Sportsheets Sex in the Shower Silicone Slapper Paddle Review

Sportsheets’ Sex in the Shower Silicone Slapper is smooth, spiky, and somewhat supple. It spanks sensationally, striking soft skin so small spots and streaks swell.

Sportsheets Shower Sex Silicone Slapper full paddle

If you’re still reading my review, I apologize. Kind of—it’s Sportsheets’ fault, really, for giving their new silicone paddle such a ridiculously alliterative name. But, beyond the name, this Sex in the Shower Silicone Slapper is fun for other reasons.

This paddle has been discontinued, but no worries: See my silicone sex paddle guide here, comparing similar spanking options!

Mainly, it’s a very usable (swingable?) spanker. The way its long length—over 8” of the paddle, plus 4” of handle—swings through the air is thrilling. As much as I like gripping the ridged cock/handle of my Fun Factory Bück Dick Paddle, the paddle end isn’t flexible like the Sex in the Shower. This slapper really bends when you move it, creating a lot more momentum as it hits my partner’s ass. Plus, the Sex in the Shower’s handle is easier to grip if you have smaller hands: it’s thin and nicely rounded.

I like the Sex in the Shower’s length then I’m swinging it, but I like the thinner width (1.75”) when I’m receiving the blows. This size allows for targeted spanking. I like being (lightly) hit between my ass cheeks, as the paddle curves toward my vag. (Remember: Gentle is the name of the game if you’re spanking anyone’s genitals.)

I enjoy the texture of the spiky side, but it’s a bit much for hitting really sensitive areas. This is why I’m glad that my partner can flip the Sex in the Shower over to the smooth side when we’re really going for my ass/vulva. The nubs on the bumpy side aren’t really pronounced, but I can definitely feel them upon firmer impacts. The smooth side, in contrast, even has a bit of a silky feel when I run my hand over it.

Sportsheets' Sex in the Shower Silicone Slapper smooth side

Like any silicone spanker, the Sex in the Shower is made of firm silicone. The slapper’s price tag is low, so it’s not the highest-quality silicone out there, but you can still sanitize it if you ever want to.1 And really, silicone quality isn’t something I’m too concerned with in an impact toy. It’s all about how it feels, both in my hand and on my ass and thighs.

Sportsheets' Sex in the Shower Silicone Slapper in my shower
That’s right, I couldn’t resist taking a shot of the Sex in the Shower in my shower.

Conclusion: A Swinging Success?

The Sex in the Shower’s key selling point for me is that I like how long it is compared to the width. Just seeing it bend as it arcs through the air is a beautiful thing. I’m also glad to be able to choose between the bumpy and smooth sides, especially when I’m being spanked firmly between my butt cheeks.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this paddle as a great option if you’re looking for more targeted stimulation, or as a first impact toy because of the reasonable price tag.

Check out the Sex in the Shower here!

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  1. I’d recommend washing and then soaking in a 10%-bleach solution (and washing really thoroughly afterward) if you are looking to get a deep clean for any reason.

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