Ovipositor Toy List, 100% Silicone!

Is it kinky to lay alien eggs? Fantasy ovipositor toys let you hold in, then lay, a brood of eggs out of your vagina. These egg-laying dildos are hollow tubes that you insert, then push the eggs through them to be deposited vaginally (or anally, with gelatin eggs).

But, learn from my mistakes: The first time I tried an ovipositor toy, I got so involved our very wet play, I forgot one of the creature eggs remained inside me after penetration… and later plopped out at an inopportune moment.

Hence, tips for how to avoid ovipositor toy problems; and what to do if the love eggs get hung up or stuck!

Body-Safe Ovipositor Toys

The best ovipositors are 100% platinum cured silicone. It’s by far the safest soft sex toy material, since silicone’s molecules repel the water that bacteria need to survive! So germs cannot get into and multiply within the silicone.

Ovipositor toy silicone egg laying dildo inner tube for deploying sex toy eggs Fantasticocks Aquarius
Fantasticocks silicone ovipositor seen from above its egg-depositing hole. With 3 matching eggs.

Especially with how wet (and slimey?) egg laying sex toys can get, it’s best to get platinum silicone, created by a fantasy dildo-maker. These ovipositor toys may be alien egg laying, dragon egg laying, or a tentacle-creature that lays eggs inside.

  • Fantasticocks Ovipositors: Mythical monsters!
    • Min (“alien”). From 6″ to 6.5″ circumference × 7.75″ insertable length. 1.5″ egg-opening diameter.
    • Naga (dragon). From 6″ to 8″ circumference with egg / from 7″ to 8.25″ circumference without eggs × 7.75″ insertable length. 1.25″ to 1.5″ egg-opening diameter.
    • Caeda (textured “hive queen”). From 6″ to 7.5″ circumference × 8″ insertable length. 1.25″ egg-opening diameter.
    • Aquarius (aquatic monster). 6.25″ circumference with egg / 5.75″ circumference without × 5.5″ insertable length. 1.15″ egg-opening diameter.
    • Ember (knotted chimera). From 5.5″, to 7.25″, to 6.5″ circumference × 7″ insertable length. 1″ egg-opening diameter.
  • Uncover Creations Ovipositors: Tentacle, nubby thing, xenomorph, and alien egg toy dildos:
    • Alien: Small = 5″ circumference × 6.6″ insertable length; Medium = 6.5″ circumference × 7.9″ insertable length.
    • Tentacle = Small = 5.6″ circumference × 6.6″ insertable length; Medium = 7.2″ circumference × 8.6″ insertable length.
  • Primal Hardwere: OG ovipositors intended for use with gelatin eggs: pay attention to the dimensions tab, since the coolest alien egg laying models—like G’lorp—get up to over 3″ diameter with egg inside, huge!

Avoid Creature Cocks’ Larva ovipositor, which bears a too-suspicious resemblance to Fantasticocks Caeda. (Nothosaur is another brand known for stealing indie-creators’ designs.) Creature Cocks’ silicone is harder too, which less good for a squashy comfortable feel when egg-laying, IMO. You want 00-50 Shore silicone or lower (00-20 is extra-super-soft, 00-30 is super-soft).

Ovipositor Egg Brood Sets

How-to Use Egg Laying Dildos!

I quickly discovered when playing with my first ovipositor dildo + silicone eggs that moisture matters. Using extra-virgin coconut oil changed the experience from confusing, “why is this tunnel too tight” to “OMG this works, cooool!” Safe water based lubes simply don’t do the job well enough, cutting down on the silicone-silicone friction.

Fantasticocks Aquarius feeding silicone eggs through ovipositor dildo
Trying to feed silicone eggs through Fantasticocks Aquarius with just water-based lube was no bueno.

After you have the right tools, how to use the ovipositor toy:

ovipositor toy silicone eggs how to pass through egg laying tube
Pushing 3 eggs through the Aquarius ovipositor: greatly enhanced by coconut oil.
  1. Have a waterproof blanket or lots of towels. (Alternately, start playing in an empty bathtub.) Ovipositors may get lubricant and wetness all over.
  2. Pee first (optional). You might be doing a lot of pushing as you “lay the eggs.” If you’re into a squirting flow look, do just have your waterproof blanket ready.
  3. Lubricate the outside of the ovipositor toy lightly, and lubricate the inside tube a lot. The slicker it is, the better the eggs will shoot through.
  4. Gently begin inserting the top of the ovipositor dildo into the vagina. Some ovipositors are longer than others, and meanwhile, some vaginas are shorter than others: So, you do not need to insert the entire ovipositor length,
  5. But do insert at least 2 to 3 inches of ovipositor “shaft” into the vagina, to ensure the eggs don’t just fall right back out.
  6. Lubricate the outside of the eggs, and begin pushing them up into the ovipositor toy’s tube (now vaginally inserted). You can play solo (insert the eggs into your own body) or with a partner, so they’re inserting the love eggs / alien eggs / dragon eggs, etc. for you. Here, it helps if the ovi-wearing partner is reclining, or lying back in bed with their butt propped up. (Use pillows, a sex ramp or wedge, under the lower back and ass.) This lift makes it so that gravity is not working against your egg insertion.
  7. Insert as many eggs as you have or as you like, pushing them through the ovipositor’s tube with your fingers. (You can also choose to squeeze the bottom of the ovipositor dildo’s “shaft” if some length remains outside the vagina.) The top eggs should pass through the end of the ovipositor sex toy, so they’re directly held within the vagina.
  8. You may need to remove part of the ovipositor’s tunnel length and squeeze halfway down, to move any straggler eggs up to the top and get them inserted!
  9. You can remove the ovipositor’s open dildo / sheath anytime you like, or as soon as the eggs are all up inside.
  10. The egg-having person now has options. They can do any of: continue to lay back and fantasize; turn on their side to bend their knees / cross their legs to feel the eggs they hold inside more; build themself an egg-nest by sitting up and surrounding their bottom with towels, pillows, and/or blankets; can enjoy teasing their nipples or even stimulating their clit too; or can be penetrated vaginally, depending on how many eggs are jam-packed inside (how much room is left?!). Here, you get to chill and play with the fantasy element: do whatever feels sexy / interesting / sensual / taboo, whatever you like. I find that squirting by clit stimulation is extra-hot with a fantasy egg inside my pussy.

