Bad Dragon Nox Review

Bad Dragon’s Nox the Night Drake is a beautiful sculpture. The pointy head, the notched coronal ridge, the figure-eight-like shaft, and the intricate detail in the base all add up to a gorgeous-looking toy. I couldn’t help but buy one. Just looking at this dragon1 dildo is a turn-on for me (though I have to admit that I think Flint is even sexier!). And actually screwing Nox is an awesome experience too—if I only limit myself to the top part of the toy.

Bad Dragon and Custom Toys

First, a little background for anyone new to fantasy dildos. Bad Dragon (BD) is by far the largest silicone-fantasy-toy maker out there. They make a high-quality product, though there are certainly complaints about the company.2 Whatever you think of Bad Dragon, one thing’s for sure: the company dominates the fantasy toy world.

Honestly, BD’s color options were what first drew me to these dildos. I’m very enthusiastic about humanoid dildos, so fantasy cocks weren’t an obvious leap for me. But…there are only so many single-color realistic dildos you can own before you get bored. And besides the colors, fantasy toys offer so much texture. This means that I’m fascinated by high-fantasy dildos like “dragons” and sci-fi-themed ones like “aliens.” Off to Bad Dragon for a curvy dragon dildo I went!

The most amazing thing about fantasy toys for me is the sheer number of choices you have for a custom toy. At Bad Dragon, the buyer can choose from a multitude of color options, three different firmnesses, a range of sizes, and optional add-ons (suction cup and/or cum tube).3 The possibilities are endless.

Nox’s Specs

My medium-sized Nox is a marble of onyx black and metallic silver with an almost-clear layer of silicone4 in the base.

This looks really awesome in person.

It’s in firm (8A shore durometer)5 firmness, which I find the best BD firmness for thrusting and riding. This “firm” silicone doesn’t too buckle with pressure, like medium (00-50) firmness can if you thrust fast like I relish doing. Medium firmness, though, is the most popular choice.  

Bad Dragon’s 8A silicone can really bend, but doesn’t have the extreme squishiness of its 00-30.

My Nox is a medium in BD terms, which means “pretty damn large” in conventional sex toy terms. The maximum diameter of Nox’s head is 1.8”, the upper shaft expands to 2.1”, and finally, the lower shaft goes all the way up to 2.55” diameter (8” circumference) about an inch above the base. (See this measurement diagram by a BD forum-goer for details.)6  

In Use

For me, it’s all about the ridge.

I really enjoy the taper of Nox’s head (for easy insertion), and the coronal ridge is magnificent. At first glance, the jagged shape looks like it could be uncomfortable, but it’s actually very pleasant because of how soft the silicone is. The angle that Nox bends forward at is amazing for me. It hits my frontal wall just right. Then, the small bumps down Nox’s shaft are noticeable when the toy is moved slowly, but they’re not irritating. I love the sensation of Nox’s top half gliding back and forth over my G-spot.

But then…everything goes wrong for me. I hate how the bottom few inches of Nox increase in size so drastically. Really, it confuses my vag. Starting from Nox’s head, the dildo’s size goes: small-larger-small-LARGE. And by the time my vag has gotten adjusted to the 7+ inches of girth toward the base, the coronal ridge’s 5.5 inches of girth feel sadly lacking. This is why I prefer to not take in the last (super-wide) two inches of the toy. When I limit myself to the first 5 inches of length, I’m much happier.

My other big complaint is the chunkiness of Nox’s base. Its large size and weight make for awkward thrusting. I’ve tried to work around this problem by attaching a double-sided suction cup to the base (see the last section of my post Suction Cup Solutions for details).7 That set-up worked better for me on a flat surface, because even BD’s firm silicone was too soft for fast thrusting against a vertical wall the way I do. (But of course your mileage may vary).

Finally, where Nox’s base attaches to the bottom of the shaft, there’s a huge groove that I worry about water sitting in. (Silicone is functionally nonporous, but standing water is always bad, germ-wise.)


Overall, I would recommend Nox to anyone interested in fantasy toys because it’s a good-quality toy that looks cool as hell (and so many color options!). I think the upper two-thirds of Nox are good for G-spot stimulation (especially in the firm firmness). The jagged coronal ridge feels awesome sliding in and out. Unfortunately, I really dislike how the toy expands so much right before the base. 

Happy-vag points for:

  • Multiple firmness and size options, optional suction cup.
  • Nice G-spot (or P-spot) curve.
  • Jagged coronal ridge is amazing in use.
  • Interesting texture down the shaft.

Sad-vag points for:

  • Very heavy base makes for awkward manual thrusting.
  • The shaft’s curviness (small-big-small-BIG) does not work for me.
  • The coronal ridge is too small once I’ve stretched to fit in the thickness toward the bottom part of the shaft.
  • Price. BD toys aren’t hugely expensive, but for a single-density toy, they are a bit more costly than many other options.
Silly, I know…My plan was to stick green spines down Nox’s back, but the silicone is so smooth that Scotch tape won’t adhere!


  1. Night drake, technically—whatever the hell that means.
  2. Whoa, if you want to see a litany of complaints against, check out this absolute catalog by “Fantasy Toy Masterlist.” I absolutely cannot speak to the validity of any of these complaints, but I have personally heard of a number of customer service complaints from sources I have no reason to doubt.
  3. But…be willing to pay for the extra work, and know that the colors may not turn out how you envisioned, as marbles in these softer silicones (all BD toy firmnesses are somewhat soft) can be unpredictable, plus there have been many reports of custom color schemes not coming out right—for example, plain white instead of pearlescent white. BD does seem willing to offer credit or a new toy if the color is really wrong.
  4. Platinum-cure silicone cannot be completely clear, that is, translucent. Funkit Toys’ beautiful pours are a good example of the clearest 100% silicone possible.
  5. See my Dildo Firmness Guide for details about what this means.
  6. When buying any BD toy, I’d recommend checking the product page against actual user measurements because the BD specs often don’t give a full picture of a toy’s girth. For example, I was interested in a medium Anthro Dragon (since the small doesn’t have enough insertable length for me) because BD’s product page says the head is 2.1” max diameter. But then I saw that the user measurements (which I totally believe after looking at pictures of this thing in comparison with other toys) say that the medium Anthro Dragon has a 2.8”-max.-diameter coronal ridge. Whoa!
  7. This is partly my fault for not buying one with a built-in suction cup, which is an option on Nox and many other BD toys.