Fun Factory Share Lite Review – PSA, Not Strapless!

Fun Factory’s Share Lite description is bullshit marketing to the max. Four out of 5 of the Share Lite’s sales points are simply false in real-life experience. “No slipping” and “the tip stays erect during play” are the most ludicrous claims: So untrue, it’s offensive to me that a respected company would put this kind of nonsense out to market their premium dildo.

This Fun Factory Share Lite review will plunge into the problem of Feeldoe-style “strapless” double dildos; how the Share Lite feels when you use it comfortably (in a harness); and how it works for pegging in our experience. Skip to the end for a recap and 10% discount code.

They Call It Strapless: YGTBKM

Strapless dildos not working is not just a “me” issue:

It’s well-established that “strapless dildos” are more awkward to use harness-free, for most people & most dildos of this style. Fun Factory KNOWS THIS and tries to market their product as being different, but the Share Lite is just not “easy to grip with no harness.”

Fun Factory Share Lite review - strapless double dildo how to use

I see toy users writing on the regular saying something like, “I got this strapless dildo, how is this supposed to work?!” First, the “bulb” or pony end fits into the wearer’s vagina. And the vagina is, supposedly, meant to keep the whole product in place—while the wearer thrusts the dildo end into their partner’s rectum or vagina. Problem: These dildos pop out, they fall out, often. “Strapless” toys without a harness are most likely to fall out:

  • if you’re thrusting fast,
  • or you spread your legs too much,
  • or you change positions quickly,
  • or if the toy’s bulb isn’t sized right for your vagina,
  • or if your vagina just likes to push objects out.

So many ways a strapless toy can fail. See, for example, Autostraddle’s review of the FF Share Lite, lesbian perspective, where the author found the shape positive in general, yet: “This toy stayed in place sometimes… but when serious thrusting was involved, this toy just couldn’t stay put. It is both hilarious and tragic [to have it fall out near orgasm]… Like, it’s fine, but it’s not ideal.”

Like: Imagine you purchased a sex machine. And every time you got really into it, turning up the thrust speed, the machine’s dildo attachment just fell off on the floor, right before you came. Would that be either “fine” or “ideal” for you?

Now, there are exceptions to every rule, so I’ve also read an account about how a specific user was so determined to go strapless, they bought four different “strapless” double dildos for vaginal wear before they finally located one that suits their body well without a harness. That’s not guaranteed, though, it could be a long search for any specific individual.

My thought: Save yourself the trouble, the time, and the $$$. You can buy a supportive harness for as little as $17 that’ll hold up a double dildo.

Fun Factory Share Lite review - wear in strap-on harness
Easy-peasy, won’t fall out.

Share Lite Experience

They Say It’s the FIRST Lightweight Double Dildo

Fun Factory’s first words about Share Lite are: “The world’s first lightweight double dildo.” The implication is that, since it’s so lightweight, it’ll be easier to hold in vaginally.

First, I’ll evaluate whether Share Lite is actually light compared to similar toys I own:

ToyWeight (Grams)Vibrating?
Share Lite338
Strap-On-Me Vibrating Bendable328✅Yes, 2 motors
Temptasia Estella
360 w/ bullet vibe
Optional bullet vibe slots in
Togetherness by OEJ328
Fun Factory Share Lite review - size vs. other strapless dildos, Strap-On-Me, Temptasia Estella
Notice how large Share Lite’s bulb is, vs. the others.

I do not own a Fun Factory Share original, but I’d believe Fun Factory that the Share Lite is lighter than the original Share—due to the (likely) plastic core found inside the Share Lite, under its outer silicone layer.1

Still, the Share Lite isn’t lighter than other double dildos that preceded Share Lite’s release by years, even double dildos with a vibrating motor core. I’m again disappointed that a company as reputable as Fun Factory has to resort to not just simple hype in its toy marketing, but outright untruths.

They Say “We Promise” You Can Use This Without a Harness

Let’s look next at Fun Factory’s quote about how you certainly can use the Share Lite strapless:


It sure is! We created SHARE LITE to resolve the complaints that customers had with other double dils. Instead of making SHARE LITE with solid silicone—which makes other toys too heavy for the muscles to hold—we used a lightweight inner core that’s easy to lift without a harness. The toy’s shaft is longer than other models’, too,2 which makes thrusting feel really natural and reallllly hot.


Yes, we promise! The girthy end is wide enough to stay put, even when you get slippery inside. And again, thanks to the lightweight inner core, the receiver’s end won’t sink. Plus, the adjustable hinge lets you bend the toy however you like for the most secure fit.

