Lovense Exomoon Review

The 1st long-distance bullet vibrator! Lovense’s Exomoon is a sex toy that’s been years in the making. I’ll cover how strong and rumbly its vibration is, and how easy it is to carry.

The Exomoon looks so much like lipstick from the outside, no one would bat an eye at it being put into, or removed from, a purse. But the Exomoon vibe is meant for a different set of lips (the labia!) and the clitoris. The slanted tip focuses vibration directly against the clit. Since clit orgasms are usually easier than vaginal ones, this Lovense bullet vibrator is the logical choice for long-distance relationships (where [at least] one person has a clitoris & wants it stimulated from afar!). And even if you’re not long-distance, or you’re single like me, the power may appeal: Keep reading for how to use Exomoon, my experience playing, and a recap & rating at the end!

Lovense Exomoon - strong lipstick vibrator

Lovense Exomoon Power

Lovense vibrators are strong as a rule. These are motors that kick. But typically, Lovense toys don’t have the deepest, rumbliest vibrations, so I was pleased when I turned on Exomoon the first time and discovered that it is quite rumbly! Especially on the lower half of the speed range. Moving up to high power will produce a bit more buzz, but it’s a resonant kind of buzz that’s not whiny like a cheap bullet vibrator.

Overall, the Exomoon has a good intensity range (distance between low vs. high speed) for a vibrator its size. “Bullet vibes” like the Exomoon are smaller toys that you’ll enjoy if you want your clit really focused on; versus a wand vibrator, whose larger body will hold more power, but a wand will not hone right in on the clitoris. So, the Lovense Domi 2 is much stronger than the Lovense Exomoon, but the Domi may be less effective for folks who enjoy precise clit targeting. 🎯

I would rate it an 8.5 out of 10 on my bullet vibe power scale, vs. only 8/10 for the We-Vibe Tango X’s top intensity.1 The Lovense Exomoon has an edge: and Exomoon has two qualities that make me prefer it to the We-Vibe Tango bullet, discussed in my experience.

How to Use: Discreet Carrying, or Long-Distance?

  1. To power on the Lovense Exomoon, hold down the gold button for 3 full seconds. It will make a quick humming blip of a noise.
  2. Then press the button again, quickly, to start function #1 up.
  3. Keep pressing gold to cycle through the 2 additional preset steady levels (3 total steady speeds) + 4 vibration patterns. It’ll stop once you’ve cycled through all the way; to return to function #1, press once more.
  4. To turn off: Hold down the gold button for 3 full seconds again.

The Exomoon isn’t designed to be a wearable vibrator: See the Lovense Ferri if you’re wanting a clit vibe to clip inside underwear, direct against the clitoris. But, you could get the Exomoon to fit sticking up out of undies that have an open pouch, so that public toying is a possibility. It’s a little wiggly, but doesn’t pop out of these cotton ribbed PINK underwear, for example:

Lovense Exomoon in underwear

Or use the Exomoon:

  • Held with your fingers, so you can really push the lipstick tip into the clitoris. The best for pinpoint-stimulation lovers.
  • Wedged between the thighs, while you lie back in bed. I like to angle my Exomoon upward, so the slanted tip gives wider clit coverage.
  • Some users with larger external labia may be able to hold it in place, with the squared end sitting close to their vaginal opening. Since the bottom has (rounded) square corners, though, I don’t see this being the most comfortable fit.
  • The lipstick case does make it super-discreet to pack into a purse and carry wherever. (You decide where you’re going and what you’re doing with that. 😉)

It’s a lovely solo toy (for masturbation), as I’ll describe soon; or Lovense’s big draw is how good its long-distance control is…

App Control with Exomoon

The app has made my solo sessions with the Exomoon much better than just pressing the button by hand. I say this as someone who prefers manual button control, so I’m surprised how the app has improved my alone time. It’s because I get to create undulating rhythms of high-speed waves that run for a long time in app; they match up to the way I like to stroke the Exomoon’s tip over my clit.

The Lovense app in 2022 is evolving; it has new features like an option to limit a toy’s total power when you hand control over to another person. (Super-helpful with the real power toys like the Domi wand—which can get to be “Whoa there, slow down!” in my experience.)

Lovense Exomoon app control in Lovense app
Left to right: 1) Homescreen. 2) Connecting Exomoon. 3) In my fave self-created pattern. 4) New options: turn down Toy Strength?! 5) Settings & privacy options, including going invisible.

To link a Lovense vibe: Find the 🔗 (link) icon in the upper right corner of the home screen; the toy should appear; then hit Done (upper right corner), and you’re in.

To create your own vibration program, click either “Remote” or “My Patterns” > “Create Pattern,” all from the home screen. Or you can find other users’ undulating waves of vibration from the “Discover” button on the bottom bar of the app, then “Patterns,” to find rhythms called everything from “Waves to Finish” to “60 minute edge” to “Make Your Legs Shake” to more potentially dubious claims such as “impossible to reach 6 minutes” and “squirt machine.” Never hurts to try, I guess…

So try I did, pattern options… I did not use the long-distance feature with Exomoon, but have found Lovense vibrators to be extremely consistent for stable connection in the past (unlike other vibe apps I’ve simply endured, yikes). The Long Distance function allows any or all of: text/chat with a partner, voice messages, and video calls in app (even while vibe control is ongoing), if desired. In re privacy, I personally feel very safe: Someone has to know the username you create to search for you; or you have to send them an invitation by searching for their username. People are not going to find your Lovense account randomly.

