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Romp Flip review Romp Wave vibrators

You get what you pay for…Would this be true for Romp Flip and Romp Wave, “discount” vibrators by We-Vibe / WOW Tech? Made of body-safe silicone, with (seemingly) plenty of functions (10 total), Romp vibes cost about one-third what We-Vibe ones do. Sounds great, right?

I’ll start my Romp Wave and Romp Flip review with the real deal: Romp vibes (all 6 of ’em) fall into the “beginner” category. I could’ve been fine with the Romp Flip wand especially—if

That’s key with Romp: What do you need in a vibrator, *how much* power and rumble? I’ll dig into Romp Flip’s power and flexi-neck, then wrap up with Romp Wave, an awesomely teal “palm” vibe with pinpoint tip.

Romp Flip Wand Details

My Experience

The Romp Flip looks so lively: I keep wanting to photograph it. The blue silicone is very royal blue, and contrasts beautifully with the yellow ABS (nonporous) plastic accents.

Romp Flip waterproof wand vibrator discount We-Vibe

Actually using it, though? Hmm. Eh. I don’t know. This is one of those cases where writing so-so vibrator reviews is the hardest: Flip neither inspires me, nor irritates me quite enough to really get my creative juices flowing.

For me personally (a vibe critic, mind you), this is the difference between the Romp Flip ($39.99) and the PalmPower Recharge wand ($69.99):

  • Romp: Am I coming? No, wait. Should I be coming? 🤔 I might be able to come on this! Hopefully soon! Maybe one day! It’s not bad!
  • PalmPower: Oh christ it’s great to have a clitoris

Really, my favorite way (read = the only possible way without a long wait) to orgasm on the Romp Flip is by inserting it. Apparently my vagina doesn’t have insurmountably high standards in terms of buzz level, so I can come on Flip’s round, mid-width head after a minute or two. It’s the girth of an average penis, so not too hard to insert—but of course much more rounded. The ball of its head stimulates my lower, nerve-packed vaginal opening nicely enough, while sending vibes up to right underneath my G-spot.

The flexible neck is so helpful here, really adds comfort during vaginal use. For clitoral use, though, the bendy neck makes it harder to apply pressure with Flip’s head.

Romp Flip wand vibrator flexible neck

The Romp Flip’s handle is easy enough to grip, and Flip has an advantage over the PalmPower power wands (that I otherwise love) in that Flip’s head is fully silicone coated: there’s no strong seam. Flip’s silicone is smooth, slightly silky (not as much as Pillow Talk vibes, though!), and also kinda spotty. You can see water drops that have dried on the blue-blue, so shake it off well after cleaning and/or wipe down with a lint-free cloth.

Romp Flip Power & Features

My wand vibrator guide’s designed to include the strongest handheld massagers—and I might slot Romp Flip into the “Other Wands” mashup at the end, but it’s not moving up with my top choices.

Most of this is due to the fact that Flip is quite buzzy, high-pitched, on really every intensity. Some users won’t care about this; others will find it irritating or less satisfying than a rumbly vibrator (Pillow Talk Cheeky being a nice choice for rumble in a mid-sized wand).

And it’s not just Flip’s buzzy feel I’d critique: I believe speed range is soooo important if you’re selective about your clit vibes. Maybe you like starting really low, gentle; and then getting real strong at the end—or whenever the hell that power mood strikes you. Vibrators with a wide speed range are more versatile. Less limiting. (One reason why Pillow Talk Sassy is my vibe BFF.)

The Romp Flip includes 6 steady speeds, which sounds like a fair number. In reality, those 6 levels fit between between Magic Wand Rechargeable speeds 1 and 3. It’s like déjà vu from my Romp Shine & Romp Free review: Romp Flip too is tightly spaced, not wide-ranging, in power. I need to increase 2 speeds for it to make much difference. A single step up is too negligible to matter.

We-Vibe vibrators are hands-down superior to Romp in terms of strength, power range, and extra features like app control (all We-Vibe except Tango, Touch, Match, and Unite are long-distance controllable). Again, they are three to five times more expensive: We-Vibe Wand 💗 (review here; $179) is 4.5 times more costly than Flip.

Romp Flip, PalmPower Recharge, FemmeFunn Ultra Wand (2)
Flip above small wands I like more: PalmPower Recharge and FemmeFunn Ultra Wand (which may be available in teal again sometime prior to the apocalypse).

In short, the Romp Flip is no slouch in terms of power—it simply doesn’t have a wide range of speed or any noticeable rumbliness. *BUT*: The Romp Flip is stronger on high power than the (ruuuumbly) We-Vibe Tango and the FemmeFunn Ultra Bullet.

