My Favorite Sex Toys!!!

In the two years that I’ve been reviewing sex toys, I’ve gotten¬†a lot¬†of them. A LOT. They have a tendency to just keep showing up at my door. (See my Toybox/review index for most of the collection.)

With so many new toys coming in, my vag and clit (and occasionally, my ass) don’t have time for anything but the best when I masturbate for fun. When that happens, these are the sex toys I’ll pull out: my absolute favorites. My enthusiasm for them knows no bounds!!!

We’ll start with my first love, dildos…

Silicone Dildos

Phallophile Reviews favorite sex toys silicone dildos

BMS Naked Addiction Dual Density: I knew this was a winner the first time I touched it. The balance of soft outside and firm core are the most lifelike I’ve felt in a silicone dildo (see review for an in-motion video), and‚ÄĒmarvelously!‚ÄĒthe finish isn’t uber-sticky like so many other duals. I want this thing in my vag just thinking about it. (I do wish it came in other colors and sizes, though!) At $60, it’s as good a quality as any $100 VixSkin or Tantus O2.

Buy at: Peepshow Toys

Uberrime Splendid:¬†The best new G-spot dildo of 2018, I’ve called it!¬†It’s a classic design, in kinda-soft silicone over that firm core for more G-spot or prostate impact. The Splendid I originally reviewed is in size medium (a little above average at the head), but I’m really digging the small size for comfortable¬†fast¬†thrusting, and the large, I’ve declared the Pure Wand of dual-density dildos. (It’s A LOT!)

Buy at: Peepshow Toys

NS ColourSoft and Colours Dual Density:¬†The two ColourSoft dildos (5 inch and 8 inch) were my go-to realistics for a loooong time, because I love the flexibility. And their price is a huge selling point! Especially in the smaller 5″, the silicone is squishy and so comfy to thrust really fast like I’m prone to do. NS Novelties has recently come out with dual-density versions of these two, which have an even softer outer layer over a hard core so they don’t bend as much. (Which I like in general, but sometimes not as much for suction-cup-on-wall.)

In both the ColourSofts and the Colours Duals, the vein texture is super-pronounced, so go with the BMS Dual or some VixSkin if you like it smoother.

Blush Avant D5 & D6:¬†These two toys look so simple in their shared shape, but there’s something about the satin smooth finish that keeps me coming back. I love how round they are, with a corona that tugs gently with each stroke. Plus the whole Avant lineup is so colorful!

Buy Avant dildos & plugs at: SheVibe¬†| Peepshow Toys¬†| Spectrum Boutique | Betty’s Toy Box

Uberrime Helios:¬†This dildo was designed for me, so it has a very special place in my heart. The Helios dildo is a lot, though‚ÄĒconsistent with my taste for big, impactful heads and some drag on the shaft. Helios the Sun God is very much a fantasy dildo, a toy that I pull out when I want squishy silicone and pronounced textures. Those spiraling lines are also great for vulva-rubbing!

Buy a Helios at: Peepshow Toys

Bad Dragon Flint / Mr. Hankey’s Dragon:¬†Speaking of fantasy toys, I have to get some dragon in every now and then. BD’s Flint and Mr. Hankey’s Dragon are beautiful monsters, in their own ways. Flint (get yours in medium or soft firmness, firm can be overwhelming!) is short and fat and oh-so-filling, with those huge plates down the back. Mr. Hankey’s Dragon is filled with an abundance of texture, and wow it’s interesting with a We-Vibe Tango inserted in the Vac-U-Lock hole. These toys are an experience that it takes me time to work toward, rather than an everyday thing.

Tantus Uncut #1:¬†What can I say? I can’t get enough of the realistic dildos, and uncut ones are a big turn-on for me. With its wide, bulky head, the Uncut #1 is broader vaginal stimulation, not pure G-spotting. When I thrust vigorously, the skin texture really makes its presence felt in the just-slightly-soft outer layer of silicone. Plus the bulky head calls out to me. For those who want it a little more average-sized, the Uncut #2 is the way!

Thrusting Dildos

Stronic Real & Stronic G: The Stronics are amazing, and for me, the Stronic Real is the best purely vaginal powered toy in existence. The Stronic G is great when I want more concentrated pressure, vs. broader stroking. Both pulse, jiggle, and move at hundreds of beats per minute…all for the sensitive front wall of my vag. And they’re (almost totally) hands-free! See the motion in action in my Real review.

Maia Max (and Monroe):¬†Sometimes you just want a sleek anal thruster, without the prep required for getting ready for larger “butt balls.”¬†That’s what the Maia Max (black) and Monroe (purple) are, plus of course they’re good as smooth vaginal toys too. With a remote control, a suction cup, vibrating functions, and a not-too-shabby motor, Maia Max is the best anal-friendly self-propelled toy I’m aware of, and the price is pretty damn low too. The only issue? It’s loud AF.

Get one at: SheVibe |¬†Peepshow Toys¬†| Betty’s Toy Box (black only)

Phallophile Reviews favorites thrusting dildos vibrators

Thrusters, first; plus normal vibes!