—Fun Factory’s Share Lite product listing, accessed Sept. 22, 2022. Red+bold emphasis added.

OK. 🙄 So there are no promises about anything sex-toy-related, ever, for all users. Different bodies are different; no one toy is “the best for women,” or 100% definitely a “soul sucker,” or able to produce surefire orgasms for every human who tries it. Of course, there are generally popular toys that work well for most users, creating better orgasms. But it’s never all users reporting the same result.

Yet, Fun Factory feels the need to insist that their product absolutely will work strapless for every single human with a vagina who uses it.

That’s just laughable.
Do better, Fun Factory.

For me, for example, the Share Lite’s pony (vag. bulb) curves a little too extremely (and the “adjustable” part doesn’t bend & stay put, next), so that the pony’s tip works to push the bulb backwards, forcing it to pop out of my vagina whenever my thighs aren’t closed around it. I also find the pony half an inch too long, personally; so it’s poking me too deeply.

Fun Factory Share Lite review - dildo in hand

I cannot stand up and move around wearing this product, unless I waddle duck-style. Changing positions during strap-on sex absolutely requires me to be holding onto the Share Lite with my hand, or the damn thing will drop on the bed or the floor.

The Adjustable Hinge

The Share Lite’s “hinge” is not posable. That means, it does bend, but it doesn’t bend and then stay in place when you let go. See a clip of the immediate snap-back here on IG.

The Strap-On-Me Vibrating Double Dildo hinge is in every way superior: both posable and adjustable. (This also applies to the Strap-On-Me non-vibrating Bendable Double Dildo, which is the same concept without a vibrating motor + remote). The Strap-On-Me toys’ hinge is metal, so it does stay reasonably well after you pose it, rather than snapping right back to its original shape when you release pressure.

Share Lite’s Silicone

The silicone in the Share Lite is similar to the Fun Factory Stronic pulsators. It’s neither super-hard nor soft, at 19A Shore durometer. I’d compare it to the feel of a flexed muscle: just a little give, when you press in hard.

Mine has a slight amount of drag, which diminishes when the silicone is well-lubricated.

Using the Share Lite

OK, so I’ve complained enough about how this isn’t a reliable strapless toy. But what if you use it like my vagina wants, inside a harness?

I stuck Share Lite into my trusty $16.99 harness briefs, which let me make Share Lite a vibrator too. (Which IMHO it damn well should be already, for $120 list price.) For vibration, I tried adding an Intense Travel Vibe Mini into the harness’s crotch pocket, as seen here; it does run under the connector between bulb and shaft, so that silicone mutes the vibes significantly vs. what I’d feel if strapping on a normal dildo.

I do really like the girth of the Share Lite’s pony. It’s thicker than most “strapless” dildos’ vag. bulbs, at 1.75 inches max. diameter. I was surprised how thick it was when I pulled the Share Lite out of its package: 1.75 inches isn’t hugely girthy, but is significantly above average. That’ll make it too big for users who are wanting a slim vag bulb.

Fun Factory Share Lite review - bulb in hand, size

“Perfect Pegging, Harness-Free”

Again with the bullshit from Fun Factory about “not fussing with a harness.” My vagina requires a harness to hold a 7-inch dick in of its own accord. That’s the way it’s made.

I’d call this toy, truthfully: “Not-Bad Pegging, With a Harness.”

The tapered tip does make it reasonably well designed for pegging. My bf is still new to pegging, so Share Lite’s head (1.25-inch diameter) will slide in without too much warmup. It’s pretty slim.

The head features a dramatic cut-in-notch and a bit of a curve. In the semi-firm silicone, the minimal ridge feels like more. It doesn’t squish.

Fun Factory Share Lite review - dildo end

We’ve used it a couple times. He enjoys it. He’s not as ecstatic about it as the Peg’Em we’ve been working with a lot lately. I can definitely go deeper with the Share Lite here, which is also new ground for him. He’s not sure about depth play: he’s wanting to focus on prostate stimulation mainly, is totally in awe of its power now; so maybe I’ll see about probing his “second sphincter”
gently with the Share Lite later—it’s just barely long enough, with the tip all the way inside.

But yeah, who am I kidding, we’ll very likely go with the Neo Elite 7.5 Inch for that, since I think it’s right on 🙌 as an anal / deep spot dildo.

Back to my harness experience, though: The Share Lite’s width is working out great, but the super-curved tip just feels weird to me personally when I’m starting to thrust fast. It’s fighting between trying to wiggle down, and hitting the back of my vag in an odd way—that’s when I’m trying to be on top, which we find the easiest-entry pegging position overall.

