Pulsate, Rotate, & Roll: Guide to Thrusting Dildos and Self-Propelled Sex Toys

Riding a suction cup dildo hands-free can be great, but if you’re like me, sometimes you just want someone else to do the work for you. Self-thrusting sex toys make this possible if you don’t currently have (or want!) a partner.1 The body-safe thrusting sex toys on the market right now fall into three groups: Fun Factory Stronic pulsators, handheld thrusting machines, and silicone-coated rabbit vibes with thrusting heads. And why stop with thrusting? Rotating and rolling vibrators create other fun kinds of motion.

I’m very excited about this guide because I love motion in my toys. I started out with a small assortment of suction cup dildos; moved on to dildo mounts; and then fell in love with my first thrusting toy, the Fun Factory Stronic G, the first time I turned it on. Since then, I’ve managed to accumulate another Stronic, two Velvet Thrusters, and now a couple thrusting-plus-vibrating toys: the Infinite Thrusting Sex Machine and the Pipedream Thrust-Her. Honestly, all these toys thrill me, but they all have their own strengths—and weaknesses.

That’s why I’ve tried to consider: Which would I choose if I was the average buyer, looking to purchase just one for myself? It’s a hard call! Jump to each toy’s comparative review for the pluses and minuses of each, including speed, thrust length, noise level, and price. Thrusting dildos and rolling vibes comparison shot 8.17.18

But first… Why not just buy a fucking machine? you may wonder. Here are few reason why someone might want a smaller self-thrusting toy over a full-sized sex machine:

  1. Cost. You get what you pay for with sex machine motors, and one with good torque2 will typically cost at least $500, with even better models being more toward $800 and up. Cheaper machines are prone to breaking or just stalling.
  2. Size. Fucking machines will take up more floor space than a handheld toy, plus be more difficult to hide.
  3. Comfort and positioning. The thrusting shaft of most fucking machines stick out at a 90-degree angle, meaning that rear-entry positions are easiest (or lying on one’s back, possibly with ass and/or back propped up). If you’re like me and you like the external stimulation that facing-forward sex positions can offer (go cowgirl!), then a handheld machine can allow you to create the angle you need much more easily.
  4. Body-safe attachments. To me this factor is equally important (or even more important) than cost. Most fucking machines are sold with unsafe dildos, made of porous “realistic feel” materials or even PVC. You can definitely buy a Vac-U-Lock adapter to use a compatible silicone dildo on, but the options are mostly limited to Doc Johnson dildos—not a lot of choices.
  5. Noise level. Because of their motors, the sound of a fucking machine running may be hard to drown out—another consideration if you live with others who you don’t want knowing about your sex life. Some of the handheld toys described next are also loud, to be fair: if noise is a big concern, the Stronic pulsators are by far the safest bet.

Fun Factory Stronic Thrusting Pulsators

The Stronic pulsators are the best-known thrusting dildos on the market. Made by the German company Fun Factory and powered by a magnetic weight system, the Stronics pulse back and forth rather than vibrate. There are currently six different Stronic shapes (soon to be less!):

  1. The Eins (or “One,” the first of its kind): Straight shaft that widens outward a little; includes a nub at the end of the insertable length to stimulate the vaginal mouth. Discontinued, so get one now or never!
  2. The Drei (or “Three”): Heavily ridged shaft that flares outward at the end; not for fans of smoother toys. (Hell, I like texture and the same shape in the Buck Dich paddle didn’t do too much for me internally.) Also discontinued, so supplies are limited.
  3. The Bi Fusion: Pulsating shaft plus an adjustable clitoral arm that vibrates. (Apparently the vibrations are fairly buzzy, so if that’s not your thing, steer clear.)
  4. The Stronic Surf (review here): This newest Stronic is named for the wavy ripples down the shaft. And whoa, they’re pretty intense! Only go with this one if you’re sure you’re comfortable with textured stimulation. I personally find this toy best for vaginal mouth and back wall stimulation, rather than as a G-spotter.
  5. The Stronic G (review here): Aaaah for high-quality G-spot stimulation. I was afraid this toy’s head might even be too much for me, but it works wonders. 
  6. The Stronic Real (review here): As the name implies, the most realistically shaped of the bunch. Straight shaft with a phallic head and subtle-but-noticeable coronal ridge. I love it!
Fun Factory Stronic G and Stronic Real comparison pic

Stronic G (top) and Stronic Real (bottom). See my Stronic Real review for a fuller comparison.

