Review: SquarePegToys Slink Colon Snake

I gave a Slink colon snake / anal plug to a porn star for his deepest anal experience ever: now this is kind of the sex toy entertainment I hope you’re all here for, because I sure am. The SquarePegToys Slink plug (in the smallest size!) is over a foot of 100% platinum silicone—and super-soft to curve right ’round the sigmoid bend into the colon.

I’m a vaginal adventurer…but my ass doesn’t have the bravado needed to dive into the Slink’s full depths. I needed someone more qualified for the task. This is a very different toy—an extreme toy, a ballsy toy, if you take it all the way. Enter Julian, screen name Brock Banks, who accepted my offer to give his opinion on SquarePegToys’ Slink, in a collaboration with SquarePegToys & Peepshow Toys.

This SquarePeg Slink snake review will show you Julian’s experience. Then it’ll tell you more about the original Slink he tested, plus other kinds of anal Slink. And I, Phallophile, will cover SquarePegToys’ commitment to safe platinum silicone products and making the absolute best deeeeep dildos & probes on the US market, or probably even the whole world!1

Julian, a.k.a. Brock Banks, shoots porn with Cocky Boys: he screws professionally, both men and toys. I’ll let the man speak for himself about the Slink anal colon snake, then transcribe his thoughts below the video!

What’s up, meat-eaters, how’s it going? So I’m back to you guys with a quick little review of something I just recently started using, playing with … It’s a sex toy, which is my forte, I love that moment. It was something that I got from, if you don’t know about them, go check them out, they have the best toys you can use, and [the best] like sex things in general.

So I ordered this thing, it’s called the Slink. So this thing looks really strange at first, you know, like, what the fuck is it. So I basically think about it as like an extended butt plug. It’s really for depth.

It feels pretty good inside… This part [grabs the tip], honestly you don’t feel it as much, but I think it does work in a way where it is like stretching you a little on the inside, I’m not exactly sure, like, you don’t feel it as much as you would think. [That’s correct, any silicone feels softer the thinner it is, especially true of SuperSoft varieties. —Phallophile]

Also, when you’re purchasing something like this, you want to be kind of focused on this area here [runs his hand along the “bulb,” the widest insertable part of Slink], because that is the part that’s a little bit harder to get inside of you because it’s bigger. So you want to make sure that you’re buying a size that will go in here [runs fingers around the widest part again].

There are 6 different sizes … This is I think the medium, or even the small. I’m not exactly sure. [It’s the small. See size specs in the next section. —Phallophile]

But all I know is that it feels great. And for all you gay boys out there who are having issues trying to figure out whether you’re clean or not before you have sex, this is the perfect thing to use, to like stick up there, and like pull out and see and make sure, and you can just like smell it [sniffs Slink’s tip], you can just smell it and be like, “Oh yeah, I’m ready to go,” or “I’m not ready to go,” one or the other, but no dirty booties around here.

Anyway, so I think this thing is awesome, it feels great, actually, when you’re just like using it, if you want to use it for fun, it feels pretty good. It’s good to like stick it in there, just keep it in there for a little bit. And the material is like, firm [enough to not fold over —Phal.], but look, it’s also a little jiggly [squeezes Slink] …

Which is perfect because it doesn’t hurt as much as those like rock-hard solid sex toys, which is the reason that I also love SquarePegToys so much. Because they’re the only brand of toys so far that I’ve used that doesn’t leave me like, in pain or bleeding, or they’re [= others brands are —Phal.] difficult to get in.

They [SquarePegToys] kind of, just like, slide right in if you’re ready for it.

So I would super-recommend this, I feel like it’s awesome. And also, like, if you’re trying to get some depth, this is it. I’m not exactly sure how it would feel on a woman because I don’t have a vagina, but I’m pretty sure that it would feel great, because it feels great in my butthole. So um, yeah, that’s it, I just wanted to let you guys know about this! Uh, I’m gonna poke my eye out! [points Slink’s tip at his eye jokingly; continues talking about Peepshow Toys…]

*** End Julian’s words ***

The SquarePegToys Slink plug is a cross between a pure colon snake (with a more cylindrical shape) and a tapered toy called Slither—so it gets fatter the more length you take.

This anal snake is SuperSoft silicone, and here’s why this matters. First, for sheer comfort, as Julian noted. Second, to go really deep inside, you need to pass through the anus, through the rectum, and beyond what’s called the “second sphincter.” That’s the barrier into the colon, which has a naturally curved “sigmoid” shape. You essentially need to learn to straighten out this curve some, and SuperSoft is flexible for the task. It’s gentle, too; squishy, non-damaging.

Slink size small is featured in this review; it’s 12.4 inches length and 2 inches widest insertable diameter. Slink also comes in 5 LARGER sizes, so the biggest is almost twice as long (over 24 inches) as the Slink below:

Slink in size small, vs. wine bottle (center); the Big Stick is left, the Leo Harness actual size is right.

Here’s a comparison of the Slink’s lengths2 and approximate widest diameters:

  1. Small: 12.4 inches length, 2 inches width
  2. Medium: 16.5 inches length, 2.4 inches width
  3. MD/L: 20.5 inches length, 2.5 inches width
  4. Large: 21 inches length, 2.65 inches width
  5. XL: 20.5 inches length, 3.2 inches width
  6. 2XL: 24.5 inches length, 3.6 inches width

Slink 2XL is frankly a monster, both extra-long and real thick at the bottom.

