Satisfyer Pro Penguin Review: Vs. Satisfyer Pro 2, Compared

Too f*#@king cute. The Satisfyer Pro Penguin is a “clit sucker,” with a bowtie. And beyond its appearance, this Penguin’s quiet, it’s easy to hold in your hand, and it’s likely to make you orgasm, hard.

I’ve got a drawer full of air pulsation clit toys, so the Satisfyer Pro Penguin Next Generation has some tough competition. But…it is dressed to impress, after all.

Satisfyer Pro Penguin review featured image Penguin sex toy on ice!

In short, the Pro Penguin is an air pulsation toy that’s held its ground, even as Satisfyer has released dozens of new models, Womanizer redid its entire catalog, and literally every on-the-ball manufacturer started making this style of clitoral stimulator. My Satisfyer Penguin review will give feedback from myself and other users, compare the Pro Penguin’s power vs. Pro 2 Next Generation, and talk about fit and creating a seal around the clit!

Satisfyer Penguin: Street Cred

I ignored the Penguin for a long time: it’s been out over 4 years now. But it kept coming back up, as a favorite for other people I’ve talked to. So I’m throwing in a few mini-reviews of the Satisfyer Pro Penguin!

First, a couple years back, I was at an unconventional social gathering where my job as a sex toy reviewer came up. I was standing next to a guy whose first reaction was:

“Oh yeah, do you have a Satisfyer Penguin? My wife loves that thing!!”

—Random dude from the debauched running group

So it was the Satisfyer Pro Penguin, not the Njoy Pure Wand or the Magic Wand or the VixSkin Mustang or the We-Vibe Tango (all sex blogger favorites), that was really noteworthy for this couple. (Why’d they maybe pick the Penguin over the Satisfyer Pro 2, though? I’ll talk about that in the next section.)

Since then, I’ve had a number of my social media followers bring it up. Here’s an array of their thoughts.

I started with the Pro 2 next gen and now I have the Penguin next gen and I am suprised how much quieter it is. Why is the Pro 2 so loud if they had the technology 😆. I like the thinner rim much better too.

By @Sarah72529612 (Twitter)


“I am not a huge fan of clitoral suckers. But this one changed my mind. Plus its a penguin. I love penguins.”

By @dollys_reviews (Twitter)

Effective! Also, cuteness appeal!

The penguin is my fav, it lives in my backpack so I always have it with me.

By @metalmarianne (IG)

💗. And travel-friendly!

I don’t have another air pulse toy to compare it to, but I really enjoy the penguin. Yes, it could be better (more thuddy and/or more suction) but it’s still able to make me orgasm pretty much garunteed. Often causes long orgasms with lots of contractions.

…Also the charge lasts a while

By beep boop / @soapias (Twitter)

Hard orgasms. Good battery life.

I have a Womanizer Classic that can be a bit finicky to position and it turns off randomly occasionally, so I still use my Penguin if it’s annoying. The air pulses are definitely buzzer, but it’s so much easier to use with dildos.

By Capricious Hallion (Twitter)

Not thuddy, but consistent. Easier to use with a vaginal toy than Womanizers are.

Keep reading for the why, but my personal summary for the Penguin: Worth the price (now under $40!) for the cuteness alone. Also the easiest Satisfyer to hold while using a vaginal vibe. And not as loud as Satisfyer Pro 2! I like the Penguin. But in the end, the Curvy 3+ still my favorite Satisfyer, due to its tighter “mouth.”

Satisfyer Pro Penguin review cute
OK, c’mon, it’s hard to resist the “awww!” factor.