Compared to fucking machines and even the handheld thrusters I’ll describe later, the Stronics have a subtle movement. They do move extremely fast on the higher rhythms, but they wiggle in and out rather than really screw. That’s why, in the end, I have to disagree with Fun Factory’s claim that the Stronic Eins “authentically mimics sexual thrust movements”—this is only true if you have a lover who doesn’t like to go deep or hard, ever (and who can go at super speed too). And this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Many people will prefer the shorter stroke length because it’s gentle, yet insistent. The Stronic Real is mind-blowing for me because its quick little pulsations keep me on the edge of orgasm for up to ten minutes at a time, until I’m forced to give in and thrust it a little by hand—leading to an explosive climax.

Also, the Stronics have a couple huge advantages over more conventional thrusters: They’re fully waterproof (they don’t require a hole to vent air); they *may* be used totally hands-free (depending on the user’s anatomy; more on that here); and they’re quiet. You can easily hide their noise with just a blanket, vs. the whirring, drilling sounds that the Velvet Thrusters and Infinite Thrusting Machine create.

Thrust length: About half an inch
 Slowest rhythmic speed is 2 pulsations/second; hard to count, but probably more than 200/minute on the higher rhythms!
4 “constant mode” pulsing rhythms; 6 highly patterned settings (see chart here)
Noise level:
3 out of 10 (where 10 is loudest). Makes a shaking noise; quieter than even many bullet vibes.
Ease of use:
Easiest thruster to hold, as it’s the smallest; some folks may be able to use some of these toys totally hands-free, like I can with the Stronic G. Also doesn’t heat up much, even with extended use. 
Anal safety:
Only the Stronic Drei (Three) and Bi Fusion are safely flared; the Stronic Eins, G, Surf, and Real are vaginal-only.
Standard price: $199.99 for the second-generation “Pulsator II series” Stronics: Stronic Surf, Stronic G, and Stronic Real (I highly recommend the second 2!); $189.99 for the discontinued Stronic One (Eins) and Stronic Three; $219.99 for the dual-stimulating Bi Stronic
Find at:

Velvet Thrusters

The Velvet Thrusters, by Velvet Cock, claim to have “the power of a full sized fucking machine” in a handheld form. Sounds great, right? And it is! If you’re like me and you often crave real motion with your penetration, I can’t recommend the Velvet Thrusters enough. They go fast. Plus there are 10 separate speeds, so you can start slow and work your way up: go as fast or as slow as you want, exactly when you want.

Like the Stronics, there are a number of different shapes: four, to be exact, including very phallic, semi-abstract and ridgy, and anal beads (no one else makes this shape in a thruster). I was skeptical about the anal-beaded Walter at first, because my butt’s kind of a wimp, but I ended up loving it—on the slowest two or three speeds, that is.

In contrast, Jackie, the realistic one, gets seriously powered up inside my vag. I like to start slow…but eventually I find myself ten orgasms in, on speed setting #7, thanking my lucky stars that I own this machine. Jackie’s thrusting motion is so good that sometimes I feel a strange need to communicate with it. For example, the second time I tested Jackie, after maybe 15 minutes I found myself telling this toy, “Aaah, come for me, baby!!!”

