Game of Thrones Sex Toys Roundup: The Realm, Geeky Sex Toys Drodong, & Uberrime Night King

Game of Thrones…it’s hard NOT to get caught up in the drama. Sometimes sexy and sometimes sadistic, but always thrilling, this epic saga of has inspired a myriad of merchandise—so why not add body-safe Game of Thrones sex toys to the list???

I may be a dragon dildo connoisseur, so I was excited to round up Game of Thrones–themed silicone toys from three excellent makers! In alphabetical order…

Blush The Realm Draken Dildo Sword with Drago Dragon Handle

Draken (the blue dragon dildo) is a 10/10 for fantasy texture. Whoa! With writhing lines, eye-like patches, and a knobby corona, Draken will make you feel every detail in its shaft. In a medium-hard 18A shore silicone, Draken is firmer than most fantasy silicone dildos, so be prepared for a wild, bumpy ride.

IMO, Draken’s impressive ridge is best with gentle tugging motions, and feels most comfortable with a thick lube like Sliquid Silk or The Butters.

Draken includes a Lock On hole that lets you mount it (and all Blush Lock On dildos) onto the Drago sword handle. I had a blast waving my new dildo sword around right after I got it! It’s definitely good for a laugh if you have open-minded friends. I hear it’s also great if you’re into cosplay.

Besides being a hilarious prop, the handle extends the dildo’s length. Drago’s dragon snouts look kick-ass, but they are fierce. I recommend turning your Lock On dildo’s head so that the Drago handle’s two snouts are parallel to the dildo-receiver’s pelvic floor—rather than hitting their thighs.

Find the Draken Sword Bundle here!

Geeky Sex Toys Drodong

Geeky Sex Toys is the real deal when it comes to truly nerdy silicone dildos. They make an entire GOT-themed lineup called “Game of Moans.” I have Drodong the dragon dildo and the Dragon Egg Gag, a hella attractive set that showcase everything that dragon scales should be.

Drodong’s front side is the perfect balance of smooth and textured. All those scales glide due to the silicone’s slick matte finish. Drodong’s small, tapered head expands to an above-average girth1 that pushes my labia open as I turn the toy from side to side. And then, the ridges down Drodong’s back feel even better against my G-spot, as I turn Drodong around and push the toy’s pointy head way up into the deepest part of my vagina.

The toy’s pointed head means it’s not for anyone with a sensitive cervix, but the dramatic taper makes Drodong easier to insert anally. The 15A-shore silicone is firm enough not to bend too much, while offering a little softness.

I love the red!

Drodong’s color is what I’d describe as “devil red”: a shiny scarlet highlight over black. And Drodong’s spiky base enhances its fiendish appearance even more! Honestly, I was afraid of how the spikes might feel before I tested Drodong. But because each point is so small, it’s actually very flexible and will not hurt even if you take the toy’s full length.2

Overall, Drodong the dragon dildo is definitely well-made, and I’m impressed by the Dragon Egg Gag and its quality too. I really couldn’t tell that this ball gag’s strap was faux leather until I re-read the product description, because it looks and even smells like real leather.

Geeky Sex Toys is based in Australia, but offers worldwide shipping for the insanely low price of $15 USD on orders under $100.3 And if you love GOT so much that you want Drodong and a “Night Kink” glow-in-the-dark ice zombie dildo too,4 then worldwide shipping is free.

Speaking of Night-King-inspired toys…

Uberrime Night King

The Uberrime Night King is a handmade artisan toy, with unique marbling that varies in every pour. Both my Night Kings turned out BEAUTIFULLY color-wise.Uberrime Night King dildos fantasy sex toys

I have two of them because they’re a little different: the original blue-and-silver coloration is a slightly soft 10A-shore silicone, while the new Fire & Ice coloration is a little squishier! (YouTube video comparison here, and see my full comparative review here.)

Out of all the silicone dildos included in this post, the Fire & Ice Night King is softest—and therefore most in line with other fantasy silicone dildos. The more life-like squish is why the Fire & Ice Night King will always be the one I screw myself with most often. (That and its double-ridged head, which my G-spot loves!)

So which Game of Thrones sex toy would you pick???

* * *

  1. A little over 1.75″. The dildo’s width gets to about 6.5″ circumference at the bottom of the knot.
  2. For the record, I can’t take the 2″-wide knot at the bottom—as much as I want to grind against the spikes!—because the 7.5″ insertable length is tad too long for me.
  3. All prices on Geeky Sex Toys’ site are in US dollars, for the record.
  4. Or anything else that would bring your purchase to $100 or more!

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