My New Favorite Sex Toys of 2017

2017 was a big year for me—some really unfortunate things happened, that’s for sure, but I also started this blog. During my almost eight months of sex blogging, you wouldn’t believe how much I’ve learned about new toys. (And yup, how many orgasms I’ve had from new toys too. ????)

So, in the spirit of starting 2018 with a bang, I thought I’d share my eight new favorite sex toys of the last year, one for each month of my blogging career! True to my style, they’re mostly dildos. I’ll also offer some alternative suggestions for each, in case your preferences don’t quite align with mine. Toys appear in no particular order.Favorite sex toys 2017 Phallophile Reviews

1. NS Novelties ColourSoft 8″

This big, squishy, silicone dong also comes in a smaller version, the ColourSoft 5″. It looks like just about every other realistic dildo ever, so what’s the big deal? The softness, that’s what. Until pretty recently, this kind of soft realism was only available in porous, not body-safe toys. But the ColourSoft dildos are safe, very flexible, and cheap too. Plus you may have noticed I like suction cup dildos—a lot!

If firmer is more your thing, though, the Blush Novelties Ruse realistic dildos are my top suction cup recommendation. You can find my thoughts on the Magic Stick (which is a lovely shower toy) here.

2. Charged Skooch Vibrating Cock Ring

So I can’t be the one having all the fun, right? My partner found himself a new favorite penis toy, the Charged Skooch Cock Ring. The toy’s name is pretty awful, but the thick, stretchy silicone band is easy to get on—especially if you’re wanting to put it around the balls too. He really enjoys the included Charged Vooom vibe on his scrotum and perineum, and the vibe is strong enough that I use it apart from the ring pretty often!

3. New York Toy Collective Ellis Dual-Density Dildo

This is my new alone-on-a-desert-island dildo (sorry, Uncut #1 ????). Why? Because I love me a good realistic dildo, and this is the most realistic I’ve had. The one qualm I have about Ellis is that the silicone finish is pretty draggy, so I do have to use a good bit of lube. If you like smoother realism, then check out some VixSkin (like Johnny here) instead.

4. Split Peaches Rivetor

For those rare occasions when realistic dildos aren’t speaking to me, I want texture. And the Split Peaches Rivetor is texture to the max: bumps, bumps, and more bumps. I was actually surprised at how much I like the roughness of this toy, since it is fairly firm. But the forward-curving ring of dots that makes up the coronal ridge just does it when my G-spot needs oomph. 

If you’re looking for something less dramatic, then the Split Peaches Unicorn Horns are a lot of fun.

5. Damn Average Above Average Alien

Damn Average’s fantasy toys call to me more than many others because they’re often based on something: they have a humanoid head, or a cervine shaft, or maybe they look like a tentacle! The Above Average Alien works well for me because of the forward curve and the two dramatic ridges below the head. Plus the toy is just gorgeous to look at; it can come in all kinds of beautiful marbled-silicone colorations, and in different firmnesses.

And there are so many other silicone fantasy toymakers out there producing hand-crafted, body-safe products. For example, I also had a great experience with my Xenocat Artifacts Caiman.

6. Tantus Vamp Super Soft

If you’ve read my site much, you may have noticed that I do a lot of Tantus Super Soft reviews because I love this stuff. The Vamp Super Soft was my first squishy Tantus toy, and I was thrilled. It’s so much more thrustable for me than Tantus’ normal (“flexible”) silicone. With the Vamp S.S.’s soft head, penetration can be fast but still gentle. This new Vamp will be a good pick for many folks who liked the shape of the original but found it too straight for harness play or anything else.

Also a big shout-out to my newest Super Soft acquisition, the Tantus Steam Hunk (review here), whose mushroom head I adore.

7. (Fun Factory) POP by the Semenette Ejaculating Dildo

The POP Dildo lets you act out all kinds of imaginative scenarios. It really adds to the fantasy to be able to make the toy you’re using cum upon demand. Made of Fun Factory’s premium silicone, the POP Dildo has a hole down the center where you insert a removable silicone tube. Then fill with lube (multiple times, even) and squirt away.

If you like the POP Dildo’s shape but don’t like the price (or the extra clean-up), its twin the Fun Factory Boss is an intense G-spotting toy.

8. B-Vibe Rimming Plug Petite

The Rimming Plug is hands down my partner’s and my favorite toy to use together. I can’t get enough of the rotating “rimming” beads around the mouth of my vagina, and he likes playing with the controller and watching me squirm. (And yes, it’s technically a butt plug, but I’m a creative masturbator. Works well anally too!)

???? Lube!

What list of sex toys would be complete without a tip of the hat to good lube? When I learned about and started using body-safe toys, I was lucky enough to also learn about lubricant ingredients. “Paraben-free” and especially “glycerin-free” are very good things if you’re looking to avoid possible irritation and infection.

This year I was lucky enough to be sent a tube of Sutil, which is high-quality stuff that includes lotus root and other herbal ingredients.1 My partner thinks it mimics watery vaginal secretions more than any other lube we’ve tried, and I have to agree.

But for a good water-based lube that’s not so expensive, I (and pretty much every sex blogger ever) recommend Sliquid Sassy. Its extra plant cellulose makes it last a while longer than most water-baseds, and you don’t have to wonder whether it’ll interact with your silicone toys (a legitimate concern with silicone lube).

Happy New Year!

Thanks for reading my 2017 wrap-up post! You can also find lots of my favorites in my curated collection over at Peepshow Toys.

I’ve had a lot of fun exploring my own sexuality (and learning to write about it) this year. If you’re also excited about your own discoveries, I’d love to hear about your new fave body-safe toy(s)—which ones, and why!—in a comment here.

Here’s wishing you a great 2018, filled with all the sexy and kinky things you’re looking for. ☺️

  1. Though apparently it may be problematic for those with gluten sensitivities.

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