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From a villa in Pompeii: “Happiness resides here”—hence my pseudonym, Felicity.

Who Am I, and Why Am I Here? (= About Me and Mission Statement)1

Call me Felicity. I’m an editor, an introvert, a lover of French food and desserts, an avid walker, and a student of the humanities and people in general. If you saw me out with my kids at the store, you’d never guess that silicone sex toys were my passion. But here I am writing a sex blog, because I’m a phallophile—a cock-lover—of epic proportions.2 I started buying sex toys as part of a sexual awakening I had in my mid-twenties, and I discovered what a thrill it is! Toys can add so much spice and novelty to your sex life.

It took me a couple years, but I eventually learned about body-safe toys. I realized that my vag (and later my butt) didn’t have to settle for cheap junk! Since then, I’ve read a million reviews and done a ton of research to figure out what works best for my body. And I’m still learning! 

Buying toys can be overwhelming at first; there are just so many options. I’d love to help others figure out what works for them without too much hassle! Feel free to e-mail me at phallophilereviews@gmail.com if you’re looking for specific dildo suggestions that I might be able to help with.3

Felicity Phallophile Reviews

You might’ve noticed that I like my dildos.

I’m listing some details of my anatomy and preferences here to help anyone who’s reading my reviews understand whether their own preferences might match mine at all. Know that I’m not saying my preferences are in any way “right” or that they’re better than any other person’s preferences. This is just how I happen to be:

  • I’m in the ≈20–25% of women4 who can consistently orgasm from penetration alone. Because of this, I’m much, much more interested in dildos (and very occasionally vibrating dildos) than in any type of external vibrator, though on low-hormone days I might add a good bullet vibe, like my We-Vibe Tango, into the mix.
  • Because my G-spot is so demanding, I usually use my toys so that the coronal ridge is hitting the frontal (anterior) wall of my vagina. Every now and then—like with pointy toys—I turn the dildo around for gentler stimulation.
  • Most of the time I get off through fast thrusting instead of squeezing or rocking.
  • Learning to enjoy butt play was an arduous journey, but I’m getting more enthusiastic about anal! My Butt Stuff reviews category has expanded lately! (heh!)
  • I love very realistic dildos, but sometimes I want some texture too. More texture equals a new and different experience with each toy, and helps get me off more easily during my less-sensitive days of the month. That’s why I like fantasy dildos so much, besides the awesome colors!

So this is my blog! My reviews try to give you as much info as possible so that you can make an informed decision about which body-safe toys will or won’t work for you. And, by writing about my own sexplorations, I aim to promote sex positivity too. It’s taken me a long time to get over some negative beliefs about sex and my body in general (like I talk about in my series Making Up for Lost Orgasms). I hope I can help others find accurate, nonjudgmental information during their own journey toward learning to love their sexual preferences. 

If you like my work, consider buying your next toy from my affiliated sex shops here: buying through these links costs you absolutely nothing, while I earn a small commission so I can (kinda?) justify the time I spend writing detailed reviews and keeping my Silicone Dildo Guide updated!

  1. Above image ©Wellcome Blog. See Wikimedia for details.
  2. This is not a solicitation for dick pics. I’ll find those on my own if I’m so inclined.
  3. I’d also suggest www.reddit.com/r/sextoys as a great resource.
  4. For more info and the source of this stat, also see my G-Spot Info post.

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