Lux Active Equip Review

The Lux Active Equip is trying to be an all-in-one beginner anal kit. This three-plug set, each one slightly larger than the next, is the key component. How well would it work for someone who’s never worn butt plugs before?

My friend Travis volunteered to give it a go, to check out: the 3 anal training butt plugs, the lube shooter, the bullet vibrator, and… well, maybe not the douche. (More on that later.) After a month of testing, let’s see how he progressed… Skip to the end for a quick recap & 10% discount code.

Equip Trainer Kit Components

So the Lux Active Equip Kit has big ambitions, wanting to include everything you could need to enjoy anal sex as a beginner.

The three plugs move up in very small increments: each step is only approximately one-tenth of an inch more diameter across, and one-half an inch longer, than the size before it. I believe the maker’s dimensions are slightly off: I measure the plugs at 0.94″ diameter (small), 1.05″ diameter (medium), and 1.15″ diameter (large).

Lux Active Equip silicone butt plugs - standing upright
Left to right: Large, small, & medium sizes of Equip plugs.

Generally, best practice with butt plug kits is to increase 0.25 inches (one-quarter inch) diameter from one plug to the next, for beginner anal training. So these Equip silicone plugs really are baby steps, meant to be quite easy to move forward with. (For everyone who might get impatient with having to wait a 1–2 weeks / about 5 sessions to comfortably step up!)

The Equip Kit also has:

  • a lubricant applicator, which is for thoroughly slicking up the anal canal and lower rectum so getting that plug in is more comfortable;
  • a cheap bullet vibrator (which, theoretically, you might use to simulate your perineum, testicles, or frenulum; more on why it’s theorectical in the next section);
  • and a silicone douche bulb.
Lux Active Equip anal trainer kit review 7 pieces

BMS Factory (the manufacturer) bills this Lux Active kit as “seven piece,” which is true if you include the storage bag. BMS has traditionally created really strong clitoral & vaginal vibrators: They may be my personal favorite vibrator company.1 BMS started making anal-specific toys in 2021, with the Lux Active line: and I thought the Throb pulse-thrusting butt plug was a good one. Now, onto BMS’s first anal plug kit:

His Experience

Before I switch over to Travis, let me tell you about his experience level. (Because comfortable anal play does depend on whether you’re warmed up and prepared for it!) He’s tried 1 vibrating dildo anally in the past, and asked me about what might be similar to its straight shaft with ripples. As I tried to find a good recommendation for Travis, we talked more. I asked him how wide that toy was, and learned that it’s been quite a while since he’d used it—and so, he’s a bit out of practice with anal play.

So I handed over the new Lux Active Equip set. His full thoughts: 

The Silicone Plugs

So I was really, really intrigued to try this because I’ve never worn a plug before. I was debating when to start… I went into my room and found the little rocket launcher [the lube applicator] and the lube tube. I was debating whether it was enough lube inside, so I also did the outside of the plug. And I’m squatting trying to do this: I started pushing in the small plug, accepting it, it’s in. There was enough lube inside me to slide it in no problem.

As I stood up, it started coming out. I pushed it back in. I was walking with it in… It was trying to come out. Later I realized it wasn’t fully inserted the first time. The second time, I made sure the base was all the way in.

The more I walked around, I started getting an erection, so I was like, “This is good!” But when I sat down, it was uncomfortable at first. Then I started moving my sphincters, and the motion was good. So I went in the bathroom, and I just started tightening my sphincter, to feel it go in and out…

There was so much precum in my underwear already. I got back up went back in the living room—it feels better walking around [than sitting on the “Equip” plugs”] because the round base is sticking into my cheeks.

Lying on my side or on my back is comfortable, and it’s not bad while standing walking. I wouldn’t recommend sitting on them. I took the dog for a walk with the medium one in a week later; but when I sat with it in… [*he made a dismissive gesture*] They should make the base more longer, the edges [of the circle] are sharp.