If I had to choose one thrusting dildo for myself, I’d be torn between the Stronic Real and the Velvet Jackie. Both are frickin’ amazing in their own ways. The Stronic Real offers such short—but rapid-fire—little strokes. They keep me on the edge of orgasm in the best way, and I love that. But I also love being really screwed, and that’s what Jackie can do. Overall, the Velvet Thrusters’ 3″ stroke length feels more like penis-in-vagina sex (though not exactly alike—I doubt that’ll ever be possible with a machine). And as for anal, Walter’s slower speeds are a lot more enjoyable than butt sex with my ex was. 😉

Velvet Thruster Jackie and Fun Factory Stronic Real comparison photo

My two fave moving toys: the Velvet Thruster Jackie (purple) and Stronic Real (pink).

But…there are also a few drawbacks to the Velvet Thrusters, discussed at length in my Velvet Thruster Walter review, which includes a video of the toy in motion. The disadvantages are: these toys are loud and have a drill-like sound; they’re hard to hold, especially when you’re lying flat on your back (my solution is to use my Liberator Wing, or to put a bunch of pillows behind my back so my arms can reach farther); they’re not 100% waterproof because of the large air vents in the motor casing; and the plastic motor casing gets hot with use.

Thrust length: 3″ 
Speed: Up to 140 strokes per minute (starts much slower)
Patterns: 10 constant speeds, from gentle to WHOA-MY-GOD
Noise level: 8.5 out of 10. Loud whirring noise; don’t use if you have family over, that’s for sure!
Ease of use: Walter was especially hard for me to hold because it’s longer than my butt usually takes; Jackie is somewhat more accessible, but those with reach issues likely won’t be able to use it while lying flat. (I stick lots of pillows behind my back.) It’s much easier to straddle and/or ride these Thrusters: prop them up on a blanket (described by Suz here) or put them in a toy mount. 
Anal safety: Fully anal-safe!
Price: $199 at SheVibe

Infinite Thrusting Sex Machine by Evolved Novelties

It’s hard for me to not compare the “Infinite Thrusting” Sex Machine to the Velvet Thrusters; I had to do so at length in my Infinite Thruster review, because the two are similar in many ways.

Velvet Thruster Jackie and Evolved Novelties Infinite Thrusting Sex Machine comparison

Velvet Thruster Jackie above the Evolved Novelties Infinite Thrusting Sex Machine.

In the end, I think the Velvet Thrusters have two huge advantages over the Infinite Thrusting Sex Machine (ITSM): the Velvet Thrusters’ outer layer of silicone is softer, for a somewhat more realistic feel; and the Velvet Thrusters have 10 different thrusting speeds, so you can work your way up more comfortably and/or go a lot faster than with the ITSM.

That said, the ITSM is easier to hold because it doesn’t have a large motor box, the shape and royal purple color may appeal more to some, and it can vibrate as well as thrust. (Though the vibrations definitely aren’t the rumbliest out there; see my video of the ITSM’s thrusting and vibration patterns here.)

Thrust length: 3.5″
Patterns and vibrations: 3 steady thrusting rhythms, 3 steady vibration speeds, and 4 vibration patterns. Thrusting and vibrations can be controlled separately: use one or the other—or both together. 
Speed: 1st steady thrusting speed is about a stroke per second; 3rd (and top) speed is about 78 thrusts/minute.
Noise level: 8 out of 10. Pretty similar to the Velvet Thrusters. 
Ease of use: 15″ shaft length when fully extended, so also a bit hard to hold, but the handle is ergonomically designed.
Anal safety: The length, ribbing, and curved handle make it unlikely someone’s ass would swallow this toy, but it doesn’t technically have a flared base, so beware. 
Price: $150–$175
Find at: Betty’s Toy Box ($150)

Fantasy for Her Love Thrust-Her by Pipedream

The Pipedream “Thrust-Her” is definitely not the most powerful toy out there; I find the shorter stroke length unfulfilling, and I tend to make the thrusting stall when I clench hard around the toy.Pipedream Fantasy for Her Love Thrust-Her Thrusting Vibrator featured image

The Thrust-Her’s one big selling point is that the price is so low compared to the Stronics and Velvet Thrusters. For $90, the Pipedream Thrust-Her thrusts, vibrates (kinda weakly, tbh), is remote-controlled, and has an optional suction cup. If you don’t need strong thrusting or strong vibes, you might consider this toy as a more affordable alternative to the Velvet Thrusters. But if you’re looking for something powerful or with more realistic thrusts, you’ll likely find yourself disappointed. Check out my review for full details about the motor and more info about the additional features.