Penguin vs. Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation: Power & Fit

Here are my findings about the big differences between the Satisfyer Pro Penguin Next Gen. and Satisfyer’s most popular toy, the Pro 2 Next Gen.:

  1. Fit in hand: Penguin’s body is smaller, curvier, and fits better in my hand. +1 for Penguin
  2. Fit during sex: Its mouth is also angled more naturally, so Penguin fits closer against my mons (instead of sticking out like Satisfyer Pro 2). This allows for easier dual-stimulation: vaginal play with Penguin running alongside. +1 for Penguin
  3. Noise level: Penguin is quieter: to 34 to 48 decibels, vs. 41 to 70 dB for Pro 2. Measured in hand.1 +1 for Penguin
  4. Power: Satisfyer Pro 2 feels about 25% stronger to me than the Penguin—echoing my findings about Pro 2 Next Generation vs. Satisfyer’s new Curvy pulsators. +1 for Pro 2, for many (not all) users
  5. Mouth fit: Satisfyer Pro 2’s silicone mouth is thicker, vs. Penguin’s fine rim. This one deserves its own heading — it’s complicated, and individual preference will vary a lot here. No clear winner.

That’s 3 points for Penguin, 1 for Pro 2, and 1 needs a personalized instant-replay.

So if you do want the most power, the Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Gen. is the stronger choice. It seems to have 3 extra stronger speeds of pulsing air beyond Penguin — even though the pulses flap along in time in both Penguin’s and Pro 2’s levels 9, 10, and 11. There’s just something about the intensity of the Pro 2 that flows against the clit harder (but touch-free, too!).

I dig deeper into Satisfyer vs. Womanizer feel in my air pulsation toy guide. At first, I was much more drawn to the deeper thudding that Womanizer toys offer, and I was over the moon about how great We-Vibe Melt is, but I’ve come to enjoy Satisfyers’ flapping pulses more with time.

Especially since my newfound love for a Pro Penguin evolution of sorts, the Satisfyer Curvy 3+. Because Curvy 3+, like We-Vibe Melt, has made me realize just how much the “mouth fit” on a Satisfyer or Womanizer can matter.

📝How-To: The Satisfyer’s blowing air is more comfortable with some lube! Lube lightly, start on low speed, and angle the Penguin’s mouth till you feel it’s stimulating the most. Work your way up in power; back down for a bit to edge / increase orgasmic intensity before turning up and letting go. If you’re like me, you may enjoy a filling dildo or G-spot vibrator alongside the Satisfyer.

The Mouth Size / Shape

Satisfyers and Womanizers, etc. feel strongest when you get a seal around the clit. That’s so the pulsing air doesn’t dissipate out the sides of the pulsator’s mouth. Your seal doesn’t need to be perfect; it’s not like a clitoral pump / pussy pump where you’re creating a vacuum. If you don’t need tons of strength, the seal is less important.2

If you’ve read many sex toy reviews, or explored your own sexuality with partners much, you probably realize: Not all bodies are the same. Even if you’ve got a clit, there are a ton of different ways to touch it, and different areas around it, that might or might not make you drip.

The Satisfyer Pro 2 has many thousands of deeply devoted users. So it’s clearly doing something right. But its thick “lip,” the width of the silicone stimulation head, has always made it feel awkward to me personally. I want a thinner, tighter fit to accommodate my not-large, recessed/buried clit. So the Pro Penguin’s slimmer rim makes sense for me. Overall, I am still pulling out the Curvy 3+ most because I really love the small-ness of its hole: see below.

Left to right: Satisfyer Pro 2, Satisfyer Penguin, We-Vibe Melt, Satisfyer Curvy 3+.

The Penguin’s mouth is a rounded rectangle, angled upward. I’m getting a lot of stimulation from the top of the Penguin’s mouth, blowing its air on and above my clit. It’s a teeny bit boxy for me and the angle isn’t quite as spot-on as the We-Vibe Melt — where the underside of my clit (super-sensitive for me, akin to the frenulum of a penis) is receiving a ton of stimulation too.

Satisfyer Pro Penguin review bowtie
The bowtie folds over, being thin silicone; and is removable if you want to clean under it.

I like the Penguin’s shape and size, it’s easy to hold; but I’m always sold on a pure oval as the most ergonomic shape for a clit-pulsator’s mouth, over Penguin’s more boxy nature. 8.8 out of 10 for Penguin design.

