Where to Shop: From Vanilla to Fantasy

Once you’ve learned about body-safe toys, the next question is where to buy them, because buying from Amazon is not a good option in many, many cases.

Here’s my breakdown of quality online sex shops, toy makers who sell direct, and fantasy and Etsy shops in case you’re looking for something more out-of-the-ordinary.

Sex Shops

Other online sex shops I’ve heard many good things about are Early to Bed, Smitten Kitten, Come As You Are, and Babeland.

Trustworthy Toy Makers & Etsy Shops

Check out my Silicone Dildo Firmness Guide for more info about how many of these toys feel in use.



There are many other fantasy shops and Etsy stores out there; these are just the ones that I have enough information and/or personal experience with to recommend highly.2 Shops are US-based unless otherwise noted. For a listing of European silicone dongmakers, see this Tumblr post.

  • Damn Average (Etsy shop with premade toys herewebsite with squishies and more here) does some truly beautiful marbles, in dildos ranging from more realistic to high fantasy and monster-inspired. Sheep’s shop is where silicone stress-relieving squishies got started. See my Above Average Alien review for details.
  • Exotic Erotics is amazing at transforming inspiration photos (of various characters or whatever, really) into dildos. From high fantasy to robots, from human lifecasts to elephant trunks, Exotic Erotics has you covered.
  • Bad Dragon is the most popular fantasy toy company. They make lots of toys, some more fantastical than others. See my Flint the Uncut Studded Dragon and Nox the Night Drake reviews for details.
  • Xenocat Artifacts is a new shop that’s really expanded its offerings within the last six months. They’re unique in that they offer bullet holes as an option in all custom toys, and they’re now doing cum tubes (i.e., “ejaculation ports”) too. Plus, their marbles are amazing! I recently got a custom Caiman alligator dildo that’s gorgeous.
  • Twin Tail Creations currently has six totally customizable dildos; most are at least partly animal-themed. Their work is reliable, and they respond and ship quickly. Plus, you can order any toy with a suction cup: here’s a shot of my Cortez I took for my Suction Cup Dildo Guide.
  • Pleasure Forge offers Dungeons and Dragons-themed toys! I really love their creativity, they have some awesome colors, and I’m super-pleased with how my Illithid turned out.
  • Primal Hardwere offers mostly animal-themed toys, including ovipositors and inflatable silicone dildos. (Plus a cactus and a lightbulb butt plug, because why not.)
  • PhoenixFlameForge/Creations has lovely marbles and beautiful metallics, though right now the dildos are all smaller and include knots. They have a dragon hand now too, and a small penetrable.
  • Strange Bedfellas is a new shop that’s doing great work. They’re very friendly and are expanding their offerings at a rapid pace.
  • A Krow’s Nest is pirate-themed—arrrg! Only two firmnesses are available: soft and medium, which are comparable to Bad Dragon’s soft (=really squishy) and medium (=squishy, very flexible). The metallics and UV-reactive toys look stunning.
  • New Folklore Silicone is nice for smaller fantastical toys (and a few larger ones). Custom colors may take a while to ship.
  • Kudu Voodoo offers some really bright, UV-reactive colors and unique shapes like Aston the Alligator. Plus free shipping in the US with $60+ purchases.
  • Scifi Erotics is a German-based maker (but only $10 shipping to the US) that has two silicone dildos right now: a ginormous alien (my Zuklat review here) and a realistic human cock. You can save 10% off your order at Scifi-E with code FELICITY.
  • Qimera Forge (UK-based) only has a few toys to choose from, but Qi is developing some cool color options, and the customer service is good in my experience.
  1. And all the shop’s dildo categories, all of which have lots of silicone in them.
  2. See this constantly updated list of fantasy toy makers for all your options, including some nonsilicone ones. I’d previously recommended against buying from Frisky Beast because of the long wait times and horrendous customer service, but in October 2017 it was announced that Twin Tail Creations had bought Frisky Beast out, so it looks like the situation is improving.


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