

2. The Inner Core Is Really Firm

The Sumo’s shaft won’t bend much at all because of the firm core of silicone inside. Now, I can totally understand the need for a firm core: its purpose is to keep the dildo stable when it’s being pounded. This is especially important for suction cup dildos, which have to stand up to a ton of force when they’re attached to a wall or other vertical surface, as the angle of penetration creates a lot of pressure on the lower shaft.

Real Nude Sumo dildo packaging by Blush Novelties
The (very attractive) packaging includes a diagram of the two layers of silicone.

But this firm core is just a little too firm for me because of the Sumo’s curviness. If the Sumo had an upward, G-spotting bent, I would be complaining about the firm core a lot less and enthusiastically riding the dildo a lot more. As it is, though, I can’t get Sumo’s lovely head to rub me quite the way I’d like.

3. The Shaft Is Almost Rectangular

Now for my final complaint. Instead of being shaped like a cylinder (like most dildos), the Sumo’s shaft is more like an airplane window: rectangular, but with rounded edges instead of sharp corners. This feels irritating to me because the edges create a lot of friction when rubbing against my (very fleshy) inner labia. Your mileage will probably vary here. My labia seem to encounter a lot of problems with Blush Novelties dildos, haha—see my Avant D3 review too.

But It’s Not All Bad…

In short, I probably should’ve chosen the Real Nude Ergo (my review here) to test first, because it curves forward, an essential characteristic of G-spotting toys. I’m disappointed that I don’t like the shape of the Sumo’s shaft, because the suction cup is super strong—it stayed attached to my shower wall for twelve hours, until I removed it. If I found it better for thrusting, I’d love to use it as a shower toy. The toy’s longer length (almost 7″ insertable) is perfect for use against a wall.

I really love the squishiness of the Sumo’s head; it’s a great firmness for clenching. This is in fact how I prefer to use the Sumo: with the first three inches inserted, just clenching my vagina around it while barely moving it, while I’m moving a We-Vibe Tango around my clit. The softness of the Sumo’s head when I come is really amazing.

Real Nude Sumo's head being squished in my hand
Love the squish!

The Real Nude line’s silicone has an interesting finish: it’s shiny and fairly smooth, while still being tacky (but not VixSkin-sticky-tacky). All silicone collects hair/lint/dust, but the Sumo really holds on to these stray particles, so a little extra cleaning is required. This silicone also eats lube, so be sure to have some Sliquid or your preferred water- or oil-based lube on hand. It glides really nicely when well-lubed because it is so slick.

Last Words: Affordable Dual-Density, Just Not the Shape for Me

Ninety-five percent of my dislike for the Sumo is due to the gentle wave-like shape of its shaft; it didn’t give me the G-spot pressure I wanted. But l would recommend this toy—and the whole Real Nude line—to others who like softer toys. (I hear the Sumo works very well for anal play, though I’m not able to take the size myself!) I understand that being able to buy a well-made, dual-density toy for between $18 and $50 is a big deal. Plus, the squishiness of the Sumo’s head is wonderful, and the suction cup is very strong.

If this big, squishy, wavy shape sounds like your thing, pick up a Sumo today at SheVibe, or get one at Peepshow Toys here. You can find the whole Real Nude series here.

* * *

  1. And the Tantus Duchess and especially the Tantus Sam. But remember that my absolute favorite is the Uncut #1—I like the nonvibrating Tantus O2 toys a lot better.
  2. Though I hear the Sumo is much better for anal use. Maybe I’ll get up to that size…one day?

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