Alternative: You can also use ovipositor toy eggs like normal kegel balls: You don’t have to have the ovipositor sheath (the open egg-laying dildo), even. In that case, you simply insert the eggs vaginally via clean fingers. You might want some lubricant here, but less lubricant is needed if you’re using only the ovipositor eggs.

Do note: Ovipositor toys require the egg-holding person to take at least 1.9″ diameter vaginally—which is thick but not HUGE. So, oviposition egg-laying dildos are not well-suited for anyone who’s naturally tight or who experiences vaginal discomfort from penetration with normal-girth dildos/penis (=1.5″ diameter / 4.5″ circumference). Read more on safe vaginal stretching, here.

What If Your Egg Gets Stuck?

Any kind of small silicone egg—whether it’s a plain kegel ball, or a fantasy egg for oviposition play—can get temporarily stuck vaginally. It’s nothing to panic about, since the cervix closes off the vagina.

An egg sex toy simply cannot drift up into the uterus1 unlike how an anally inserted egg can migrate up into the colon. Essentially, you’re just wearing the silicone egg like you’d wear a tampon, until you get a chance to retrieve it. No medical attention will be required; only calmness, and some deep fingering.

To retrieve a kegel egg out of the vagina: your fingers will just need to reach all up in. Personally, I have a tilted cervix, so my “deep spot” a.k.a. posterior fornix will swallow kegel eggs up to 1.25″ diameter and hold them in. Since I also have short fingers, I gotta be in the right relaxed position to be able to get back there, over 4″ inside. Lying comfortably on my side, one knee bent and upper leg lifted, as I reach my arm in works.

The real hazard: Kegel eggs can feel very lightweight, and if you stuff several of them in at once, you can forget you’ve still got one remaing inside. It me, I’ve done this. I even had sex with a new G-spot vibrator after oviposition play, and totally missed I still had one egg inside, since that “deep spot” is the least sensational part of my vag.

But, no worries, that lost love egg will work its way out of the vagina within the next half-day: Most likely, while you’re pushing out as you pee. Then, the problem is with your (my😆) plumbing. I had to fish that thing out of the toilet bowl with a barbecue skewer in order to not clog up my pipes, if I’d flushed it.

Gelatin Eggs vs. Silicone Eggs for Ovipositors

I like silicone eggs because they are 100% body-safe: Sanitizable and long-lasting.

But gelatin eggs have been popular for over a decade, and were the earlier option for ovipositor toys. Gelatin is collagen derived from boiling animal bones and skin. So, it sounds rather gross, and it gets very sticky as it melts. Gloopy. It’s likely safe in small quantities (only up to 15g, though).

But, gelatin will melt inside the rectum, so gelatin eggs don’t need to be fished out. Gelatin eggs are the only way to go if you really want to do anal oviposition.

I wouldn’t want to use a large number of gelatin eggs vaginally since gelatin is hygroscopic, meaning, it’s akin to how highly hyperosmolar lubricants induce “local tissue destruction” (i.e., harm the vaginal epithelial cells the lubricant touches).

As someone who avoids copious amounts of lubricant — because even the least-unsafe water-based lubes have emulsifiers and preservatives that aren’t natural to the vagina — I have found my lube-safety concerns made it more difficult to push silicone eggs through a tight silicone tube. I was about to give up on exploring this egg laying sex fetish, before I realized that extra-virgin coconut oil helped a lot. Still, because I don’t want my vag too oiled up too frequently, I find it attractive to wear the ovipositor sex toy eggs by themselves, as kinky kegel balls. Sooooo much less lubricant is needed, this way! Indeed, now I need to gather more silicone eggs unto myself, for a larger brood. 😂


  1. Unless you’re in late pregnancy / through labor, when the cervix really dilates; would not recommend an ovipositor toy while pregnant or soon after, just to be safe.

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