My Exomoon Experience

So I spent this week playing with the Lovense Exomoon, vs. my favorite bullet the Pillow Talk Racy; and vs. the legendary We-Vibe Tango X. Here’s what I found!:

I really enjoy about the Exomoon:

  • The silicone tip, vs. the plastic tip of the Tango. I like the silkier, more skin-like feel that silicone offers. (The Exomoon’s red “lipstick” is silicone; the black part is ABS plastic.)
  • The ability to create rolling waves of strong vibes, in the app. It’s better than any preset pattern I’ve felt, because I put the intensity exactly where I wanted, rubbing my finger lightly up and down on the screen for a few minutes…. Then just let it run.

I’m a fan of the rolling vibes, because I do like to rub off. I’m someone who needs motion (like clitoral fingering) to orgasm; steady vibration, even right on the clit, is very unlikely to get me there by itself.

So I’ll power up my pattern, put Exomoon’s red tip at my clit, with its body sticking upward between my thighs; then push the Exomoon’s square bottom down over and over, so it’s rubbing against my clit. Pulling the clitoral hood down.

It’s light friction, comfortable even without lube here. The silicone is smooth, and slightly flexible (not soft). It’s around 30A Shore durometer, and yields a bit at the tip because of how thin the silicone coat is over the plastic body beneath.

Lovense Exomoon - vs. We-Vibe Tango X

Versus Exomoon, the We-Vibe Tango X at first seems to have more low, resonant speeds—until you use the Lovense app, to get Exomoon’s intensity lower than its first preset function. The Tango X is a hugely popular bullet; it almost purrs to life on low speed. The Tango’s vibrations circle, reverberate; while the Exomoon is low-pitched too, but with a less thumping feel. And on each vibe’s high power? Well, the Exomoon is stronger than the We-Vibe Tango X—plus Exomoon has app control that Tango X (and other We-Vibe toys under $100) do not have.

Overall, the Exomoon is easier to rub off with than the Tango X.

Lovense Exomoon pinpoint tip clitoral stimulation
It may inspire you to make some vulva-themed art. *grins*

But my very favorite rubbing-off bullet does remain the Pillow Talk Racy: Because I don’t like hard clitoral focus personally, I prefer that the Racy’s head is rounded, it’s flexible, and the silicone is extra silky. It’s slightly lower-powered, but rumblier, than the Exomoon on high. And, it’s longer, so the quilted grip lets me wrap my fingers around and not get them buzzed. Racy is seen below, with my favorite small wand vibrator (also less buzz in the fingers):

BMS Pillow Talk Racy, Lovense Exomoon, We-Vibe Tango X, PalmPower Recharge vibrator favorites
Left to right: Pillow Talk Racy, Lovense Exomoon, We-Vibe Tango X, PalmPower Recharge.

The Exomoon has quite a bit of kick on high speed, in keeping with Lovense vibrators’ characteristic power. This also means that the Exomoon will start to buzz your fingers if you’re (1) using it on high speed for an extended period of time: 5 to 10 minutes and up, while (2) gripping your fingers around the rounded square base. The vibration does definitely carry through the plastic handle.

It is far from the strongest Lovense; the Domi 2 overwhelms the Exomoon’s small size. That means: patterns in the Lovense Pattern library called things like “Your Legs Will Shake” could be more true when running through one Lovense toy than another one, depending on the user’s sensitivity level. I need the Exomoon’s strong speeds to orgasm, whereas I find Domi’s strong speeds overwhelming if used for more than a couple minutes.

Lovense Exomoon - discreet vibrator
It’s “If you know, you know”-level discreet.

The compactness of the Exomoon is superior if you’re wanting to take it anywhere: It is really discreet. I was wanting to try it out more last weekend, when my family was staying over at my parents’ house. And I felt 100% comfortable slotting this little lipstick-shape tube into my backpack, for possible solo time later.

Lovense does make another long-distance vibrator, the Ambi, that might be called a bullet vibe. But the Ambi’s handle shape is downright odd for me; I owned one years ago, and could never keep a good grip on the thing while rubbing it against my clit. The Exomoon has a rumblier motor than Ambi, too: So 👍 for improvement.

Lovense Exomoon - what's included
Included: Magnetic charging cable, user manual, black storage pouch, the vibrator. Lovense Exomoon is USB rechargeable and waterproof submersible (IPX7).

Exomoon Recap & Ranking

The Lovense Exomoon is a HUGE step-up in the world of “lipstick” vibrators. These lipstick toys have, in the past, been cheaper and button-battery-powered little toys without much power. The Exomoon, in contrast, feels sophisticated. Its got nice low & rumbly intro speeds, and a substantial amount of vibration strength packed into its short body.

Plus, the Exomoon is Bluetooth / long-distance capable. No other traditional “bullet” vibrator is!

Carrying this lipstick tube does feel risk-free even if I’m wanting to take the Exomoon over to stay with family: it’s super-discreet. While Exomoon is not designed for public play like the Lovense Ferri clitoral “panty” vibe is, you might fit Exomoon into pouched undies if you’re into wearing toys around. Use the app to control the Exomoon yourself, or agree to have a partner control it.


  1. The bullet-power scale was created prior to my other vibrator guides, and its ratings run high in comparison: i.e., a 10/10 bullet will be weaker than a 9/10 wand vibrator, and will be closer to a pretty strong (8/10) G-spot vibrator.

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