Review: Vedo Bump Plus Remote Control Butt Plug

Vedo Bump Plus vibrating butt plug review
Bump Plus: comes in black, or royal purple (pictured).

Bu-bu-bu-Bump! Now with emphasis, to Beethoven’s Fifth: Bu-Bu-Bu-BUUUMPPP! With a crash, and a bang, Vedo’s Bump Plus is one dramatic butt plug. The vibes are the strongest I’ve felt in any $60-or-less plug, and Bump Plus’ tapered shape is simple to wear: made for any butt-explorer with a little prior experience. Easy to get in…and then feel those banging vibrations. And change them up with the remote control too!

It’s wild that the VeDO Bump Plus is under half the price of comparable We-Vibe, nearly as strong (if less rumbly), and better shaped, IMO. Bump Plus’ remote control (like We-Vibe toys have) is the biggest improvement vs. the original non-remote Vedo Bump plug. (But new Bump still has the recessed control button to prevent accidental speed changes!)

This Vedo Bump Plus review will assess different vibrating plug options, and tell you how Bump Plus fits in and controls for me. How long have I worn it around? And would you enjoy a strong vibrating plug?

Vedo Bump Plus Intensity

Essentially, the Vedo Bump Plus has some juice. As a whole, vibrating butt plugs are a mediocre category, filled with cheap vibes that lack power. (Or are coated with “jelly.” *shivers*)

Bump Plus goes for $60.99 (or $54.90 if you enter discount code FELICITY at checkout), and the strength does match We-Vibe plugs (Ditto and Vector, $129–$140 USD). The vibration quality is resonating on low, and bites a bit more as you increase to top speed. It is not as rumbly as a We-Vibe motor: that’s true. Bump Plus definitely has more buzzzzz especially on the top couple speeds. But its tip…so rounded, smooth silicone sliding in.

Bump Plus has 8 vibe functions: 1 steady speed, plus 7 patterns. But they’re adjustable! Each has 6 intensity (power) levels. (That’s versus a dozen speeds for the We-Vibe plug, but versus only 4 intensities for the $150 Aneros Vice 2—an awesome prostate plug which focuses more on lots o’ patterns. I would argue that steady speeds are more versatile, but perhaps you love patterned fluctuations?)

Really, the only other comparably powerful plug is the Nu Sensuelle Power Plug ($89.99), whose name is no lie, but which is slimmer and pointier (like, slightly poky tip and base) than the Bump Plus.

The Remote Control

With butt plugs, who really wants to have to reach around and change the speeds on the actual plug once it’s inserted???

So Bump Plus has this easy remote. Three buttons is what you’re getting here! The remote control matters when using Bump Plus because you get to adjust the vibration intensity with it. Through the on/off button on Bump’s base, you can cycle through the 10 vibe functions—but you can’t decrease or increase power, only flip between patterns.

The Bump Plus remote’s center button both (1) turns the remote on/off and (2) changes vibe functions as well.

Then you have the (+) and (–) buttons that increase or lessen power. From the reverberating (and strong) first steady speed, through the high-pitched, ready-to-go level 6.

Vedo Bump Plus vibrating butt plug review recessed control button plus remote control

Bump Plus has a “canoe” / “anchor” kind of base, so that it sits in the ass crack better than a round base would. Most importantly, it’s got this recessed button.

See how the on/off button and the charging port are set up into Bump Plus’ base? That way you don’t change functions if you, like, sit down too fast. That’s a convenient extra.

The stem is a streamlined shape; Bump’s bulb moves smoothly into a thinner neck. That part is so your sphincters / muscles around the anus can close up a little, for comfortable wear, so Bump does stay in place.

In place—for how long, though? I’ll run through Bump’s vibe feel and comfort vs. smooshy silicone favorites…

My Bump Plus Experience

Vibrating plugs are really a new experience because there are lots of nerve endings around the anus—so you’ve gotta try anal vibration at least a couple times if you have any interest in getting your booty messed with. Could be fun!