BMS Pillow Talk Sassy:¬†This G-spot vibe is so good, I can’t believe it sells for under $50.1 It’s essentially rumbly, quieter than any of my other favorite vibes, and you choose your intensity! There are no preset vibe functions: instead you just hold the Swarovski crystal control button till you get where you like. The silicone has a lovely, silky feel and the bulbous head is gentle but still excels at G-spot pressure‚ÄĒand I love it for slightly broader clitoral stim too.

Get one at: Peepshow Toys¬†|¬†SheVibe¬†|¬†Betty’s Toy Box

Dorr Silker:¬†It’s the broadness, plus slightly curved tip, that have really sold me on the Dorr Silker. The motor isn’t quite as rumbly as the Pillow Talk Sassy, above, but it is powerful. And (*gasp*) it has this one pattern I like! The gradual curve, especially the ergonomic handle, makes Silker fit my body (and my hand) almost perfectly. And the tip is fun for more pinpoint pressure!

Get one at: Peepshow Toys | SheVibe | Spectrum Boutique 

BMS Essential Bullet: Want an easy-to-use (or beginner’s) bullet that doesn’t suck? IMO, this is the one. It’s pretty rumbly, especially on the first couple speeds; it’s waterproof and rechargeable; it’s silky smooth; and it’s $20.

Get one at: Peepshow Toys

Magic Wand Plus:¬†I got the new Magic Wand Plus and immediately became a wand vibe convert. Basically, the Magic Wand Plus is the (Hitachi) Magic Wand Original but with a body-safe silicone head and two extra speeds (which I absolutely need!). The deep vibes travel everywhere throughout my pelvic floor, and it’s so good. Speed #3 makes me orgasm in under 30 seconds, then I have to back down to level 2! Then…rinse and repeat.

Get one at: Peepshow Toys | SheVibe | Spectrum Boutique

NS Novelties Luxe Collection Bullets:¬†The Luxe Bullets were my absolute favorite vibes for a full year because they’re strong, but not¬†so¬†intense like the We-Vibe Tango. (Which overstimulates me, quickly.) Plus their larger size means they’re easier to grip. Luxe Electra’s smooth outside and sloped tip make it my favorite.

Get one at: Peepshow Toys | SheVibe

Butt Plugs

Njoy Pure Plugs:¬†Stainless steel butt plug perfection. The Pure Plug’s curved shape fits so well, and I was shocked at how comfortable the loop base is. If you think you’d like some weight in your butt (or even if you don’t‚ÄĒI had no idea I’d like it till I tried it), then the Pure Plugs (available in 3 sizes, plus the Pure Plug 2.0 for those who can take it even larger) are most definitely worth a try!

Get a Pure Plug: Peepshow Toys | SheVibe | Spectrum Boutique | Good Vibrations

b-Vibe Rimming Plug (Petite): OK, so I’m cheating a little here because I mostly use this toy vaginally‚ÄĒthe rimming beads are so stimulating around my entrance. I like to stick it in when I need a pick-me-up with some boring work! (Perils of working from home here.) But the rimming beads are super-nice around the sphincter too; not exactly like rimming itself, but pretty damn good. I’ve heard several times that¬†the Petite version is also better than the normal Rimming Plug for prostate stimulation!

Get a Rimming Plug:¬†Peepshow Toys | SheVibe¬†|¬†Spectrum Boutique |¬†Betty’s Toy Box

Phallophile reviews favorites anal toys lube


LUBE‚ÄĒIt’s so important. Necessary for anal play, it also makes vaginal sex, jerking off, and clitoral play (especially with toys) so much more comfortable.

Once I discovered Sliquid, I’ve stuck to their water-based lubes because they’re free of glycerin, propylene glycol, parabens, and other junk that can potentially irritate¬†your¬†junk. (Water-baseds also can’t harm silicone toys like silicone lube may.) I do also love, love, love Sutil, but the price tag is pretty high.

Sassy is Sliquid’s thicker water-based, marketed as for anal but better for anything else too because it doesn’t slip off my silicone toys right away. I’ve also used Uberlube for PIV sex and with condoms (thumbs up) and The Butters all-natural oil-based for butt stuff, like long-term plug wear and pegging, and both worked as needed!

Liberator Wing Sex Toy Mount:¬†With so many dildos, I sometimes get bored of jerking it by hand, so the Liberator Wing is a happy change of pace. This sex toy mount is the most comfortable way to simulate cowgirl-style riding because of its soft cover and dense foam. I’ve had mine for a year and a half, and it hasn’t compressed one bit! I recommend the Wing with the BMS Naked Addiction Dual as the ultimate realistic riding experience.

(On a side note, I also feel like I need the newer Liberator Pulse, because the rocking motion sounds fun as hell!)

