Review: Aneros Eupho Trident & Aneros Eupho Syn Prostate Massagers

After my partner expressed an interest in prostate stimulation a few months back, a world of new sex toy possibilities opened up!

Aneros is THE name in prostate massagers, so I was super curious to see what all the excitement was about. We were offered any toy from the new Aneros Trident series—all of which feature a back “Kundalini”-style tab and promise “Multi-Axial Motion Architecture.” The upward-pointing back tab is said to allow for a greater range of motion. Now, I pride myself on having mastered the fine art of bullshit detection, so I wanted to know how true this claim is. Is there really a big difference between Aneros’ Trident toys and the earlier Syn series?

Happily, Peepshow Toys agreed to satisfy my curiosity about the Trident vs. Syn divide by sending us one massager from each series. Since my husband was still very new to butt play, he and I looked over the various shapes and decided on the Eupho massagers. We assumed that their smaller size and less-protruding heads would be more comfortable. (Though later I discovered that the box reads, “Eupho…is ideal for men with stronger sphincter muscles”—so not necessarily for beginners. Whoops!)

And so our prostate massager explorations began…

He Says:

Salt and pepper. Peanut butter and jelly. Yin and yang. My entry into prostate play began with two different toys—different but complementary. They are practically identical, except for the colors and that the tabs are shaped slightly differently. Furthermore, upon closer inspection, a silicone sheath envelopes the Eupho Syn (the black and red one), while the Eupho Trident is without the coating. I thought that I was going to be up for a a similar ride. But to say that would be like claiming that a Lexus drives the same as a Toyota.1

Now, I am normally a meat-and-potatoes man when it comes to sex. I know I said that in my last review, and it bears repeating. I’m a simple man with simple satisfactions.

Enter these two toys. At the very beginning of all of this, I was very apprehensive. Not necessarily about prostate play being out of the “ordinary,” but about whether would be pain. That’s why I would advise everyone to use caution and use lots of lube. Lots. In the end, lube is cheap. Your body is not.Aneros Eupho Syn Aneros Eupho Trident comparison on top

I began with the Eupho Syn—the one with the black silicone coating. The sensations I noticed with this particular toy were much more intense in comparison with the Eupho Trident. For one, the Syn has a bit more drag, even with my anus lubed up like a V8 transmission. You do feel the difference, and at first it was a bit much for me.

And while the two Euphos appear to be of similar girth, a millimeter of silicone coating does make a difference for me. The Eupho Syn was almost too much for me to handle, causing me to back off. Rocking on it was almost nearly impossible. Not because it wasn’t designed well, but because I wasn’t ready for it because of the intensity of the drag.

The Eupho Trident, though, is a fun ride. And maybe this is where less is more. Slicker than the Syn, it is much easier to rock on thanks to how the backward arm curves upward into the contours of my butt. Now, the ability to rock might be encouraging for people who use this on their own. But my favorite thing to do with the Trident is to have my partner thrust it in and out, slowly, while I’m jerking off. Of course it is also designed to work when the user is lying on their side, but as someone who’s new to prostate stim, I haven’t gotten a lot out of that yet. Instead, the Eupho Trident triggers a nice, gentle prostate massage when it’s moved in and out by hand.

My wife’s favorite is to have me use the toy while she rides me. I often do not finish in the cowgirl position, and since this is her favorite, it certainly adds a different dimension for me.

For first-time users, there will be what I interpret as a feeling of foreignness. But over time that feel builds and gives way to an intensity that I have never felt during a regular orgasm—a sense of radiating pleasure that sends shock waves throughout one’s body, so that even the fingertips seem to know what’s going on.

I never really understood my wife’s ability to encounter waves of orgasms during sex. The way I describe it is this. For me, an orgasm is normally like a bottle rocket. There’s a whiz, a bang, and finally this sense of “settling” where my body returns to a state of equilibrium. But I describe her orgasms as symphonic. If you’ve listened to Mahler or Mozart, you know what I am talking about. There are multiple levels, codas, starts, stops, finales, and times where the music can go from piano to fortissimo.

I would not say that these toys quite brought me there—but the Eupho Trident brought me pretty close to that experience. My orgasms lasted longer and were much stronger. And if ejaculation is your kink, I have to say that I shot more than I normally would without a prostate massager.

I would definitely suggest the Eupho Trident for those who are curious about adding a bit of spice to the bedroom. Meat and potatoes are good, but they taste so much better au poivre.

Felicity’s Final Thoughts

We’ve had a lot of fun with these toys—especially the Trident version. Because the toy’s base is so thin, though, it’s difficult to move manually. (I fully intend to buy him a Pure Wand in the near future because thrusting is what it’s designed for.)

Still, I don’t mean to dismiss a toy that gives him such good results: I asked how it was the last time he finished while I was tugging on the Eupho Trident’s base, and his only response was “Ohhh GOD.” I call that a win! I also enjoy hearing about the milking sensation he feels with it inside while I’m on top.

Even though my partner ended up not preferring the Eupho Syn, I wouldn’t discount it as a good option. The matte silicone is smooth, not as draggy as some silicones can be. But as he found out, it’s a very different feel from the slickness of the Eupho Trident’s ABS plastic.

But back to my original question: Is the Trident toys’ “Multi-Axial Motion Architecture” a good thing? Honestly, we can’t say for sure, since he’s into thrusting rather than clenching around the massager. I’ll have to leave this determination to more experienced Aneros users! What matters for us, in the end, that the toy adds a lot of pleasure to our sex life even though we’re technically not following the directions. (Not following directions can be fun, right?)

You can find the two Euphos here, or see all the Aneros Trident prostate massagers here.

* * *

  1. Felicity’s note: I have to object that this analogy falls short because the Syn (the Toyota, presumably) is the more expensive, more complicated toy. Aneros says that the Syn toys’ silicone coating—which my partner dislikes—creates “increased comfort,” so clearly individual preferences come into play here.

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