Thrust length: Up to 1″
Patterns and vibrations: 2 steady thrusting speeds and 5 thrusting patterns; 7 vibration modes can be added to the thrusting.
Speed: Hard to count because of the short stroke length! First steady speed seems to go about 2 thrusts per second, and the second, maybe 3 thrusts.
Noise level: 7 out of 10. Quieter than the Velvet Thrusters, at least! 
Ease of use: Motor casing is smaller and cylindrical, so much easier to hold than Velvet Thrusters. Also, the short stroke length does have one benefit: you don’t have to extend your arms as far away when holding the toy. Plus there’s an adjustable suction cup add-on.
Anal safety: Control box is definitely flared, so totally safe.
Price: $89.99
Find at: SheVibe—and this week only, they’re 10% off ($81 total) with code PHALL10, plus get a Holiday Scratch-Off Card containing a gift code worth $5 to $50 (random chance!) on your next SheVibe purchase. (Details here.)

Thrusting/Rotating Rabbit Vibes

Ah, the rabbit vibe…Some love them, while many have problems getting the clit arm/ears positioned in a way that best suits their anatomy. As someone who usually avoids direct clitoral stim during penetration, I can’t tell you about the following thrusting (or rotating) plus vibrating options from actually using them on myself. But I will link to others’ reviews, and I can guarantee that these toys are at least body-safe—unlike the jelly-coated rabbits that you see in lots of sex shops.

Note that the thrusting rabbits listed here have thrusting heads, but the shafts as a whole are meant to stay in place to ensure steady clitoral contact.

  1. Lovehoney Happy Rabbit Thrusting Rechargeable Rabbit: This new rabbit from Lovehoney is already getting positive reviews for lining up well with the clits of folks who’ve previously had problems with rabbits fitting their anatomy. There’s also a version with rotating beads down the shaft. 
  2. CalExotics Pulsing Rabbit and Thrusting Rabbit: Like the names say, the first toy here offers pulsing patterns in the head, which has interesting-looking circles that are meant to target your G-spot; while the second, the Thrusting Rabbit, has a thrusting shaft. These are only $60, and CalEx vibes have been getting good reviews lately, and for only $60, these are so much more affordable than the later options in this list.
  3. Lovehoney Dream Rabbit Thrusting vibe: The cheapest toy included in this guide, at only $50. The ridged head moves forward a bit but will try to move itself backward if you’re not holding onto the base.
  4. The Nalone Wave Thrusting Rabbit has a slightly pulsating head and “fluttering beads” in the lower shaft. Apparently, it also makes a noise that some users will find jarring. At $180, and with a “cheap” feel and buzzy vibrations, according to this reviewer, you may be better off going with a Stronic (or the CalEx or Lovehoney thrusting rabbits above).
  5. Premium Thrusting Jack Rabbit by CalExotics: I can’t tell you much about this one except that its head thrusts in three speeds, the same as other thrusting rabbits in this list. It has the same shape as this Vibe Couture Skater rabbit that sells for significantly less.
  6. And if you’re a big rabbit fan, the Rabbit Company’s vibes are top of the line. There are versions with rotating beads at the base of the shaft or a rotating shaft (I’m assuming that means rotating beads down the entire shaft length, rather than just the bottom of the shaft), as well as a black Backdoor Rabbit version (designed for prostate, sphincter, and perineum stimulation; see The Big Gay Review’s thoughts here).