Generally I do recommend a tapered plug kit if you’ve never worn a plug before: I’d class the Vedo Bump Plus’ size as “beginner-intermediate.” You don’t want to be totally new to anal because the Bump’s bulb is firm, so I feel the full width of the 1.25-inch maximum diameter. That’s below average dildo/penis thickness (about 1.5 inches diameter), but I still need to warm my butthole up a little before being comfy with Bump Plus.1 A few minutes of gentle stretching, moving in / out; maybe a soft toy like the Egg Plug XS; and a couple nice squirts of my thickest lube.

Vedo Bump Plus review powerful vibrating butt plug glamor shot
Glamor shot! You see how Bump gradually expands, to the widest part right above the stem transition? That’s smooth.

The silicone is real smooth, though. It’s getting that last little bit of stretch in, at Bump’s wide bulb, that makes me feel pushed open.

But then I’m feeling the vibrations immediately. I’m surprised by the strength of the first intensity level. Vedo is one of those brands (like FemmeFunn) that starts you out pretty intense. (But not as much as the FemmeFunn Ultra Wand, whoa!)

Honestly I like speed # 3 out of 6 the best. It’s the right balance after a few minutes in: powerful, but not too much to linger on for quite some time.

My asshole is a bit sensitive! Speed # 6 is a lot!

It’s so high, I actually have enjoyed using Bump Plus clitorally on that top speed—through underwear, even. (After cleaning it from anal!) I can come fast that way.

I can see Bump Plus also being fun for targeting the frenulum / back of the penis head, if you have one of those. Bullets and wand vibes are not just for clitorises—why not use your vibrating plug multiple ways too?

The silicone in Bump Plus’ base is thin enough to be flexible, to bend with your crack. It’s rounded enough not to poke. If you like motion (…I know I love motion…), then rocking on Bump Plus is something you’ll want to do! Sure, it’s not exactly getting thrust into / pegged, but the fast vibes and a little wiggling will arouse.

Getting wetter with Bump Plus, by moving on it, is my favorite. Whatever genitals you’ve got in front, having those lower-anal nerves strong-vibed is a fast way to get more turned on.

Long-Term Wear?

The Vedo Bump Plus’ smooth tapered shape is reasonably comfortable to wear around. I can’t recommend it all day, it’s more of a shorter-bursts (less than an hour) plug for me.

I keep saying how strong the vibes are but wow, they do seem high on everything after speed #2 for longer wear! Droning, almost: They’re also slightly loud if you’re wanting to wear Bump Plus outside the house. When inserted, Bump Plus is only about 30 decibels when inserted on low speed; high speed is 43 decibels outside the body, and noticeable, but drops to about 34 inside me. Still, the sound is enough that I wouldn’t wear it out in a quieter setting, like a fancier restaurant or an office or anything like that (you kinky folks).

So basically, I would recommend Bump Plus outside on the lower couple speeds, but it’ll be slightly noisy on the high ones.

Really, for best longer wear, with most comfort, I’m always going to point you toward either:

  • SquarePegToys Egg Plugs. If you like anal plugs, you need to pick up at least one size and feel the squishy-flexible silicone. Pro tip: Hold by the bottom of the bulb when inserting, so the neck doesn’t fold till you get it in! Then Egg Plugs are so filling and delicious. Also see the Oxballs Ergo.
  • b-Vibe Snug Plugs. Second choice, for the weight. I like how the stems are really thin so my hole will close up, but the “torpedo bulb” has added weight inside. I like these while I’m moving around, since the weighted balls are kinda jiggly.

How to Clean a Vibrating Butt Plug

Vedo Bump Plus vibrating butt plug review how to clean
Soap ‘n’ water!

Bump Plus’ silicone is not difficult to clean, luckily; even if, you know, you get some poop on it. As happens. Wipe the plug off (flushable wipes are great, or toilet paper), then wash.

Wash well, with soap and water! Any streaking or smearing will come off after a good scrub.

