Review: Blush Novelties Temptasia Reina and Temptasia Elvira Silicone Suction Cup Dildos

I’m always excited when Blush Novelties puts out a new line of silicone dildos because I know they’re going to be both very affordable and also have a nice feel. (“Satiny smooth” is now a stock phrase on my blog because I’ve reviewed so goshdarn many Blush toys that have that silky finish.)

Blush’s new Temptasia dildos are no exception to the rule. I expected them to be cheap (they’re all under $25!!!) and have a nice silicone finish. But before I got a couple of them to review, what I wasn’t sure of was how hard these things were gonna be. For me and many others, squish matters—some need their toys to be softer, while others love that firm pressure. How would the Temptasia dildos fit into this spectrum of silicone firmness?Blush Novelties Temptasia Elvira Temptasia Reina Silicone Dildos Suction Cup comparison

Temptasia Reina

Reina is my personal favorite of the Temptasia shapes. Formed from the same mold as the dual-density Real Nude Ergo Mini, Reina’s shape is semi-realistic. It’s got an abstracted coronal ridge and what I like to call a “uniball”—one hump right above the base in lieu of a pair of testicles. Though I was kinda confused by the squishy uniball on the Real Nude Ergo—so much so that I totally ignored it in my review—I actually think this feature provides a great grip on the Reina. The small size (1.4″ max. diameter at the head, but 1.3″ throughout the shaft) and softer silicone make it nice to wrap my hand around the uniball while thrusting.

Blush Novelties Temptasia Reina Silicone Dildo Suction Cup closeup
Reina’s turquoisy-teal color makes me happy; it’s a nice change of pace from your typical tan, pink, or purple.

And Reina’s silicone is soft—but not too soft. It’s not so flexible that it gets floppy while thrusting, but it does bend enough that I get lots of stimulation on both my G-spot and the front of my vaginal mouth. It’s a happy medium, if you will. This is the same firmness silicone found in the brightly striped Avant dildos, like my beloved Avant D6 and Avant D5 (review here).

As much as I love these Avant dildos, 4 out of the 6 models in the series are definitely above average. The Temptasia Reina is a great addition for folks who prefer smaller insertables. And even those of us who like the highly textured toys and monster dongs sometimes need a break! I’ve found that Reina is just right for days when I’m super sensitive—that is, it’s my new favorite mid-period dildo. Then, the velvety shaft and gentle (but not boring!) head are exactly what I need.

As much as I like Reina’s comfortable sizing, I’d warn against getting this toy if your heart is absolutely set on a strong suction cup. Reina’s base isn’t the worst ever, but it does come detached pretty easily. I was surprised about this because Blush makes such strong suction cups on most of its other dildos: especially the Avant D3 and Avant D4 (review here), but also the Real Nude Sumo, all the suction-cupped Ruse dildos, etc… I also trust Betty Butch’s observation that Reina has a tendency to fall out of harnesses. So, if you want to thrust Reina by hand like I do, then no problem, but if you need the toy’s base to be multi-purpose, then you may be disappointed.

Blush Novelties Temptasia Elvira Temptasia Reina Silicone Dildos Suction Cup comparison shot
Elvira and Reina side by side.

Temptasia Elvira

Elvira is the Luxe Mio, except in black instead of purple. (And right now Elvira is $2 cheaper than the Luxe Mio, so if you really don’t care about the color, you might as well save a few bucks with Elvira.) Elvira shares the Temptasia Reina’s satiny silicone finish, but it—and the Temptasia Jezebel and Bellatrix—are made of a firmer silicone. Whether this is good for you totally depends on how sensitive you are.

Temptasia Elvira’s big ridge means business when it comes to G-spot stimulation. At around 1.85″ max. diameter, Elvira is definitely above average girth, so the pressure is fairly broad. (Even thought the ridge comes to a point in the middle.) It’s an interesting contrast with Elvira’s average length: 5.5″ total, of which 5″ is insertable. This makes Elvira a good choice for people who don’t want to hit either their cervix, or the sigmoid bend in their colon if they’re taking the toy anally.Blush Novelties Temptasia Elvira Silicone Dildo Suction Cup closeup

Elvira’s girthy head plus firmer silicone force me to slow down. I move the dildo nice and slow so I can really feel the bulky corona without it getting uncomfortable. Paired with a nice bullet vibe, Elvira’s G-spot stimulation enhances my clitoral orgasms.

And the suction cup… I really wanted it to work, so I could stick Elvira to a chair and sit on it while wielding a bullet. But like the Temptasia Reina, Elvira’s suction cup could be stronger. In this case, Elvira’s harder silicone does stay put in a harness, but as for normal suction cup use…eh. If I lean forward or backward more than, say, 15 degrees while sitting on Elvira, then the base pops off my (very smooth) chair.  The dildo is still a great length for me to sit on, but now it angles with my body, lessening the G-spot pressure. So, back to thrusting by hand I go!

Overall Thoughts

Blush Novelties’ Temptasia Reina and Temptasia Elvira are an interesting pair because they’re polar opposites in a lot of ways. Sure, they’re both semi-phallic silicone dildos, but Reina is thin and flexible, while Elvira is delightfully chunky and unyielding. Reina is my personal favorite because I enjoy the softer silicone, but Elvira excels on those occasions when I want bigger, more impactful G-spot stimulation.

You can find the Temptasia Reina here, and the Temptasia Elvira here!

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