Caring & Cleaning Your Penguin

First, the silicone mouth cover. Take care of it, it’s small. That means: easy to lose.

One mini-review I solicited for the Penguin read, “Loved mine until the silicone nozzle went down the drain…” You can buy replacement covers from Satisfyer for $8.95 now (search for “penguin caps”). But I’d recommend setting the Penguin’s mouth cover in a special spot to dry, so you’ll always know where it is.

Satisfyer Pro Penguin review silicone cap
Off with his cap!

Remove the inside silicone “cap” before drying if you want to keep your Satisfyer Pro Penguin from collecting moisture there.

Like all current rechargeable Satisfyers, the Pro Penguin Next Generation is waterproof / submersible. (Any Pro Penguin you buy these days will be “Next Generation,” as Satisfyer doesn’t make the older Penguin — with only 1 control button — anymore.)

The Pro Penguin’s black silicone gets spotty. Black toys can look really sexy, but they’re like black cars: you gonna have to do extra work to keep the exterior looking pristine, because every spot shows. I’ve mostly managed to remove the some of the spots left by drying water from my Penguin by using alcohol swabs.3 This is not a problem that I have with the Curvy 3+ or 2+ silicone,4 or Satisfyer Pro 2’s plastic body.

Also, water will sit inside the back of the Penguin’s “throat” after you wash it, if you don’t turn it upside down. I let mine rest upside-down, with its mouth on a towel, supported by back corner of my bathroom towel cabinet.

Satisfyer Pro Penguin Recap & Ranking

The Pro Penguin by Satisfyer is adorable AF and very much worth trying out if you’re buying an air-pulse “clit suction” stimulator for the first time. Even compared to more expensive options, the Pro Penguin ($39.99) has distinct advantages: being easier to grip and more consistent than the Womanizer Classic ($119.99), for example.

I’d buy one of these over the Satisfyer Pro 2. Sure, it doesn’t feel quite as strong, but the Pro Penguin’s high speed is comfortably orgasmic and less raucous.

Really, I find myself recommending the Penguin a lot lately because of how compact it is. That curved body is just simpler to hang on to than any Womanizer, other Satisfyers, Lelo Sonas, and similar toys. The We-Vibe Melt is the only real competition5 there: Melt is the very easiest clit-blower to use during vaginal play, that’s a dogmatic belief for me. But the We-Vibe Melt starts stronger (so may not be as friendly as a first air-pulse toy), and it’s more luxe: $110 more than the Pro Penguin.

This Penguin is a pleaser, for sure. A cute and satisfying option that shouldn’t be overlooked by “serious” sex toy users. This lil Penguin is always down for orgasmic fun. (If you keep it charged up!)

Find the Pro Penguin NG for $39.99.


  1. Putting it against your body lowers the noise barely for the Penguin, which is quite quiet to begin with; but takes off 15 decibels for the Pro 2. I’ll have you know that I had to test this twice, since the first time I got distracted by Pro 2’s strength, came in 20 seconds, and totally forgot what the number was. 😂
  2. Like I can totally turn my Melt on half-power and have it sitting inside my underwear while I stand up. The toy’s mouth might be angling 30 degrees sideways, but it’s such a powerful tool that I’m getting a lot of stimulation.
  3. 70% isopropyl is a safe and very effective silicone sex toy cleaner. Just wash it well, scrubbing with plain handsoap and water, to get the alcohol off parts of the toy that’ll touch your mucous membranes.
  4. Though Curvy 1+ has a rim around the mouth that you have to run your nail around to remove fluids from. Bah.
  5. You could also make a case for the Vedo Suki & its finger grip. I’m hesitant to recommend that toy to everyone because it’s so very intense.

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  1. The Penguin is my fave out of the Satisfyer models I’ve tried. From speaking with friends/customers, it seems that those with small/hidden clits find the Pro 2 too bulky to sit comfortably and it’s harder to keep a seal which is exactly what makes the Penguin so good <3 I'm sad though – I bought the original pink one about a month before the black and white came out T.T


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