Traveling with Sex Toys: 6 Picks & TSA Tips

traveling with sex toys article

My Top Travel Sex Toys Right Now!

It’s cold outside,1 and all you want is to escape somewhere warm…steamy…tropical. To feel the sun on your face again! This was me this January when I headed to Florida not once, but twice!2

Since my work is often my pleasure too, I got to bring along some of the hottest new sex toys. Extensive testing needed to be done, and what better time than when I was well-fed and fully relaxed?

This post details my adventures with 6 hot toys during my tropical vacation getaway: Why were they the ones? At the end, I give a few tips for traveling with sex toys, based on my extensive experience navigating TSA regs.

We-Vibe Melt

I keep putting the We-Vibe Melt at the top of “best-of” sex toy lists, I can’t help it. The clit-pulsing air feels so good. Melt is like Womanizer toys, except slightly “suckier” (in the good way! 👅) because of its flexible silicone mouth.

We-Vibe Melt vacation travel
Melt fits in perfectly with that “spa feel”…

Even better, Melt is more compact than all Womanizers except Liberty (another travel-friendly toy). And wait, there’s more: it’s also easier to use alongside vaginal penetration because the body ends at the mouth. No extra plastic sticking out, blocking space between clit and vagina. If my Melt dies while I’m using a dildo, I don’t even bother with other air pulse toys because I know they won’t fit as well. For dual stimulation, it’s Melt or bust!

Blush Neo Elite

Listen, sometimes you just need a good dildo. My first pick? A dual-density (two layer!) silicone one, so it can be both lifelike AND body-safe/nonporous. Blush Neo Elite are the best affordable *realistic* dildos. Blush Neo Elite dildos travel

Neo Elite toys come in 4 different shapes, compared here. All are quite soft outside, so they trick the brain into thinking “skin”! I like the 7.5 Inch best for anal play (as I prefer slimmer butt toys in general) while the thicker 7 Inch is my go-to vag toy.

b-Vibe Snug Plugs

The Snug Plugs by b-Vibe are a no-brainer for travel because they’re:

  1. Comfortable to wear,
  2. Fun (gently moving weights!), and
  3. Include a nice storage pouch.

b-Vibe Snug Plug travelSnug Plugs are silicone outside, but have weighted balls inside so they jiggle a little when you move your hips. If you’re wanting to go out dancing while on vacay, these are ideal.3 The extra weight makes them more noticeable than a plain silicone plug. And the T-bar bases fit superbly between my butt cheeks.

Take a long walk down the beach with your Snug Plug in?

Pillow Talk Sassy

BMS Factory’s Pillow Talk Sassy is absolutely my favorite vibrator, slightly edging out the Magic Wand Rechargeable because Sassy can be either a clit toy OR a G-spotter. (And I love the rumbly insertable vibes, mmm.)Pillow Talk Sassy orchids

As such, it’s going with me on every trip, ever. I have my lover use it on me too, when he’s done but I still want more.4 Pillow Talk Sassy’s deep vibes and customizable intensity—you press the power button and release when you get to a speed you like, so you’re not limited by preset functions—pair so well with the silky silicone. And the curvy G-spot tip.

Sassy pulls words like “delightful,” “delectable,” and “delicious,” out of me. You know it’s good if I start using food terms.

The Pillow Talk Sassy also has a travel lock, which I should probably use because once my suitcase was vibrating when I picked it up (late!) from the airline’s baggage claim counter. (Story of my disorganized-sex-blogger life!)

Hot Octopuss Amo

When I realized the Hot Octopuss Amo sold for under $50,5 I was damn surprised, because it’s comparable to luxury vibrators in the $70 to $80 range. Upon receiving Amo, I immediately started comparing it to the We-Vibe Tango—because Amo is quite rumbly. (If a tad less strong in the end.)

Hot Octopuss Amo bullet tropical
Grab a fruity drink, Amo’s ready to chill.

The pinpoint tip is Hot Octopuss Amo’s unique feature, something new vs. plain cylindrical & lipstick shapes. Check this baby out if you do like focused clitoral pressure. The tip is for targeting a precise spot, or use the flat top of the head to apply the rumbling vibes to a wider area.

Amo is very compact and comes with a satin drawstring storage pouch, plus it’s nearly impossible to turn on accidentally.

We-Vibe Wand

I’ve been known to travel with my Magic Wand Rechargeable, my other “desert island” vibrator besides Pillow Talk Sassy (and now We-Vibe Melt). Wand vibes for the win!

