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SquarepegToys Happy Hour S6 vs. Egg Plug Large

SquarePegToys Happy Hour review featured

Hello everyone! My name is Logan, and this SquarePegToys Happy Hour review is my first-ever toy review for anyone looking to broaden their horizons of pleasure with anal toys! Whether you are straight, gay, or any other orientation, we all have a butt hole, and those of us with a prostate get an added bonus. Because the prostate gland creates an amazing, pleasurable experience when manipulated right. I myself am a 37-year-old straight male living in it up in the Southeast US—and yes, I’m single, lol. Jokes aside, let’s dive into the Happy Hour, a curved platinum silicone plug.

Intro: Prepping & Warming up for Anal Play

I call myself a “seasoned pro” at anal, having played with butt stuff for about 14yrs. And this is what I’ve learned.

For serious play, anal douche 1st! There’s nothing that will stop anal play time like some unwanted poop. An enema bulb will do the trick if you’re not doing deep, like more than 7 inches inside. Use lukewarm water, not hot or cold. This is a gentle clean so you don’t want to overdo it and irrigate your colon, just fill the bulb and insert an inch inside. Then rinse and repeat 3x if you want to be really clean.

📖 More: Want LOTS of cleaning info? Check out this complete advice by SquarePegToys’ founder Scott.

For bigger (and better) things, I use a large glass butt plug (with lots of lube!) to warm and stretch myself open. As someone who can take a toy that is almost 3 inches wide, I’m sure when I say that washing and warming up is a must!

SquarePegToys Happy Hour review Egg Plug Oxballs Ergo
Sizing lineup! Don’t jump in the deep end, stretch safely: SquarePegToys with multiple sizes always go up in safe increments, 1″ circumference (or slightly less) increase between one size and the next.

The Egg vs. the Happy Hour

This review will mainly focus on these two toys for the purpose of long-term wear, and by that I mean I wore each one of these toys for a few hours while I ran errands, ate dinner, etc.

 SquarePegToy’s SuperSoft & squishy silicone is amazing, especially for those who are just getting into anal play or for those who want to ease into something bigger! These toys are in SuperSoft Bronze.

SquarePegToys Egg Plug large vs. Happy Hour s6
Logan’s Large Egg Plug (left) vs. Happy Hour S6 (right).
💡 Info: For toys inside the rectum and especially moving toward the colon, you really want 100% platinum silicone, which doesn’t leach chlorine and plasticizers (like PVC/vinyl) or allow bacteria to grow over time (like TPR/TPE). SquarePegToys was the first company to make soft, comfortable platinum silicone plugs & dildos.

The Egg Plug (size L) is great. Really a grade-A butt plug. Once I’m prepped, the rounded egg shape makes it easy to insert along with some water-based lube. Even if you’re a little tighter down there, the soft squishy silicone will give nicely. It slides in best when you hold it by the neck, below the egg.

I chose the large size Egg for this review because its top diameter is close to Happy Hour size S6’s widest part. The Egg Plug, large, gives a nice full feeling—but since I’ve moved up to an XXL Plug recently, the large of course isn’t as much by comparison.

With the large Egg Plug in, sitting down on any surface feels great, and I almost—and I repeat, almost—forget it’s there. I mean, what’s the point of having it in you if you can’t feel it and have a little fun during your day? It fits snugly and stays in place, and the flared base fits perfectly against my body.

The Happy Hour (size S6) was interesting to wear. Also being SquarePegToys’ SuperSoft silicone, it of course slid in comfortably. Maybe even more so than the Egg since Happy Hour has a smaller head. Then, the knot at the end felt good.

However, I got a little more than I thought I would, walking around with it in. After a while, the Happy Hour became a little uncomfortable, mainly the knot part, pushing up towards my opening. Even for a pro, it was a lot to wear around like a more “average” butt plug.

📖 TIP: Do choose your size carefully with all SquarePegToys. The Happy Hour S6—over 2″ wide at the knot, which means “thick”—is smaller than the Extra-Small size Happy Hour. To get an idea of size, try using a string & a ruler, or a cheap tape measure, when consulting the product dimensions for each size. How many fingers can you fit in / how wide have your previous toys been? Remember, don’t go up more than an inch circumference between toys.

The curves and a bumps felt good for sure. Maybe I was expecting something else, being used to the Egg Plug. More stretch all over, I guess? The Happy Hour’s bottom knot is the most noticeable part. It pushes, softly, at the opening. I haven’t had a plug shape like this before.

SquarePegToys Happy Hour plug peacock butt plug
Happy Hour’s curvy body is practically flamboyant. —Felicity

Really, I think this toy would be interesting to wear during intercourse. So the knot would be adding some pressure at my opening as I screwed. The top part, the head, again it’s interesting, a light kind of prostate stimulation.

Instead of using it as a plug to wear out, I like it for solo play. The knot pops when thrust and pulled out. Kind of like anal beads except one big bead, not a string of them. If I was doing this again, I would choose it in a larger size for a bigger feel.

The Bottom Line?

Overall, both the Happy Hour and the Egg Plugs are great. I mean, they’re made in the US by people who actually use the toys they sell. But between the two, the Egg Plug is my favorite for long-term wear. Happy Hour is more for shorter thrills and that pushing at my opening.

The Egg Plug is my favorite plug I’ve ever tried, in fact. Even the XXL Egg fits in snugly. However, I don’t think I’ll be trying to do any grocery shopping with that giant thing in me anytime soon! Lol. Maybe one day.

So that’s the end of my review, I hope it’s helpful! Stay safe and play safe—and remember, don’t forget your lube!

Check out the Happy Hour here.

Or see more SquarePeg SuperSoft silicone plugs here.

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