But, when gravity isn’t working against the Share Lite, it’s better.

I can see why FunFactory’s two other “How to use the Share Lite” suggestions are for 1) the wearer getting a dildo “blowjob,” and 2) the wearer getting their G-spot stimulated while they’re on their back, their partner jerking the toy. Both of these are “flat on your back” positions, so this 9.75-inch dildo won’t fall out of your vagina so easily.

Images created by Fun Factory, drawn from

As someone who doesn’t desire to receive a blowjob from a shaft I can’t feel, I can’t give input on the first, though it’s an interesting role reversal theoretically. And for the second, there is no way I would want anyone else jerking a toy this firm into my vagina. I like super-soft silicone. I’ll ask for a dual-density dildo or a Steve SuperSoft to be jerked into my G-spot, if I want G-spot play from a siicone toy. Others who enjoy hard pressure will have a different experience.

What Would I Recommend for Pegging Instead?

Share Lite’s goal is noble: To deliver pleasure to both people during strap-on sex. Several ways exist to achieve such “double pleasure”: explored in more detail in this fuller article. In short:

The simplest way for the “giver” (the strapper-onner!) to enjoy strap-on sex is via a good clit vibe that’s well-positioned, near the clit. Regrettably few harnesses have a “vibe slot” actually at / on top of the clitoris, but Temptasia Briefs do & are a killer deal right now for under $17.

But what if you want penetration during harness wear? A double dildo is just one way. A super-soft vag plug is my preferred method, since it’s much more comfy for my vagina. You could also wear a Lovense Lush or comparable “love egg” vaginally inside a strap-on harness that’s not open-crotch.

Top pegging dildo picks to go with your harness (Lube all these up well!):

  • SquarePeg Leo is fantastic for thrusting. Not prostate-focused. Comes in many sizes; go with the XS if you’re new to pegging, or with small if you have some experience. This super-soft silicone is amazing.  
  • Neo Elite 7.5 Inch for stretching thrusts (from 1.1 to 1.7 inches diameter as you insert more length) or Neo Elite 7.5 Inch w/ Balls for prostate focus.
  • Peg’Em triple-density dildo for extra sensation at the prostate: it’s got 4 ripples underneath, to keep the massage continuous. (I designed this one, & we love it.)
  • VixSkin Mustang is a classic prostate dildo, with a squishy head for going hard without discomfort.

In short: Neo Elite ($31.99) plus Intense Travel Vibe ($29.99) plus harness ($16.99) = $78.97 cost, which is $41.02 cheaper than Share Lite, plus offers hands-free clit stimulation and you can swap in different dildos you like in the future.

Share Lite Recap & Ranking

The Fun Factory Share Lite is a lighter but not uniquely light-weight double dildo, for a person with a vagina to wear and penetrate their partner.

It is not certainly strapless, nor does the tip stay erect when gravity is fully working on the toy: Like if you spread your legs while standing up wearing it. The vagina did not evolve to hold large objects in place. When the wearer is flat on their back, yes, the Share Lite’s tip will stay erect well. When you stand up and spread your legs, or thrust fast, and/or change positions: Don’t bet much money on Share Lite staying in.

The Share Lite’s “hinge” can be bent with pressure, but is not fully adjustable in the way Strap-On-Me double dildos are. The Share Lite also doesn’t vibrate, and the silicone is medium-firm. It’s not a bad product, and my partner liked being penetrated by it well enough (he wouldn’t turn down sex with the Share Lite), it’s just not among either of our favorites.

Maybe I haven’t given the Share Lite enough of a chance: But I just don’t see anything special about it. We didn’t find it exceptional, or worth the pricetag.

Wanna consider the Share Lite? It’s here.

I recommend the Strap-On-Me double dildo more.

Save 10%⬆️ on either with code FELICITY at checkout.


2/5 (2 Reviews)
  1. It’s also kinda disappointing that FF doesn’t disclose what the under-layer material is; the Share Lite is labeled as “Body-safe materials, non-porous and hypoallergenic” and “Instead of making SHARE LITE with solid silicone—which makes other toys too heavy for the muscles to hold—we used a lightweight inner core.” They don’t say what the core actually is; I can feel that it’s not metal (that would make it heavier, too), so it has to be some type of plastic, maybe ABS.
  2. My note: Ughhh, what other models do they mean: just the 1 other double dildo FF makes? Share Lite is the same length as the M Strap-On-Me and the Blush “strapless” toys I own. So, 66.67% of the other strapless dildos I happen to own are the same insertable length as the Share Lite.

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