But in my tropical trips this January, I brought along the new We-Vibe Wand: I had to test it out more.

(Plus my partner had volunteered his penis for the stroker attachment—that was something new for us!)

For me, Wand has two big advantages over other powerful wands:

  • It’s 100% waterproof—a true rarity among full-sized wand vibrators. (Taking a MW Rechargeable into water will kill the toy.)
  • It’s SOOOO rumbly throughout all the intensities.

I considered bringing this power tool with me into the in-suite pool (living the dream!). But,6 I settled for lounging by the palm fronds and then taking the We-Vibe Wand into the shower.We-Vibe Wand waterproof vibrator vacation

It’s not all roses: the Smart Silence function is a PAIN IN MY ASS,7 and forget about long-distance connectivity. But it’s waterproof…and rumbly plus pretty damn strong…and the big head

So yeah, Wand and I had a brilliant time together on vacation. My partner liked the stroker attachment too! Would do again.

The We-Vibe Wand is a bit large, but if you love power, there’s no reason it won’t fit into your suitcase. Speaking of which…

Tips for Traveling with Sex Toys

Typically, “travel” sex toys are named as ones that are compact and easy to carry. Also, not too obviously sexual. Small bullet vibes spring to mind first.

Especially if you are planning on taking your toys through Transportation Security Administration (TSA) lines inside the States, discretion may be a legitimate priority. TSA directs that, while passing through any airport checkpoint, travelers should remove from their bag any electronic device larger than a mobile phone—with “nothing placed on or under” said devices.8

So if you’re comfortable bringing any toy in your carry-on, and putting it (bagged or boxed up) inside that plastic bin to be X-ray-ed, then the more power to you. Just don’t bring anything that can be construed as a weapon: the Njoy Pure Wand, for example, could be seen as dangerous and confiscated.

But if you’re like me, you carry a lot of dildos on your trips and may want to check your bag, to avoid displaying your dicks to nonconsenting strangers and children. In that case, do you have any lithium-ion batteries in the suitcase you’re checking in? NO, no, you do not. Just say no.

sex toy suitcase
The suitcase can get truly crowded sometimes.

And if you’re traveling with lube??? Remember TSA’s requirement that only liquids 3.4 oz or less can pass through checkpoints, preferably inside “secure” bags. (Ziploc bags are fine.) I carry a new, unopened Sliquid Sassy **2 oz.** lube in my backpack every trip. I emphasize “unopened” because opened lube will easily leak all over your stuff during flights. Bring rubber bands and a ziploc bag for any opened lube—good luck.

For any lubes/liquids over 3.4 ounces, they’ll have to be checked. I do this with bottles of 70% isopropyl alcohol that I bring to sanitize my body-safe toys during my journeys. (And I leave the alcohol in the hotel afterward, it will spill during flight once the safety seal is broken.) I have dropped sex toys in hotel room showers and on a hotel room floor once, and being able to thoroughly clean afterward makes me feel more comfortable. Rub down and then use your cute hotel soap to scrub the alcohol off!

These tips are focused on travel within the United States and less-restrictive countries. I cannot guarantee that you’ll be able to pass easily through customs inspections in other countries if you are carrying very obvious sex toys. Discreet/nonrecognizable vibrators will be the best bet for clit & vag toys if you’re traveling outside of the US and Canada, Western Europe, Australia and New Zealand, and Japan. (Possibly a few other countries where sexual freedom is a thing. Usually.)

Where have you traveled lately—and did you bring any good toys with you??? Tell me in the comments. 😃

* * *


  1. My apologies to all my Australian & Southern-Hemisphere readers, please come back and review this article 6 months from now ❄️
  2. Would recommend Miami over Orlando, for the record! Much steamier.
  3. I did end up dancing for a few minutes on my trip—but I have absolutely no rhythm, so I save the Snug Plug jiggling for around my home 😛
  4. I’m all about MORE. 😜
  5. The same as Pillow Talk Sassy! Vibrator pricing just seems to be getting better for high-quality toys.
  6. Since I’ve never read about chlorine and body-safe materials before, and I was too lazy to try researching the topic at the time. It should be safe, but this is a high-price toy, so I didn’t want to risk it.
  7. Luckily, it can be deactivated through the app; you just need to repeat every time you use Wand.
  8. I took a Stronic Real through TSA once and put a hoodie over its box; a TSA agent then asked the whole line of travelers around me whose it was. That’s mine, baby, all mine.

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