Where to Shop: From Vanilla to Fantasy

Once you’ve learned about body-safe toys, the next question is where to buy them, because buying from Amazon is not a good option in many, many cases.

Here’s my breakdown of quality online sex shops, toy makers who sell direct, and fantasy and Etsy shops in case you’re looking for something more out-of-the-ordinary.

Sex Shops

  • SheVibe has an amazing selection of toys, and the new site is art. Not all toys sold on SheVibe are body-safe, but each product’s materials are very clear on the site. (For insertable toys, be sure to steer clear of TPR/TPE and PVC.) SheVibe’s silicone dildo category1 allows you to narrow down your preferences by girth and/or length, so that you can easily find a body-safe toy in your preferred size.
  • Peepshow Toys only sells body-safe toys and is dedicated to promoting material safety and sex-positive info. Use code FELICITY at checkout for 10% off anything.
  • Vibrant is another awesome shop that offers only body-safe toys. (Get 10% off everything here too with code FELICITY.) Their dildo selection is fairly small, but Vibrant is a great place to shop for vibrators. I’m most impressed by Vibrant’s commitment to supporting women’s reproductive rights: all of Vibrant’s proceeds go to Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains.
  • Good Vibrations has aimed to promote sex positivity, sex education, and body-safe toys since 1977. They’re a great place to buy Pleasure Works, New York Toy Collective, and VixSkin dual-density dildos.
  • Lovehoney is a huge retailer with branches for customers throughout the world (UK, Germany, elsewhere in the EU, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand). You do have to pay attention to the materials you buy on Lovehoney; though they’re clearly listed at the bottom of any toy descriptions, many are not body-safe. Lovehoney’s big advantage is its return policy: you can return any toy (used or not) within 365 days and get your money back.

Other online sex shops I’ve heard many good things about are Early to Bed, Smitten Kitten, Come As You Are, and Babeland.

Trustworthy Toy Makers & Etsy Shops

Check out my Silicone Dildo Firmness Guide for more info about how many of these toys feel in use.


  • Tantus…I could write an ode about my love for Tantus. This company has been making body-safe silicone dildos for 20 years now! Their offerings range from the very simple (like the classic Silk) to newer dual-density toys: the Cush and Flurry are perennial favorites, and I love the realistic toys like the Alan (review here) and my absolute fav, the Uncut #1 (review here). Plus Tantus has recently started offering a lot of toys in Super Soft silicone—something I’m super excited about! Tantus toys can also be bought from all of the sex shops listed above.
  • Split Peaches offers silicone dildos and plugs in fun shapes (like the Unicorn Horn, the Screw You, and the Rivetor; see my Rivetor and Screw You reviews here) and in more neutral shapes.
  • Funkit Toys has some interesting, more abstract shapes; this dildo-maker’s signature is clearer silicone with a colored ribbon swirling inside. Follow him on Twitter for fun times.
  • Shapely Toys, IMO, is the place to go for inexpensive, abstract toys. See my Binate review.
  • Fleshlight/Fleshjack is known for its (porous) canister masturbation sleeves, but the company also makes silicone dildos: the fantasy-themed Freaks series, plus the Fleshjack Boys series of life-cast porn-star cocks.


There are many other fantasy shops and Etsy stores out there; these are just the ones that I have enough information and/or personal experience with to recommend highly.2

  1. And all the shop’s dildo categories, all of which have lots of silicone in them.
  2. See this Reddit list of fantasy toy makers for all your options. Most of these are reputable sellers, but based on many reliable reports, I’d strongly advise against ordering from Frisky Beast because the customer service is nonexistent and toys very often take six months to ship.


Professional editor, foodie, and silicone dildo connoisseur! Here to help you find quality toys that best fit your preferred hole(s).

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