Forto F-19 Prostate Massager Review

Once you feel this curve, and the rippling ridges, you’ll GET the Forto F-19. Its pulling effect is designed for either prostate or G-spot, depending on which anatomy you’ve got. And as a prostate massager, the Forto F-19 is easier to move than an Aneros toy. You can simply thrust it much better, instead of relying on kegel clenches โ€” it’s more dramatic. I’ve tested the F-19 by Forto as a vaginal dildo / plug and handed it to a partner for the prostate perspective found in this Forto F-19 review. Why would you choose its silicone curve vs. a dildo or other prostate sex toy?

Forto F-19 Stand-Out Features

What’s the Forto F-19 all about? The spot massage, either prostate or G-spot stimulation. Both sensitive erogenous zones respond well to forward curves and massaging heads, that push in and pull down into the spot. Forto F-19 does this with a strong arc and with a three-ridged head, a trifecta of smooth lines that you’ll feel with a good rubbing massage. Slow thrusting and fast rocking are both a success for us when using the Forto F-19 massager for prostate OR G-spot.

It’s sanitizable silicone, so it can be safely moved from anal play back to vaginal / G-spot use. Just be sure to clean thoroughly first, following one of these methods.) The silicone is “silky smooth,” a matte texture that I interpret as like รผber-smooth skin. It’s firm silicone too, around 35A Shore durometer, but Forto F-19’s lower body (“shaft”) is also thin enough that it bends just a little. It’s not painful-hard like a BIG toy in this durometer would be for me.

Forto F-19 Prostate Massager Plug bathroom cabinet SquarePegToys Steve, Oxballs Ergo, Party Marty, Avant Ergo
Forto F-19, red, seen drying nearby, from left to right: SquarePegToys Steve, Avant Ergo Mini D9 dual-density, BMS Party Marty, F-19 in front of a Colours Yum Yum on its side, and Oxballs Ergo (size small) in Blueballs and in Eggplant colors.

The pretty-hard silicone stands up to pressure well, and lets you feel those 3 ridges better. My Forto F-19 is red, but it comes in black too.

Overall, the whole Forto anal toy line has captured my attention as the best grouping of silicone plugs I’ve seen by a major manufacturer. (Vs. by a small independent maker, like the amazing SquarePegToys.) The multi-shape lineup is priced between $19.99 and $36.99 per toy, depending on the toy’s size. I also chose the F-60 Spade to review, which is more a stretching plug; and that toy has its purposes for sure, but I gotta tell you that more fun was had with the F-19 Forto here.

Forto F-19 for Prostate Play

I offered the Forto F-19 to a friend with benefits who’s doing some anal exploring with me of late; we’ll call him C. I’d handed him an Aneros Helix Syn before this (as well as a bunch of trainer plugs), and he wasn’t getting a lot out of the Aneros. The clenching with your PC muscles is a lot of work, it seems, for a little bit of motion… So some thrusting was in order. He says about the Forto F-19 as a prostate massager dildo [his words, rest of this section]:

I was eager to try this prostate toy out because I’m working up to what I’m told is an average size dildo right now, with the help of my wonderful friend. The Forto prostate plug’s top is a size I can manage without preparing with my other small plug first. It is a cone shape up top and it eases inside after I use the lubricant applicator (useful!). You slide this baby a few inches inside and then the fun begins. It will be on my prostate when I sit on it like a normal butt plug. So the ring loop is outside. It is more clumsy like that sitting on the ring, so I would say to lay back or lay on your side in bed. I did that right away, squeezing my butt around the F-19 to see if the plug would move. It feels good like that, but I’m turned on and want more. So thrusting is on.

The curve in this plug positions the head for optimal prostate stimulation. I didn’t need to work to angle it to find my prostate, the body does that by itself. The grooves in the head all stimulate as I have rocked the F-19 against my prostate. I wanted to start slow and progress into a faster movement. Pushing the F-19 in and pulling it back and forth two inches per thrust, I am enjoying myself a lot. I start to lose track of time while play with it, but maybe after half an hour I am throbbing for release, so I will want to finish by stroking off while I tighten my butt around the F-19. I’m so ready by then that the release is really, really good. I have enjoyed using it 2 or 3 times a week the last month and think this motion will be a good step progressing into a more vigorous pegging time.