Other Moving Alternatives

The following toys offer several kinds of unique, motorized movement—but none of are actually self-thrusting. (With the kinda-sorta exception of one iRipple speed, next.) Still, if you’re looking for a powered toy that does some of the work for you, these are pretty cool gadgets!

Doc Johnson iVibe Select iRipple

The iVibe iRipple by Doc Johnson looks like your normal insertable vibe, but the toy’s three motors create rolling effects up and down the shaft. The motors start and stop in different sequences (described in my review): the fifth speed reminds me of the lowest Stronic setting because it makes the iRipple jiggle forward. The best iRipple patterns, IMO, are the sixth and especially the seventh, where the vibrations start at the bottom, move upward, and then linger at the tip of the toy’s shaft. Doc Johnson iVibe Select iRipple vibe featured crop

Like with any (theoretically) dual stimulating toy, the iRipple and its clitoral “nub” may or may not stimulate any particular user the way they’d like. Also, the vibrations in the iRipple have a fair amount of buzz to them. Though they are powerful, and I enjoy them, those who like only deep, rumbly vibes may be disappointed.

Patterns and vibrations: 1 steady speed, 6 vibration patterns 
Noise level: 5 out of 10. The sound can be concealed fairly easily.
Ease of use: Easy-to-hold handle; I often use it hands-free. 
Anal safety: Has such a sharp curve that I can’t imagine it being sucked inside the rectum, but don’t quote me on that…
Standard price: $89.99
Find at: 
Peepshow Toys; SheVibe

b-Vibe Rimming Plugs

The Rimming Plugs (which come in two different sizes) have two motors to power (1) rotating beads in the plug neck and (2) vibrations all throughout the plug. The rotating beads, obviously, are what give these toys their name: they’re meant to stimulate around the anal canal—to rim you. Personally, I think the Rimming Plug Petite is pretty amazing for vaginal mouth stimulation too, and the size is just right for me to sit on and get some G-spot stim from the vibrating plug body. (Even the base vibrates, which is 💯.)

B-Vibe Rimming Plug Petite & controllerPlus, the Rimming Plugs are the only toys in this guide that include a separate remote control, so you can operate them hands-free and/or have a partner control what you feel.

Patterns and vibrations: 6 rotation speeds for the rimming beads; 9 rhythmic speeds and patterns for the vibrating body, whose intensity changes based on what the rimming beads are doing. The combinations seem endless. 
Noise level: 5 out of 10. Several of the settings are a bit drill-like, but the noise is muted when it’s inside me. 
Ease of use: Extremely easy, and hands-free. 4-button controller makes the speeds simple to adjust. And it’s fun to play with!
Anal safety: Not only anal-safe, but specifically designed for butts!
Standard price: $145 for the Petite; $150 for the Rimming Plug 2, which is an inch longer.
Find at: Peepshow Toys
; SheVibe; Vibrant; Good Vibrations

FemmeFunn Turbo Baller (a.k.a. “Tornado”)

OK, so this is a very phallic, silicone-coated vibrating dildo that rotates. Spins fully around, in fact! (See a video of it in action here.) I call it “the Exorcist cock.” Full disclosure: I haven’t tried one of these myself, but I think the motion is pretty entertaining to watch!

This dong features a suction cup base and a remote control that’s permanently attached via a cord. Personally, I’m sure I’d find the non-separable remote annoying, as it would get in the way of hand-thrusting. But hey, it’s a tornado, right?

If this sounds like fun to you, the Turbo Baller/Tornado sells for $72 at Early to Bed.

I hope you’ve found this guide useful! If you’d like to support my writing, consider making your next sex toy purchase—whatever it is—after clicking through my affiliate links. Doing so costs you absolutely nothing (you can even save money by using discount code FELICITY at the all-body-safe sellers Peepshow Toys, Spectrum Boutique, and Vibrant), and I only recommend reputable, discreet online sex shops. 

  1. Or if you just want to have your partner watch from a distance, right?
  2. That is, force, the power that will enable your machine to keep thrusting against the resistance your body creates.

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