Buy the Wing: SheVibe | Peepshow Toys | Amazon

The Best for You???: The Most Popular

Every body has its own preferences and quirks, so not everyone will be seeing stars when they use even a hugely popular toy. (For example, me and the Njoy Pure Wand got off to a bit of a rocky start, and I still frequently find it a bit much.) That said, these are the most universally well-loved and body-safe sex toys on the market, with notes on the type of stimulation they deliver:

  1. Womanizer Classic air pulsation toy: Womanizers were viewed with suspicion at first, largely due to their name…but the pressure air technology they offer works so well, for so many people. With 12 intensity levels, the Womanizer Classic can be tailored to almost anyone who likes their clit stimulated directly. If you’re like me and you’re not totally sure that focused stimulation is right for you, you might try out a Satisfyer instead (next) because of the lower price point.
  2. Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Gen.¬†air pulsation toy: Also pressure wave tech. Popular opinion is that they’re not quite as well-made as the Womanizers, but I started out with a Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Gen. because having my clit sucked has outright irritated me any number of times in the past. At $50 vs. the Womanizer’s $120 price tag, the Pro 2 Next Gen. still has a bunch of speeds (11, to be exact) and is pretty damn stimulating. And hey, there are vibrating + pulsing versions now that look interesting!
  3. Njoy Pure Wand stainless steel dildo: You want really¬†serious¬†G-spot or prostate stimulation? Get a Pure Wand. It’s got a reputation for making users squirt for the first time, if that’s something you’d like to play with!
  4. We-Vibe Tango rumbly bullet: The definition of rumbly power, the Tango’s vibes travel deep. This hard plastic bullet has a pinpoint tip for focused clit (or nipple or perineal) pressure. See it compared with other (more affordable) bullet vibes here.
  5. We-Vibe Rave rumbly G-spotter (or clit toy!): The Rave is basically the Tango’s rumbly strength in a larger, insertable form. The asymmetrical design is a little unusual, but it doesn’t bother most¬†users.
  6. Hitachi Magic Wand:2 This vibe has gained a name¬†for itself over the last 50 years. The Original version ($60) has a head that’s either TPE or a less-porous PVC (strangely, no one seems to know which it is for sure), so I highly recommend the silicone-headed Magic Wand Plus ($80) if you don’t mind the cord, or the (also silicone-headed) Magic Wand Rechargeable ($120) if you prefer not being plugged in (and/or want patterned vibrations).
  7. Doxy Die Cast: This is the rumbliest, most powerful wand vibrator on the market. It is indeed even stronger than the Magic Wands, so if you want wide, all-over stimulation with a kick, go Doxy!
  8. VixSkin dual-density dildos, especially VixSkin Mustang: Just like the We-Vibe Tango is the gold standard for bullet vibe rumble, VixSkin dildos are the gold standard for silicone squish. Their outer layer is super soft, very yielding, and super-smooth when lubed up. The VixSkin Mustang is the most popular shape due to its protruding, curved head‚ÄĒmost G-spots love it.
  9. Blush Real Nude cheaper dual-density dildos: Real Nude dildos are the most¬†budget-friendly two-layered toys out there that I’m sure are actually platinum silicone. The firmness‚ÄĒsuper squishy outside‚ÄĒis a lot like VixSkin, and they’re very slick too. I think they’re best for very gentle G-spot stimulation (especially Ergo), for clenching around, and for anal thrusting and riding; all 5 shapes have very functional suction cups.
  10. Tantus Silk slim, multi-size dildos: These sell because they’re simple and quality. In Tantus’ firmer silicone, they’re slick and easy to use. I’d recommend the various sizes for getting into anal or for pegging.
  11. Spareparts Joque harness: The Joque harness is super-comfortable and very adjustable. It’s a big step up in quality from the typical beginner’s harness¬†with nylon straps (like on a backpack), and the price tag does reflect that. Depending on how much you plan on using your harness, the comfort may definitely be worth it. I haven’t worn an Aslan Leather harness, but I hear those are excellent quality too‚ÄĒif not washable like the Spareparts Joque.
  12. Stronic G (also Stronic Real): Discussed above. Woohoo pulsation!
  13. Njoy Pure Plugs: Like the Pure Wand, the Pure Plugs are consistently popular because their design is just good‚ÄĒthere’s no more to it.
  14. SquarePeg Egg Plugs: Not a fan of metal, especially for longer butt plug wear? I’ve heard time and time again that the SquarePeg Egg Plugs (in super soft) are incredibly cushy to wear.
  15. Anything Bad Dragon, really. Bad Dragon has developed a name for itself as the premier silicone fantasy toy maker. And the ability to customize almost anything (for a fee, of course!) is worth writing home about. But, I’d argue that you’ll find just as good of quality of toys‚ÄĒand often better, more responsive customer service‚ÄĒfrom almost every small indie silicone dong-maker: here are the stand-outs for me.

If you ever want a personalized recommendation, email me at and I’ll do my best to find the toys that best match your preferences!

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  1. $54 list price, but $43.20 if you use code PRSASSY here at checkout, for 20% off.
  2. Technically not “Hitachi” these days, as the company removed its name. Vibratex, the distributor, is technically listed as the manufacturer now, though Hitachi does make these wands.

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