We-Vibe Moxie+ Review – Is this really an upgrade?

When I wonder whether the We-Vibe Moxie+ is worth it, two words spring to mind: It depends. It depends on how much power you need. It depends on if orgasms are your main goal!

Moxie+ (Plus) is a wearable clitoral vibrator, a.k.a. “panty vibrator.” You clip it in your underwear, and it vibrates your clit hands-free. I’ve tested this system on daily walks, comparing 2 Moxie vibrators to Lovense Ferri and more:

Pros & Cons


  • Very wearable: fits easily into underwear.
  • Quiet enough to wear discreetly.
  • Now includes remote control.
  • Luxury packaging.
  • Waterproof & rechargeable.


  • Costs $50 more than We-Vibe Tango,
  • Yet Moxie’s vibration feels cheaper than Tango’s.
  • Magnetic clip can fall off & get lost.
  • We-Connect app remains not the best for stable connectivity.

Vibration Power

Moxie’s 10 vibration functions comprise 4 steady speeds and 6 patterns.

It’s medium-strong, with vibration focused into a slim-finger’s-width of area. I rate it a 6.5 out of 10 for power (on Moxie’s highest intensity). A few small vibrators under $30 are stronger; so anyone looking for strong clitoral stimulation to orgasm should not buy a Moxie.

We-Vibe Tango x vs. We-Vibe Moxie+ vibration strength
Moxie+, bottom, vs. the rumblier, stronger Tango X.

For rumbly vibration, I rate the Moxie from 8 to 2 (low intensity to high intensity) out of 10, where 10 = most rumbly. Especially compared to other We-Vibe vibrators, the Moxie is not rumbly. (Its vibrations are not very low-pitched, which some users prefer, to avoid irritation.)1 Buy a We-Vibe Tango X instead if you like rumbly & focused vibes on your clit.

We-Vibe Moxie+ vibration power vs. We-Vibe Tango X, Lovense Ferri, Satisfyer Little Secret
From strongest to weakest: Tango X, Lovense Ferri, Moxie+, Satisfyer Little Secret. The latter 3 are wearable.

To turn the Moxie on, just press the button quickly (located on the Moxie’s flat side, above the magnet-attachment oval). It is a light press—which means sitting on the vibrator at the right angle, on top of a firm surface, can also power it off by accident.

Moxie vs. Moxie Plus

Recently re-released, this Moxie+ … is the same as the original Moxie (released 4 years ago), as far as I can tell from using both vibrators.

Tiny difference: Moxie+’s remote control is black, rather than white & stamped with the We-Vibe logo. Both Moxie vibrators are waterproof submersible, made of body-safe silicone, USB rechargeable, and have 10 vibration functions built-in (4 steady speeds, 6 patterns).

Remote Control Moxie

I like the remote control, and I dislike it. I like it, because it’s simpler than the app, just 4 buttons to mess with; and because it’s less likely to lose connection with the Moxie (than the We-Connect app is).

But, the remote is small and easier to misplace. (I’ve lost my Moxie’s remote right now, in fact.) Whereas we all have our cell phones with us now, pretty much all the time; and if we lose our phones, we have iCloud or Find My Mobile or Google Location History, etc. to tell us exactly where they are STAT.

We-vibe Moxie+ storage pouch
Pro tip: Keep the Moxie, its magnet, and its remote inside the storage pouch as soon as you’re done playing.

Really, if I was gonna buy a remote control toy, I’d go for the Vedo Kiwi first, because it’s a touch stronger than the Moxie. I personally like that the Kiwi is thicker, and that it can either sit against my clit or inside my vagina.

Wear in Underwear: Ease

  • To attach the Moxie into underwear, remove both oval magnets.
  • Put the Moxie into your underwear so that the wavy side is facing toward you.
  • Pull up your underwear,
  • then place the oval magnet on the outside of the undies—till it *clicks* into place.
We-Vibe Moxie+ how to place in underwear

The Moxie by We-Vibe has a firm ridge down its middle, about the size of my ring finger. That provides a lot of pressure if I do sit on the Moxie and grind against it. (That’s fine against a fabric chair, but don’t try this against a firm surface [like I did on my bathtub edge once!], or else grinding downward will hit the Moxie’s power button, and turn it off.)

