Forto F-60 Spade Anal Plug Review

The Forto F-60 Spade anal plug is a width stretcher. Chunky silicone, meant for anal expansion but not depth. Its butt spreading design takes a standard spade butt plug shape and refines it — with little upgrades here and there, like its perfect base shape. Importantly, the Forto F-60 Spade plug comes in 3 different sizes (you choose, priced between $19.99 for the “small” size, up to $36.99 for the big one). I chose the Forto F-60 Spade to review in size small, which is still “average” width for a sex toy!

Spade Plug Design & Purpose

What is the point of a “spade” butt plug, vs. similar anal toys? Well, it spreads the sphincter muscles open quickly and gives a super-full feeling. Sensation will be focused right around the anal canal, the couple inches right past the anus. A spade plug is not a depth play toy, nor a prostate massager. It exists to make you feel stretched right away.

Vs. other spade plugs, these are the features I like in the Forto F-60 Spade:

  • Slight taper both at the top of the spade and the bottom of the spade’s bulb: doesn’t drop off too quickly.
  • The “canoe” base is an excellent shape for sitting in the butt crack. Rounded in front, and large against the perineum; slightly narrow in back for crack-sitting.

More on the taper: The Forto F-60 flares outward, pretty quickly; it’s a less gradual taper than a true anal trainer plug set like the Mood Naughty 1 kit of 3 anal plugs ($26.99). Versus a toy like the Colt XL “Big Boy,” the bottom of Forto F-60’s bulb tapers inward too, so it’s gentler on the sphincter muscles — especially when you’re removing the butt plug after use. A smoother drop-off really matters for comfort reasons in a firmer silicone toy, like the Forto F-60 Spade Plug is.

You will feel the breadth of the Spade plug’s bulb well, due to the firmness. Like I think the 1.5-inch-diameter feels “above average,” even though it’s not, because the silicone is about 35A Shore durometer. It’s present.

Forto F-60 Spade Butt Plug review vs. Oxballs Ergo silicone Smoke Smoosh & Platinum Swirl
Spade plug, right, with broader front tab to right. Vs. Oxballs Ergo soft smoke & Oxballs Ergo Platinum Swirl plugs, left and center, both size small.

If you are seeking out a soft, really long-term (like most of the day) wearable plug, the Oxballs Ergos are your best option. Check out the Soft Smoke / Eggplant or Blueballs (barely firmer) varieties there.

How Do You Use the Forto F-60 Spade?

This is not a toy that you just shove into your butt (even if you’ve put lube onto it) if you’re not anally experienced. I chose the Forto F-60 Spade in size small, which is 1.5 inches max. diameter. Because the taper is a bit steep, it takes warmup. Here’s what I would recommend for getting the Forto F-60 inside your anus, if you don’t play anally several times a week:

  1. Lube shooter! A.k.a. a lube injector or lube applicator. This prelubes your butt, so the lube doesn’t slide off the sex toy you’re inserting and end up mostly in your crack while your rectum remains dry.
  2. Warmup with fingers or a smaller toy! (First dildo recommendations here.)

The whole Forto lineup of plugs is affordably priced but body-safe silicone. For under $20 for the F-19, you’re getting a great price and can fit in even a dual-density dildo, or a good thick lube, or that lube launcher kit for about $50 total cost.

My Forto F-60 Experience

So I love the smooth silicone in this toy. It’s not slick, like a glass toy; or glossy, like some silicone is. It’s matte and “silky” which means that it feels something like very, very smooth skin — if it was very firm. As mentioned, the Forto F-60 Spade butt plug is a hard silicone. That facilitates insertion: a fancy way of saying “you can push it in easier, because it’s not going to fold over.”

Forto F-60 Spade Butt Plug review silicone on metal
In black silicone; also available in red, which shows lint & dust less.

I did need to do warmup to get the Spade in, every time! Usually my butt can accommodate toys up to 1.2 inches diameter without stretching warmup beforehand, if the toy and or butthole is well-lubed-up first. Like the With Forto F-60, each session I could get the first third of the “spade” in… then I laid back and spent a few minutes twisting it in and out… and I was almost there, but I get impatient after 5 minutes (internet + streaming era attention span problems), and the Forto F-60 takes just a little longer. For faster entry, the Neo Elite 7.5 Inch (squishy + comfortable realistic) or Chrystalino Planets (glass anal bead dildo) speed warmup.

And then it’s in and the Forto F-60 Spade demonstrates to my butt all its thickness. You’ll be very aware of all the nerve endings near your anus when this plug is in. Walk around with it in, that’s fun. Sit down too, and feel it push just a little deeper.

The base is so well-done on this plug. I didn’t notice that the T-bar or “anchor” base sides weren’t identical till I was sitting on it and realized it was covering my perineum more. It’s thick but not too thick bar, that flexes the right amount to bend with your crack. While maintaining the Spade anal plug fully outside the anus, no danger of it getting sucked up inside the butt and needing to be fished out. The base is minimal pressure, but a good feeling if you’re concentrating on it while your body weight’s on top.

I also wore the Spade F-60 Butt Plug as a vaginal plug because I enjoy a good vaginal stretch too. This is safe if you fully sanitize a body-safe toy like the Forto line’s 100% silicone. OK, here I was really surprised how well this plug stays in. The spade’s bulky design kept it wedged in place at my vagina’s mouth better than a wearable vaginal vibrator: the Lovense Lush, for example, is always immediately trying to escape my vagina. Lush just isn’t thick enough, it doesn’t lock in place inside me. The vagina is not a vacuum like the rectum, so it’s more prone to pushing items out. And while I was walking around for a bit with the Forto F-19 in my vagina, I was impressed with the canoe base feel there too. Eventually it started to wiggle downward, like vaginally inserted toys do. If the neck was an inch longer, it would be even more wearable as a vaginal plug.

Forto F-60 Spade Butt Plug vs. Forto F-19 Prostate Massager review
Forto F-60 Spade top, vs. Forto F-19 Prostate Massager (that I also like for G-spot!), bottom.

The Spade plug is very easy to clean, just wash with soap and water. To remove butt odors, you can also rub down with 70% isopropyl alcohol (first line of defense, and also kills bacteria) then scrub with soap and water. If that’s not enough, use the enzymatic pet odor remover method and again, wash with soap and water. Toy cleaner is not required, soap and water is your friend with any silicone sex toy.

Overall Forto F-19 Spade Thoughts

This Spade F-19 by Forto is a simple but smartly made stretching plug. In its firmer density, it’s going to really make you feel its bulk. Size large in particular is big! The size small I tested is expansive enough for less-stretching wear. I would comfortably wear this plug for about an hour and a half; after that time, I would prefer wearing a super-soft silicone anal plug instead, like any of the excellent SquarePegToys Egg Plugs.

Find the Forto F-60 (choose between 3 sizes) here.

Spade Plug discount code: FELICITY, entered at checkout, works on all Forto plugs & more.

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