I also like to sanitize if the plug smells any. Here are my general tips for sanitizing body-safe, nonporous sex toys. With Bump Plus, since it’s waterproof submersible, I douse it with 70% isopropyl alcohol after wiping down. Then scrub that alcohol off again with more soap and water!

And your plug should be next to spotless again. Back to a Bump-ing good time?

This is a huge advantage of silicone over lower-quality materials like TPR/TPE vibrating plugs.

Extras & Battery Life

The Bump Plus’ battery life is approximately 2 hours, which is a good span. It comes with a USB recharging cord for the plug. The remote takes a CR2032 battery, a standard for most vibrator-remote batteries, and that type lasts quite a long time.

To turn on Bump, you do need to push into the recessed power button on the plug itself, then you can change speeds via the remote.

It’s submersible, so cleaning is no worry, and you could wear it in the shower or bath if you feel like it. (I’d recommend the shower more, the bath is really drying with plugs!)

I’m all over Wicked’s Simply Hybrid Jelle as a lube rec these day, because it is so thick and my butt loves that. (Hybrid Jelle is easier to clean off than oil-based lube.) The hybrid lube will not damage this silicone plug, guaranteed.

Overall Bump Thoughts

The Bump Plus is definitely my first power plug recommendation. Smooth silicone, tapered shape, intense vibration, for under $60 with remote control. (There’s also a non-remote version for under $40 USD2 if you’ll settle for less adjustable speeds.)

Vedo is one of those vibe brands that’s offering nice power for a better price these days, in all silicone. (FemmeFunn and Nu Sensuelle are rivals; and Blush has some kick-ass vibes for great prices too.) Bump Plus’ tapered shape, fairly petite sizing, and recessed control button are all big advantages.

If you do want the rumbliest vibrating plug, then We-Vibe’s Ditto does take that taco, with a price point to match. (Also app control!)

I personally like Bump Plus for its strength for about 45 minutes at a time—after that it’s maxing my sensitivity out. For real long-term wear, I always suggest SquarePegToys Egg Plugs simply for the smooshy-comfort factor: Bump Plus is powerful but inflexible in its shaft.

Find Bump Plus here.

Use code FELICITY for 10% off at Peepshow Toys ⬆️3

* * *


  1. Tips on warm-up: Again, experience level (and sphincter size, to some degree) definitely matters. Occasionally, folks will be comfortable with a 1.2 inch diameter plug to begin; I wanted it more like a single finger, 0.75 inch diameter max.) It’s good to have a little plugging play in before a plug the Vedo Bump’s size; you probably won’t hurt yourself, but it’ll be less cushy to jump in at this size. You want to insert slooooowly, with plenty of lubricant; maybe remove and add more lube. (Or a lube shooter can pre-lube you so you don’t have to do that step.) Just ease in, ease out; hold it in as you feel comfortable. You’ll sense discomfort if your sphincters are stretched too far too fast: a slight burning. It’s good not to push through pain with anal play—that’s a warning sign that you’re overworking those muscles and may be creating micro-tears. Really, a tapered plug should slide in easily, and the Bump Plus is short enough not to reach to the bend in your colon; it’s not a deep anal toy. It should sit with its stem right in at your opening, the bulb stretching just slightly. And the vibes… They’re hitting those nerve endings bunched around the anus, which is likely to make the wearer feel more farther forward. A good vibrating butt plug is almost like getting rimmed, with strong stimulation. Wear for as long as it feels comfortable; extended plug wear is not dangerous, as long as you’re paying attention to the signals your body sends you.
  2. Code FELICITY brings it to $39.60 at checkout.
  3. Enter the code in the second step of checkout: after address entry, before payment. Discount excludes SquarePegToys & my favorite (already $45 off!) bundle.

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  1. I bought one of these a couple of months ago and absolutely loved it!! About a week ago I was having some alone time and after a toe curling ejaculation I reached around to turn it off and it wouldn’t stop. I took it out and buried it in some towels until it dies. I recharged it later and now it won’t turn on😢. Very disappointed to lose my favorite toy!!


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