So, when I was on my side, the small and medium were very comfortable and made me drip a lot of cum. It was walking around that was the problem: For me, for my body, the base where it squeezed into my cheeks was uncomfortable. It seemed to hit that spot that really made me excited—but the base was kind of a kill-joy.

[One day Travis texted me that he was excited to tell me about how his last session with the plugs had gone, and we talked:]

All right, so I got curious about the larger plug. I was uncertain whether it would work or if it was too big. I sat there and had my legs spread open, and I slowly raised myself up and inserted the tip of the plug into my anus. And, the more I warmed up and became aroused, the slower and the deeper it penetrated me, before finally, it was all the way in. I squeezed my sphincter, and it became very very arousing. I became very, very erect. And then, the orgasm was incredible.

It was like the 4th of July, fireworks going off with how I came.

…It was more satisfying because of the [greater] depth and the width. It is a skinny plug, but not as skinny as the other two. I liked the smooth transition [from the tip into the thickest part of the plug], and would use it again. (Just not to sit down on.)

Lux Active Equip silicone butt plugs - suction cup base

I wondered if these would stick to the shower wall [since all the Lux Active Equip plugs do have suction cup bases]. And the suction is very tight. First I tried it with the water running, and that dried it out, wasn’t fun. With the shower off, I later used the large plug and it was almost there but it just didn’t seem long enough. My butt was getting in the way. [The plug is 5 inches total length, so the base takes off about 0.75 inches of that.]

Really the plug, to me, is more for “insert and leave it.” The tip is too hard for comfort when sliding in and out. It’s a firm fingertip feel… [He and I talked about wanting a softer material for thrusting toys: the Avant Ergo Mini is a reasonably sized option after the Lux Active largest plug.] 

Walking with the big one in is not as comfortable [due to its base being even larger too]: But it’s better whenever pleasuring myself, I’m very hard and filled. 

It took me about four different times trying to go to the bigger plug. Once it was in, it was very comfortable, but after I climaxed, taking it out was uncomfortable. My ass was really gripping the plug. You gotta pull real slow— I don’t know if it was that I needed more lubrication, it was sticking on the inside. [We discussed coconut oil for future sessions.]

The Lube Launcher

With the lubricant applicator, I was trying to put the lubricant by pulling out the plunger [and putting the lube right into the tube], and it worked at first, well. But then it got difficult after a few uses [with Simply Hybrid Jelle]— the lube sticks a lot, like it clumps up, so maybe that was it.

Lux Active Equip anal trainer kit - lubricant applicator with Hybrid Jelle lube

[I’ll now segue into my thoughts on the last items. —Phallophile]

So I was interested in how the lube applicator had gotten gunked up by the Hybrid Jelle. I pulled out a set of similar lube applicators, also ABS plastic + silicone, and applied another hybrid, Sliquid Silk, via this applicator 5 times over a week. The applicator’s plunger still moved smoothly by the final test. So I’d recommend avoiding thick gel lubes (or, maybe, X-Lube) inside a lubricant shooter.

The Bullet Vibrator

BMS Factory developed the name “PowerBullet” to describe its vibrators’ generally great power2: But “PowerBullet” should not be applied to the Lux Active Equip’s vibe. This is a small vibe that… exists, and that’s really its only selling point. It’s bad, y’all. This is a button-battery-powered toy that has 1 super-buzzy speed, and whose power button doesn’t even work to turn the vibrator off. You have to unscrew the cap and remove batteries in order to stop the vibration. If you want a decent bullet by BMS, opt for the Essential Bullet, which is superior in every way, shape, and form. Travis was like, “Yeah… I don’t need to test that” in re the Lux Active bullet.

The Douche Bulb

Some people choose to douche because they have anal cleanliness concerns. Generally, the recommendation is to wait 2 to 3 hours after you last pooped, before using an anal sex toy. But, yeah, I’ve done that and still gotten fecal traces on my plugs in the past, so it’s not a guarantee. I get why douching makes people feel more comfortable.