Every Slink sex toy is carefully designed to have the right amount of bend:

The taper is engineered to give it enough support at any point along the toy so that no matter where you are on it, when you push it feels sure and doesn’t give in on itself. Slink description

So it’s very flexible, forgiving; but not folding over so much, so the user can keep going deeper, easier.

With the very soft silicone, Slink also needs a good-sized base. To keep it anchored between your cheeks if you can take it that deep! The base is a very rounded rectangle. A smooth, hand-trimmed ovoid shape:

SquarePegToys Slink colon snake handcut base

The base does support Slink’s weight (in small size) briefly if you stand the toy upright, but it’ll quickly lean over without support. It’s not exactly ride-able as much as a SuperSoft suction dildo (especially Leo) is, but you may be able to go down on it while on all fours, slowly.

Remember that SquarePegToys was the first company to create 100% super-soft, platinum silicone sex toys! (Back in 2006.) These squishy, safe dildos are perfect for more extreme ass play—or just for comfort, if you’re on the sensitive side. Makers like Bad Dragon and so many more followed suit.

Since the original, smooth Slink became a popular toy with anal fans, SquarePegToys began producing versions with different textures too!

Here are 3 other Slinks: with ridges (“Ripple”), bumps (“Tickler”), and a spiraling “Vortex” pattern. The Ripple seems most intuitive to me, all those gentle lines pulling up and down.

SquarePegToys®’s Slink™ Vortex image.

But… I really want a Slink Vortex in Graphite as a display piece, or a whip. And to use the first 6 inches. All of the above. It’s incredible to look at—and I think I’d wanna have my ass slapped with its long tail as well. For its intended use, though, it’ll have a similar effect to these “Unicorn Horn”-type toys with spiraling ridges, but softer: meant to be rotated slowly, in circles.

You gotta be on your game to go so deep! Numerous people I’ve worked with who love anal play have passed up the chance to take a toy like Slink.

Depth play with anal toys is often called an extreme sport. It’ll take practice, and training, for optimal performance. And it’s best done when you’re alert and ready; definitely NOT an activity for after you’ve had a few drinks or other substances.

Getting past that sigmoid bend, straightening it, is the biggest hurdle.

First, though, you want to be well-lubed up: You can use a lube shooter for rectal lubrication, or another toy that’s greased up.

So what lube? SuperSoft silicone needs something thicker; water-based lubricants really aren’t cutting it for me and any anal, much less the extreme kind. Instead check out:

  • A thick hybrid lubricant (no-drip, gel feel), or
  • A silicone lubricant (slick, almost greasy; and it is safe with SquarePeg’s platinum silicone, just more work to clean off!)

You’re all greased up now. The goal is to get past the first 6 inches inside, past the rectum itself, so you’re heading toward colon and deeper.

Working that slinky, soft tip in, and around…and learning to find the pressure a pleasurable journey.

Scott Douglas, the toy’s maker, suggests cupping Slink’s base with one hand, and pushing upward by the base. With one’s other hand there to provide support: “as a bumper.”

Slink is all about that sliding feel and gradual stretching, so your hole is pushed open more as Slink’s top enters your colon. If you’re looking for other really deep toys, here are different feels to explore too (see all here):

  • Longneck Smooth, a great fisting trainer.
  • The Slim, for deepthroat or colon exploration: comes in the Firmer Black firmness too because of how thin this toy is for its length.
  • Pounder, more phallic but with tons of small-lined textures: not as long as the above toys, but the Large Pounder is 13 inches!
  • The Professor: A lifecast arm in duckbill fisting position. 😮 That’s a lot of silicone!
  • Depth Probe, a traditional loooong, tube-shaped colon snake (3 possible lengths).

Basically, SquarePegToys has a huge assortment of depth training tools, and Slink is the best known.

As Scott told me recently: “Much of the line is driven by my own desires for what I want next, like in the past 5 years or so, it’s been a lot about depth.” Depth devotion, indeed!

So you want to try deep play? The Slink sex toy is an awesome choice. Its got that perfect taper and balanced flexibility, so—unlike anal beads—won’t bunch up and fold over on itself. It enters gradually due to the taper, and bends around as you insert it farther, past the second sphincter into the colon. So there’s no pain and no damage.

In this SuperSoft platinum silicone, Slink is really made for comfort and safety. Scott, SquarePegToys’s founder, rigorously tests all products, and the Slink has been in production for almost a decade now (incept date 2011). Due to the original’s popularity, Slinks with more textures were created too: bumpy, ripply, swirly, etc.

Find Slink here in all its sizes and textures.

* * *


  1. Let’s be real here, we Americans loooooove our sex toys (despite, or perhaps because of, the ultra-conservative tendencies prevalent in many parts of the US. Americans have a particular interest in dildos, and realistic dildos; vs. the sleek luxury vibes most characteristic of European consumption. Of course there are always exceptions, but we do tend to do it big in the USA.
  2. Total length is given. The base takes about 0.8 inches up, so subtract just under an inch to get insertable length.

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