& For G-Spot Stimulation

I [Felicity / Phallophile] got the F-19 right out of box and decided to try it myself first. It’s a slimmer toy than I usually use (1.3 inches diameter tops), so it’s good for days when I’m looking for less of a challenge (like end of period).

First, I love the smooth feel of this dildo-plug. It’s not like glossy-slick like a Tantus “flexible” silicone toy, which sometimes feels draggy to me once it’s moving and my vagina has begun to absorb the water-based lube. In contrast, the Forto F-19 has a different matte smoothness that’s hard to put into words. “Silky” is the best I can do, but it’s not a fabric texture. “Soft skin” is another comparison I’d make, and it works, except the Forto F-19 can’t be pressed down like the skin in someone’s soft palms. Because it’s firmer.

Like the Forto F-60 Spade stretcher plug, this is a 35-38A Shore durometer silicone firmness that delivers more pressure. The ridge trifecta is more impressively noticeable in firmer silicone. For this thinner toy, the Forto series’ harder firmness feels perfect, to maintain its strong curve. It’s not too much because it isn’t broad โ€” it’s spot-targeting.

Forto F-60 Spade Butt Plug vs. Forto F-19 Prostate Massager review
Forto F-60 Spade Butt Plug size small, top, vs. Forto F-19.

The Forto F-19 does immediately find my G-spot, wrapping right around my pelvic bone. Pull gently downward and the massaging fun will begin. This is 100% a thrusting plug, for fast play that’s almost…sleek. There’s something about the Forto F-19 massager’s silky-smooth finish and three ridges that give me a sports car feel, like this thing was made to turn sharp corners and accelerate.

Yeah, I chose it in the red color too. I can see the sexy ridges better that way: the head ridge is largest, then there are 2 extra ridges below: like rippling skin, pulled down below a penis head.

I enjoy thrusting this plug, for precise G-spot seeking. It takes me about 5 minutes to orgasm with it: I’ll rock it back and forth a bit, letting it ease around my pelvic bone structure inside the vagina. Then I’ll speed up, and clench, and feel turned on for a couple minutes before I’m jerking it fast and letting go.

The Forto F-19 is a medium impact option between (1) a very hard G-spot toy like the potent Pure Wand or the Chrystalino glass options; and (2) a super-squishy silicone like in the Luminous dildos: where, for example, my favorite size has an extra big ridge to compensate for the squishy & squeezable silicone density.

Forto F-19 massager review vs. Blush Impressions N5 vibrating dildo
Forto F-19 under the Impressions N5 vibrating dildo, which is a lot more girth, feels harder, and has a strong vibrating motor.

I found the Forto F-19’s loop base convenient enough; I wrap my 1st through 3rd fingers around the lower “shaft,” with the first passing through the loop and meeting my thumb on the other side. It is much easier to move than a dildo with an overly large base, for sure; that’s one reason I avoid dildos with big balls, they’re harder to jerk and more wrist-strain. Not so with the Forto F-19 for G-spot massage.

Overall F-19 Massager Thoughts

For prostate massage or G-spot thrusting, the Forto F-19 is a really nice starter pick or an addition to the collection. This massager’s slimmer size makes it good P-/G-spot exploring dildo for: (1) people who don’t know what size they need; or (2) folks who do know they want a not-thick dildo. (I would also strongly recommend the Avant D15 & D16 there, as toys with a similar silky feel but more soft flexibility than Forto.) The silky-smooth silicone is pleasant to touch and easy to clean.

Forto F-19’s curved design is spot-on for searching out either the prostate or G-spot, located about 3 inches inside the rectum and vagina respectively. The 3 progressive ridges have just enough pop, in this firmer toy, to massage lightly โ€” really nice when you start picking up speed. I can have a G-spot orgasm on it, and my FWB likes to use it to really turn himself on via prostate stimulation before hold it in like a normal butt plug, and jerking off.

So overall, it’s a small dildo that finds either P-spot or G-spot easily, and then doubles as a plug if you want to play with your outside erogenous zones (like penis or clitoral stimulation). At under $25 (before 10% discount, below!), it’s nicely priced for pure silicone.

Find the Forto F-19 massager here.

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