In contrast, Flip is NOT as strong as the Nu Sensuelle Point Plus bullet, the Lovense Lush 2 famous-in-porn vibe, or any wand in my top 10.

Happily, unlike the new Satisfyer wand (“Wander Woman,” omg), the Romp Flip does not emit a high-pitched screech. So that’s…a relief. (I think? You know you might be workin’ hard to see the positives in life when “It doesn’t sound like fingernails on a chalkboard!” is a selling point.) But yeah, Flip is neither quiet nor especially loud. I would actually recommend Romp vibes over Satisfyer vibes—a flip-flop from my thoughts on those Romp clit “suction” pulsators being second-best to Satisfyer Pro 2.

What about Flip’s flexible neck? It’s got pros and cons:

  • Perhaps useful if you’re trying to lay on top of the vibrator like during flat doggy style. In that case, it’ll bend more comfortably with your body. Flip’s neck is long, which helps here.
  • If you are trying to apply hard pressure, then you’ll need to apply more force, grip stronger!, while use Flip. You’ll have to counteract that flexibility.

Finally, the Romp Flip has 2 control buttons: on/off, and speed change. With 10 intensity levels, I find myself craving up and down buttons so I don’t have to loop through 8 additional functions to move down 2 speeds.

Romp Wave Leaf Vibrator

The Romp Wave is terribly cute, even more so than Romp Flip. It’s a “palm” style vibrator, which means it’s about the size of the palm of your hand and can lie flat against the vulva / perineum (chode). Like the Romp Flip too, it’s waterproof, it’s rechargeable with an hour battery life per charge, and its motor offers 6 steady speeds (plus 4 patterns).

Romp Wave vibrator home decor

The Romp Wave’s leaf shape has a pointed tip. In theory, great if you love focusing on the clit—for example, with a hard fingertip or maybe even a nail. But the very silky silicone is also very flexible, as I’ll describe next.

My Experience

I don’t get this vibrator clitorally. (Not happy words to begin with.) After I tried it a couple times, I thought I’d best use it as home decor. (My mom’s vases needed some brightening up. ⬆️) Wave’s teal-green color is amazing.

Part of the Romp Wave’s uselessness is my body: If a vibe is going to be broad like this, I need it to be long too, like a full-sized wand massager’s head. That way I can apply more pressure. It has to have a handle, like a G-spot vibe, so I can run up it up and down over my clitoris too! I crave motion, and some pressure—both difficult to achieve with a handle-less flat vibe.

If you enjoy resting on vibes, letting them lie still against your body, then a palm vibe could be more your thing. The best-motored among those are:

Romp Wave vibrator flexibility
Bend down, to wrap around; or force up, for the pointy tip!

But back to the Romp Wave: it’s so flexible! Not only does the pointy leaf-tip bend, the whole vibrator body will if you’re trying. If I place the raised center ridge outward, then Wave’s smooth side wraps around my vulva and I can kneel with it inside my underwear. And it’ll stay in place.

That, though, leaves me wanting more pressure. And more rumbles. Like the Romp Flip, the Romp Wave is high-pitched and lacks deep vibration. Again, for a vibe of its category, it’s not weak. It’s no We-Vibe Touch either.

Wave’s biggest redeeming point is that it’s so flat. It’s very easy to sit on. If you want to explore getting your butthole vibrated, or even indirect prostate vibration, then I’d tell you to check out the Romp Wave. My clit’s standards are extremely high, but my asshole is much less critical about vibration quality. Strong-ish, buzzy vibes for the win there! Oooh, the tingles! Now that’s more fun.

Overall Romp Thoughts

The Romp Flip and Romp Wave check boxes like “smooth silicone,” “waterproof,” “rechargeable,” and “more than 2 speeds.” All definite selling points, convenient features. Plus the pricing is sweet! I enjoy promoting “affordable” sex toys—vibes and dildos that aren’t a huge investment1—if they’re quality. It’s just: You likely won’t be 100% satisfied if you are used to higher-end vibes like We-Vibe, or to the Magic Wand.

Romp vibrators’ power isn’t bad at all, it’s also not amazing. So your own standards matter most. Like with the Romp clit pulsators, ask yourself: Do you prefer excellent strength and speed range, or do you orgasm hard from not-Hitachi-powerful vibration? Think about it; I’ll be over here sitting on my Romp Wave getting my booty vibrated from outside.

Find the Romp vibrators here.

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  1. Obviously this means different things to different folks, but I’m likely to call “budget” anything under $40, or a little more if it’s a truly exceptional toy. Because with toys under $30, the quality tends to be drastically reduced. One exception is the BMS Essential Bullet.

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