Lelo Sila Review vs. Lelo Sona

Lelo Sila vs. Lelo Sona review

Lelo SenSonic clit toys have a huge fan base, and there’s a new member in the family. I review the Lelo Sila vs. Lelo Sona 2, the luxury brand’s flagship “clitoral suction vibrator.” How’s the LELO Sila’s power, and why would you choose it over the older Sona 2?

TL;DR: Both Sila and Sona have the same air pulsation speeds, BUT: Sila is rumblier and quieter than Sona 2, and the mouth size matters so much. Sona 2 is so much more focused, so you’ll likely find it more potent—I sure did! I’ll run through the similarities and differences, then describe my experience.

Lelo Sila Strength vs. Sona 2

We’ll start with a Sila vs. Sona 2 table:

*Lelo SilaLelo Sona 2
Powerful Feel6/109/10
Rumbly Vibes8/107/10
Price$169.99 here$99.00 here
Notes 💖• Big mouth =
• More diffuse feel 
• Vibes rumble labia
• Tighter, more intense feel
• Sized for most clits
• Loud
Noise Level*40–48 dB50–58 dB
# of Settings8 intensites, 8 functions8 intensites, 12 functions

The Lelo Sila, like the Sona 2, has 8 intensity levels for all functions (= 1 steady-pulsing function + 11 patterned functions). Sila only has 8 functions, not 12 like Sona 2, which is fine with me because 12 is way too many to flip through using the one function-change button. Note: Don’t confuse Sona 2 with the Sona 2 Cruise, whose power is different due to the “Cruise Control” feature. In my Sona 2 vs. Sona 2 Cruise review, I said, “Don’t press the [Sona 2 Cruise] forward if you’ve achieved a speed you like, or it’ll jump up in power and you won’t be able to turn it back down for a time.”

Lelo apparently has heard Cruise Control criticism from others too, because Sila does NOT include Cruise Control’s random intensity changes. So this review will focus on Sila vs. Sona 2—but ignore Sona 2 Cruise.

The Lelo Sona and Sona Cruise, Sona 2 and Sona 2 Cruise, and Sila all boast an effect Lelo calls “SenSonic technology.” It’s said to target deeper into the clitoris1, not just stimulate the clitoral head (the part you can see).

SenSonic technology is what I call “vibro-pulsation”: it’s bursts of air with a vibrating current underneath, for a different feel than Womanizers including Womanizer Premium, or than the non-vibrating Satisfyers (like the popular Satisfyer Pro 2 NG). “Sonic wave” just seems like fancy terminology for “it puffs air and vibrates.”

One BIG difference: noise level. The Sila’s vibrations are quieter than the Sona 2’s, by about 10 decibels. Sona 2 (including the Sona Cruise #2!) is a loud toy, especially on high. The Lelo Sila is much more muted and the lower intensities will be much easier to disguise,2

And what about power? Lelo’s SenSonic technology toys are definitely not weak toys, and the vibing effect adds to the sensation. But for sheer air-pulse speed (How fast can they go???), I rate all the following clit-pulsators as stronger than the Sona 2 on maximum power:

  1. We-Vibe Melt ($149, & my favorite Womanizer-style toy)
  2. Womanizer Premium ($199)
  3. Lora DiCarlo Baci ($169, vroom-vroom)
  4. Vedo Suki ($61, and unfortunately no gentle speeds)

And Sila’s “sonic waves” are gentler than Sona 2’s. The Sona 2 and Sila pulse at the same speed for each of the 8 possible intensities—but Sila is a lighter, rumblier touch than Sona, not as intense. Here’s why that is…

It’s All About the Mouth

The Lelo Sila’s opening / “mouth” is much larger than the Lelo Sona 2’s. The edge around that mouth is also much rounder on Sila, versus the raised line found on Sona 2. I prefer Sila’s rounded edge for comfort reasons.

Some folks have felt that the Sona 2’s mouth is small to the point of being dangerous, so everyone’s mileage may vary. Size does matter in many cases when it comes to sex toys. Anyone with a large clit should avoid Sonas and go with Sila. (And everyone should use lube.) The Sila’s pulsing silicone plate is about 0.375 inches from the mouth rim, and totally flattened out so nothing can get stuck.3

Lelo Sila vs Lelo Sona 2 mouth size
Sona 2’s mouth is *tight* around my little finger; Sila’s fits my index finger with room to spare, and my thumb’s width too.