We-Vibe Moxie+ lost magnetic clip
Oops, where’d that darn magnet go?!?

I lost 1 of my Moxie’s magnets the time I was walking outside and the app connection cut out. I really had to dig in my underwear (hidden behind a tree, mind you) to find the power button & hold it down for 10 seconds; then, as I was readjusting my panties, I realized the magnet had fallen off, and I never could find it again!

We-Connect App & Moxie

TL,DR: I found that the We-Connect app dropped connection 20% of the time I used the Moxie, with my own phone. This has never happened with my Lovense Ferri, which is like Moxie plus an extra vibration function (stronger).

We-Vibe Moxie+ control screen in We-Connect app

Other minor blah: I dislike that We-Vibe has placed the toy’s name in REAL BIG LETTERS on the app screen now, during We-Connect app control. This makes it much less discreet if you’re trying to vibrate around other people, like in a bar, at a concert, or in a busy shopping area or street. The font is so large, I can easily read MOXIE from 6 feet away, and from over 10 feet if I squint a bit. So, anyone nearby who looks at your phone while you’re controlling the toy will be able to view MOXIE bold & centered.

To connect Moxie with We-Connect, follow the app’s instruction to press down on Moxie’s power button. This requires a long hold; try counting to 10 as you wait to feel the Moxie buzz twice. Then, hit “DONE.”

The app will take you into a screen where you can either press “PLAY” to control the vibrator yourself, or scroll down slightly for “LONG DISTANCE PLAY.”

If you hit PLAY: You’ll drag your finger up to increase the steady vibration intensity. To change to patterns: You’ll need to find the little icon (white outline) right above the “up” arrow. Tapping it will let you choose any of the preset vibration patterns, or hit + Create Vibe to make a custom pattern yourself.

We-Connect app - WeVibe Moxie+

As for Moxie’s range, the following applies to the distance between the vibrator and the first phone it’s linked to:

“Moxie is Bluetooth enabled and works with your smartphone.
When playing in the same room you simply pair your phone
with Moxie through the We-Connect™ app. For best results,
Moxie connects from up to 30 ft of direct, line-of-sight distance
and within approximately 20 ft of 360-degree range. These
are under ideal conditions, legs uncrossed with little to no

—”moxie by We-Vibe” instruction manual, 2023, emphasis added

So, your phone should be within 10 or 20 feet. If you’re playing long-distance, that applies to your phone, whereas your partner’s phone can be 7,000 miles away (as long as they have cell service).

I have to admit I was frustated enough with Moxie cutting out from my own phone the very first time I used the Moxie while walking, that I didn’t bother trying to play with my partner across town; having experienced too many previous long-distance We-Vibe failures that killed a playful mood.

Recap & Rating

The Moxie by We-Vibe is decent, but not great. If We-Vibe flattened out the Tango X and made that motor into a wearable clitoral vibrator with remote, that would be worth $129.

But this, the Moxie, has too limited a vibration speed range (middle-of-the-road power), and lacks rumbly depth vs. its price. Compared to the Lovense Ferri, you’re paying $30 more for Moxie; yet getting a more-inconsistent connection and less vibration strength. Moxie is a tease, but not an orgasm-giver for me.

If you enjoy handheld remotes, moderate vibe strength, and/or are looking for teasing vibrator more than a “huge orgasms” one, then purchasing the Moxie makes sense. That’s a very specific preference set, however; and I wouldn’t recommend the Moxie first to any friend who was looking for a panty vibrator. Recap on why I’d rate this We-Vibe vibrator a 6.6 /10 (less than 3.5 / 5 stars):

(out of 10)
Fun to wear7
per dollar value
Ease of use
(Good except for
app issues
& magnet loss)
Luxury experience
package, extras)
of vibration
From 3
to 6.5
Rumbly-nessFrom 8
to 2


  1. The Moxie’s first vibration function is reverberating, though; it has several frequency bands which make it feel deeper. That first function also jumps around oddly (when I am not changing that steady vibration function), skipping from 68 to 98 Hertz on its own, center of the primary frequency band. It ends up at ≈ 155 Hertz, which is decidedly buzzy.

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