T-Bar Stainless Steel Plug Review

All about that base?! I’m excited that the first maker of crystal-jewelled butt plugs now has a “T-Bar” base option, a longer & larger canoe shape! Rosebuds brand originally made stainless steel plugs with a circular / round base, inlaid with Swarovski crystal.

And now: The T-Bar Rosebuds is the most fun plug to wear when driving over a speed-bump that’s a liiiittle higher than you’d expected—I can guarantee that 😆 Rosebuds are hefty stainless steel (no zinc alloy), so they do carry a lot of weight. (I’m going to use the word “feeling” often in this review, since having a stainless-steel anal plug inside adds tons of sensation.)

T-Bar Base Rosebuds anal plug vs. round base Rosebuds crystal plugs

All these gem plugs are gorgeous, how the crystals sparkle & change colors in the light. Butt jewelry to show off… Now with a canoe base that is 100% absolutely always keeping this stainless plug’s base outside, not over-inserted. Why would you choose the T-Bar Rosebuds, vs. the round original gem base, or vs. a cheaper metal princess plug?

T-Bar Base Pros & Cons (vs. Round Base)

Rosebuds T-Bar Plug advantages, with comparison mentions of their circular jewel plug:


  • Fits better in the butt crack (doesn’t chafe).
  • Adds more weight for anal stimulation,
  • Makes genital stimulation more intense.
  • High-quality stainless steel.
  • Legit Swarovski crystal sparkles & changes colors in the light.
  • Jewelry grade, made in France with Austrian Swarovski.
  • No butt odor remains (stainless steel is not micro-porous like silicone).
  • Beginner-friendly size. No anal stretching required.
  • So solid & weighty, it adds stimulation when worn during the day.
  • More fun to wear comfortably for hours.
  • Suitable with any lubricant, including silicone.
  • Very easy to clean.


  • Not as well-suited for wearing anally while receiving vaginal penetration. (Base may interfere.)
  • Delicate like some fine jewelry. Don’t drop it on hard flooring, or scratches will appear.

Overall, the T-Bar jewel plug is more enjoyable to wear than the original round-base plugs while I’m doing other stuff, and I love its base-weight and how it’s more ergonomic in my ass crack. But, if you want a butt plug to add more oomph to sex, then a round-base anal plug will definitely not interfere during penis-in-vagina sex.

Rosebuds jewel butt plug with Swarovski crystal T-Bar vs. round jewel base
From left: Heliotrope gem original Rosebuds; Aurora gem T-Bar Rosebuds; and Aurora gem original Rosebuds steel plugs.

My Experience – How it feels

I have never enjoyed butt crack stimulation so very much. The heft of the T-Bar’s canoe shaped base is the best kind of chunky weight, in the right place.

Rosebuds T-Bar Base Stainless Steel Butt Plug review - base size

The smooth-tapered bulb inside is very present too… Add that all together, and I wore the T-Bar Rosebuds for 3 hours the first time, vs. me normally butt-plugging for 2 hours tops. The big base feels great.

It also makes clit toys a lot more impactful, immediately. For me, anal stimulation makes me want clitoral too; they fit together. Use any kind of air pulse stimulation with a butt plug, and it’s… wowzers. Hard to describe how much more sensitive.

To insert the Rosebuds T-Bar Plug, I took a small amount of virgin coconut oil (awesome anal lube), then rubbed it over the Rosebuds’ bulb. Then, the T-Bar was also easier to use as a handle: holding it, while slowly pushing the plug’s bulb inside my rectum (without needing to even touch my ass crack). My anus + sphincter muscles stretched for a single minute, before accepted the widening bulb… until pop, my anal canal took the full bulb in, and my butt closed up around it. The slim neck really helps lock the Rosebuds’ plugs in place. I’ve never had one slip either out or in.

I had to run an errand while wearing it… and realized that a speed-bump has never been so fun. Bu-BUMP-bump, wow, as I went slightly too fast over the hump, my body’s full weight came down on the Rosebuds T-Bar base, and I felt so stimulated. I had to get my head on straight immediately, to not be distracted while driving. I was looking forward to being back home later, fully focused on the weighted-ass feeling. (Actual erotic images of what happened next not published here 💎🍑📷😂)

RoseBuds T-Bar Steel Butt Plug vs. Rosebuds round jewel plugs original - Swarovski Crystal

It is more weighty than the popular b-Vibe Snug Plug, a metal-weighed plug with silicone exterior; but all the Rosebuds toys are less wide and less long. Rosebuds’ pressure comes from the firm heft of the metal, rather than from going up into bigger stretching sizes. I prefer that, personally, since my anal preferences are for firmer, slicker and not-large insertable sex toys. Again, it’s just a breeze not needing to work up to be able to take a Rosebuds’ size—because serious anal stretching is a disclipline. (Read tips on progressing upward with silicone anal toys, here.) And often, I’m lazy.

The ease of cleaning metal butt plugs is another huge selling point for me. Stainless steel is so slick, that poop remnants / anal mucus never sticks to it once you apply soap and water; and it doesn’t accept any butt odor, either.

Materials and Quality

Rosebuds are made of stainless steel like Njoy’s Pure Plugs, high-quality and medical-grade. The “mirror polish” means they arrive silvery & shiny. This is important because “stainless steel” plugs that are too cheap, are likely to have additional metals added that will make them less durable, and might leach.

T-Bar vs. round base jewel butt plugs

The Swarovski gems are aaaaah so pretty. Photographs don’t do their color justice: As you move them, light refracts through the crystal’s facets, and makes the color change. It’s stunning, true body jewelry. (You may need someone to show your butt off to while wearing one.)

T-Bar Plug Dimensions

The T-Bar Rosebuds Plug is available in a “medium” Rosebuds size, which means “small” compared to most anal plugs. It’s a trainer size, really; under 1.2 inch maximum diameter at the bulb. Dimensions are:

1.18 inch diameter maximum (at the bulb) × 3.27 inches total length. ≈2.7 inches insertable length. ≈2.25 inch T-bar base length. ≈0.35 inch neck diameter.

Recap & Rating

Rosebuds’ new T-bar Jewel Plug is fantastic if you want to feel more weighty gusto in your butt crack. Its base shape fits in better, not potentially rubbing inner butt cheeks (especially if you have a bigger booty).

The crystal gem embedded in their stainless steel is very pretty, beyond words. I can see tints of blue, yellow, gold, purple, orange, and teal in my “Aurora” color one, as the light refracts.

Moreover, it’s great if your butt tends to try to pull in small-base plugs. The original Rosebuds shape stays outside very securely for me, it is flared; but some folks’ butts have enough suction to draw in some “princess” style plugs. This butt jewelry now looks fab, but its long 2.25″ canoe base is very stably placed outside the anus.

Find the Rosebuds T-bar stainless plug here!

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