Since the Sila’s mouth is so big4, the vibrations cover an area as wide as a large bullet vibrator. Versus Sona 2, where sensation is super-duper focused on the clit head.

That “bigness” makes the air pulsation feel weaker to me even though Sila and Sona 2 are both pulsing away at the same pace on every function. Sila is less aggressive, really.

This is especially true of the last patterned function, the one I called the “clit megaphone” in Sona 2. There, Sila’s nowhere near as wham-bam power-wise. Not even close.

Is that good or bad? *shrug* Just depends on how targeted you like your clit stimulation. Do you regularly put hard pressure right on your clit head to orgasm? Then Sona 2 makes sense. Or do you use wide rubbing motions or grind on something to get off? Then Sila’s worth considering—or check out a wand vibe.

Lelo Sila lilac vs Uberrime Splendid Vita
Sila’s lilac color vs. the royal purple of the Uberrime Splendid Vita.

My Experience: Sila’s Functionality

The Lelo Sila’s vibration is nice and rumbly, first off. It’s not mega-strong, it’s not like a wand. But the vibrations are deep and carry well. My labia near Sila’s mouth are getting attended to as well, not just my clitoris.

Given the Lelo Sila’s wider mouth vs. Lelo Sona, my clit feels less slammed by strong air pulsation focus. I can concentrate on the echoing vibration more, and not be overwhelmed. I am really sensitive to direct clitoral stimulation, so the lack of pinpoint focus is a big *advantage* of the Lelo Sila over the Lelo Sona 2 for me. The Sona deserves the label “clit sucker” more. Of course, many clits will like that extra precision—that comes down to personal preference.

The Lelo Sila’s silicone is a smooth, silky matte that’s nice to the touch. And there’s a metallic faux-gold ABS plastic circle on both sides. For the bling, I guess, since this is luxury vibe. Sila comes in two other pastel colors besides the lilac purple I own, all made of silicone & ABS plastic (both bodysafe, nonporous materials). Apparently the teal color is a little more “robin’s egg blue” in person, but here are LELO’s stock photos:

Lelo Sila review 3 colors
Sila in teal, lilac & pink. Elegant design?

I like how Sila’s new shape doesn’t arch backward away from my pelvis like the Sona does. The gold circle is slightly indented: there’s a dip so your fingers fit against it better. The circular shape of the body overall isn’t the absolute easiest to position—like I definitely would not recommend using this during sex with a penis or dildo, go for the We-Vibe Melt instead. But it’s not awkward to position Sila for solo clit play.

Lelo Sona review lilac gold

My biggest decision when first testing the Lelo Sila was which way the teardrop-shaped mouth should face. How do you use the Lelo Sila, exactly? I tried the top of the drop right above my clit first, on the belly-button side.

The pointed tip was an adjustment: Did I like it? Hmmm. I repositioned Sila so that the mouth was upside-down, the bottom of the teardrop above my clit. And I like that direction—but Sila is clearly designed for the top of the drop to face belly-button side, not vag side. Because the 3 control buttons are way easier to push and access that way!

Lelo Sila review clit toy in hand

The teardrop shape definitely is functional, I discovered after letting Sila rest against me and stimulate me for 5 minutes. Move the pointed part of that “lip,” up and down, rocking back and forth, and it’s a delightful kind of rhythmic stimulation.

Rubbing + vibration + air pulses all together, that’s how I come hardest on the Lelo Sila.

The large mouth is a bit of a trick to get a good seal with. Sila is really wide for my labia! You’ll want to spread your outer labia to position Sila’s 1.25-inch-wide ring. I’m a firm believer that you do not need a perfect seal to enjoy an air pulsation toy. However, those who do like a tight fit won’t find what they’re looking for in Sila. The openness of the mouth just doesn’t allow for perfectly locking that flowing air in place—at least not on my bits.

It also diminishes the way that SenSonic tech is supposed to stimulate the internal clitoris. I can feel Sona 2’s pulses in my clit shaft; with Sila, I just feel lighter puffs on my clit head. Instead of internal clit stim, I’m getting labia stimulation: as the Sila’s vibrations traveling all through the flat “lips” (rim) around Sila’s opening. I feel those vibes make contact with my inner labia more.