Still, douching is not great for the rectal microbiome, since shooting water up there can result in good bacteria getting wiped out, too. A healthy microbiome—from the stomach on down through the digestive tract—is now commonly recognized as supporting the human immune system, helping the body fight off infections.3 Travis declined to use the douche bulb.

That said, the Equip’s douche bulb is silicone, which is good because it may be sanitized (it’s not PVC!); and it claims to have “backflow prevention.”

The Storage Bag

It’s functional; keeps your plugs together. The drawstring’s easy enough to close and keep closed. I like the turquoise color too, personally; though some folks might prefer black.

Vs. Mood Naughty Plug Kits

“This is 100% better…,” he trailed off, while putting in a Mood Naughty plug.

“Than the other plug’s base?” I queried.

“Yes!!!” he replied, adamantly.

I’d given him a medium Mood Naughty plug to compare with the Lux Active: Because Mood Naughty is a classic tapered shape, making a 3-piece beginner anal kit I’ve found helpful. The Mood plugs are that recommended 0.25″-diameter spacing, so the small one is smaller and the large one is larger than the Lux Active Equip kit’s tighter spacing.

Lux Active Equip anal plugs vs Mood Naughty 1 butt plugs
Mood Naughty in rainbow, to show contrast with Lux Active plugs. Mood Naughty also comes in black.

Travis felt the Mood Naughty plugs stay in place better—vs. Lux Active plugs moving up and down when he was walking. He was aroused by the movement of the Lux Active plugs; he says he thinks the smooth shape (with no sharp drop-off between the bulb and neck) creates a transition that makes sense.

Unless, that is, you’re wanting your plug to certainly stay put: He was afraid the Lux Active would pop out a few times, especially when he was just getting into the first plug and wasn’t prepared for any length. Plugs with very little drop-off between the max. bulb width and the neck below do tend to fly out of people’s butts more (some folks will even shoot them out when they orgasm!).

Back to the base: Travis really would like the Mood Naughty plugs’ “canoe” shape T-bar base to be on the Lux Active plugs. “As far as the base part goes, the canoe one [Mood Naughty] definitely feels better,” he texted one day.

Recap & Rating

The Lux Active Equip kit is a decent value, well-done but not perfect. It includes everything (for beginner anal) except a good vibrator. And Travis thinks the Equip plugs “would be spectular if it weren’t for the round base.” Their suction cups do stick well, but he didn’t get much out of trying to back up onto them. Instead, he had the most fun using the plugs (1) while out walking: where the Equip plug would slowly move as he clenched this butt around it; and (2) lying in bed, where he had a “4th of July”-level explosive orgasm from kegeling around the biggest Equip plug while stroking.

It was awesome to see how excited he was about the anal set: he wondered why more guys didn’t try this, and told me it almost felt like he was a teenager again because he wants to play with himself so much more now. He mentioned dripping precum a lot when he described using the Equip plugs.

The other useful part of the kit is the lube applicator: It’s effective at slicking up your anal canal to reduce drag when you insert a silicone plug. (But avoid using a really thick gel lubricant inside, that can gunk it up over time!) Overall, Travis would make two changes to the kit: (1) make the plugs have T-bar/anchor bases; and (2) ditch the douche bulb, and instead include a rechargeable, multi-speed vibrator.

Find the Lux Active Equip set here.

Save 10% when you enter FELICITY at checkout, in the “gift card” box.

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  1. It’s close, because We-Vibe has a couple products that I think are fantastic. But I always find myself going back to the Pillow Talk Sassy, and the PalmPower Recharge, and now the Swan Empress rabbit with clit massager.
  2. Best are the PalmPower vibrators; the Swan vibes are quite strong too; and the Pillow Talk line is strong and rumbly except for its smallest member, the Flirty bullet, which is just rumbly (and also quiet).
  3. For men who receive anal sex from other men, douching is associated with increased risk of catching viral and bacterial STIs.

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