Review: Blush Novelties Performance Prostimulator 02 Vibrating Butt Plug

The Performance Prostimulator 02 is what I’ve come to expect from Blush Novelties: a silky silicone toy that’s pretty darn affordable. I really can’t avoid repeating how great the price tag is in every review I do about a Blush product, because the company is now cornering the market on low-priced, body-safe dildos and plugs.

But what I hadn’t experienced before this was a Blush Novelties prostate toy. Luckily, my partner was game for trying vibrations in his butt!Blush Novelties Performance Prostimulator 02 closeup

The Performance Prostimulator 02’s maximum girth is 1.2”, so it’s not too far off from being a beginner’s butt toy—something I knew we’d be able to work up to. After some finger-play warmup (and of course lots of lube), his butt sucked the Performance Prostimulator 02’s just-slightly-tapered tip in—tight.

On one testing occasion, he said he finds the top of the plug a bit “beaky.” The plug takes some jiggling and wiggling to insert. I don’t think this is a design flaw, though; it has more to do with user experience. For example, I’m by no means an anal explorer (that is, someone who’s enthusiastic about taking large dildos), and I had no problem inserting the Performance Prostimulator 02.1 It was a totally different experience than I had with the Luxe Explore plug.

And as for the shape as a whole, he thinks it’s “teasing.” The top of the Prostimulator’s rounded head touches the prostate but doesn’t put firm pressure on it. Direct quote: “That thing really does tickle when you orgasm.” Like when Performance Prostimulator’s head goes in him, he finds it “bulbous coming out.”

Blush Novelties Performance Prostimulator 02 Aladdin's lamp
The plug has an Aladdin’s-lamp kinda shape due to the removal ring in the back and the pointy tab in the front (which provides minimal perineum stim).

When I first turned the Performance Prostimulator’s bullet on for him, he said, “Whoa!” Even on its first setting, the AAA-battery-powered vibe was stronger than he expected. Once he got used to the feel, though, he wanted me to turn up the power. There are five steady settings, plus another five patterned ones if you’re going for a more rhythmic/pulsing feel.

And though he does find the Performance Prostimulator 02’s vibe “lovely” (and I also liked how the plug vibrated when I tested it), it’s not a rumbly bullet. It’s pretty intense, but the vibrations are more on the surface-level side; they don’t travel awesomely through flesh. (They do carry reasonably well through the plug’s firm silicone, especially the neck area.) In short, this is not a vibe I can expect to get a clitoral orgasm out of unless I’m also rubbing it back and forth. But if you’re looking for deeper vibrations, then Blush has thought of you: they’ve recently released the Performance Plus Supra, the same shape as the Prostimulator 02 but with (I’m reliably informed) a stronger, rechargeable bullet.

As with my previous Blush toys, I loved the plug’s satiny-smooth matte silicone finish. Even my partner, who prefers slicker butt toys, had no problem with the Performance Prostimulator’s silicone.

In the end, I think the Performance Prostimulator 02 is a nice choice for people who are newer to butt play—just don’t expect intense prostate stim from this plug. Its vibrations are most focused in the anal canal (the sphincter area) rather than directly impacting the prostate. The Performance Prostimulator 02 just doesn’t have the shape for that. I suspect the similarly named Performance Prostimulator (not 02) is better suited for focused stimulation.

If interested, you can pick up a Performance Prostimulator 02 at SheVibe here! Or check out the version with the stronger vibe here.

SheVibe sent us this toy in exchange for an honest review. If you enjoy my blog, you can support it by making your next purchase—whatever it is—through my affiliate links: doing so costs you absolutely nothing. I’ll always tell you when I think something is cheaply made, or when I think it’s OK but it happens to not work for my body.

  1. Of course I sanitized the plug before testing, so that I wasn’t passing on my butt bacteria. This is one reason (among many) to buy functionally nonporous sex toys, like silicone ones.

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