Closing my legs around this toy is also fun: feeling my thighs tight around the Sila’s body while my clit gets more engorged from the flowing, vibrating air. It’s tough rating the sonic wave intensity when the mouth is so wide, it’s harder to get a proper seal like these “suction toys” require for maximum efficacy.

I’ve enjoyed playing with Sila, and in some ways think it’s a refinement of the Sona 2, based on user feedback. Still, I often crave more stimulation from Sila—and that’s disappointing given the over-$150 price tag.

I personally would choose the Lora DiCarlo Baci first for a similar vibrating + pulsating feel: it and Sila are the same price, but the DiCarlo toy has a better speed range, and is easier to position and to control the speeds on. (Don’t get me started on its colleage the Ose 2, though, argh!)

Sila Controls & Care

The Lelo Sila has 3 control buttons, 100% the same as the Sona 2s do. (See my head-to-head Sona comparison here.) All these Lelo clit suction toys’ buttons are pretty intuitive, but:

How To Use a Lelo Sila

Hold the center button down.

For 3 to 5 seconds to turn on.

Turn down the power.

It starts on high intensity. Press the (–) button 7 times.

Then, move up (and down again?) using the + and – buttons.

Push the center button for function changes …

… if desired. You have 7 patterned functions to check out, or just stick with the steady speed.

Experiment with positioning.

Do you like the top or bottom of the teardrop shape above your clit? Do you like to keep it still, maybe hold it between your closed thighs; or try moving it to take advantage of the top point.

Unfortunately, like the Sona 2s, the Sila starts on high intensity. So I recommend turning it on before putting it against your clit. That way, you can hit the down (–) button 7 times to start on low intensity (out of 8 intensity levels), then work your way up, as desired.

Lelo Sila how to use control buttons

The buttons are easy to figure out, but also easy to get confused. They’re all raised a minimal amount, and telling them apart without looking down at the toy can be tough. It’s annoying when you move into the first pattern when you just wanted to go up in intensity, for example.

Silas come in Lelo’s typical black boxes and include a black drawstring storage bag. And of course your Sila by Lelo purchase includes the charging cable, like every rechargeable vibrator. The Sila clitoral blower has approximately 2 hours user time per every 1.25 hours charging time.

Is the Lelo Sila waterproof? Yes, indeed, feel free to take it into the shower, or the bath if you’d like. This isn’t a factor when deciding between Sila and Sona!

And of course wash it in the sink, with normal soap and water. Or you can sanitize following the tips for waterproof vibrators.

Overall Lelo Sila Thoughts

The Sila is an upgrade to the Sona 2 if you need (or want) a broader mouth for any reason. Pick up Sila if:

  1. you have a clit that’s quite wide;
  2. you want less ultra-focused clit stim;
  3. you need a quieter toy.

I had to work to get used to the Sona 2, and many days its focus is too much for me (more intense than normal vibrating clitoral massagers). Sona’s vibro-pulsations really hit the spot! It’s amazing how much stronger Sona 2 feels than Sila; I’d throw out that Sona 2 seems three times stronger, if I was forced to pick a number.

Everyone’s sensitivity level is different, so consider whether you like full-on, strong clit-head sensation—in that case, Sona 2 is a favorite of many people.

When I want to go slow, I can understand Sila’s diffuse vibrations + clit pulsing air. I most enjoy going for a light “stroker” effect by rubbing that point down onto my clit head from above, repeatedly, as the rumbly vibes and pulsation run alongside. 3-for-1 sensation!

Find the LELO Sila here.

Save 10% ⬆️ with code FELICITY at checkout.


  1. Like the internal clit shaft that runs underneath the urethra and then branches into two and wraps around the vagina.
  2. Especially the first 4 out of 8 intensities, the lower half of the speeds. Tips for covering the noise level: playing music or videos; putting a pillow over your hips while Sila is locked in place between your legs.
  3. That’s actually shallower than Sona 2’s pulse-plate-to-mouth distance, though! The silicone over Sila’s “pulse plate,” where the air pulses come from at the bottom of the mouth, does tend to move around and fold and ripple. This is normal, and it should become flat again. Silicone has some flexibility, but of course you can take advantage of the manufacturer’s warranty if the body-safe silicone ever tears.
  4. Inside the lip: ≈ 0.55 inches wide by 0.7 inches long; Outside lip: 1.25 inches wide by 1.5 inches long.

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