Pillow Talk Lusty – Flicky Tongue Vibrator Review

Lusty flutters & flickers! This moving tongue vibrator is a “lipstick” style: But, its rumbly + flicky motor power is so unlike most (cheap-o & weak) lipstick vibrators.

The Pillow Talk Lusty is a fast flutter tongue, made of smooth silicone, that’s so small and easy to hide. It’s got 2 unique traits that’ve made me take the time to write a review—surprising, since I like big and bold vibrators in general: Wands, or G-spotters (I use my fave for clit stimulation, too). Let’s see what’s different in the case of this flutter-tongue sex toy:

Pros & Cons


  • Fully adjustable “Incremental” speed control.
  • Super-speedy tongue motion.
  • Rumbly vibrations thru most of the speed range.
  • Cute color!
  • Travel lock & storage cap: very easy to disguise.
  • Really affordable vs. some tongue vibes that aren’t even as strong.
Pillow Talk Lusty vibrator moving tongue
Lower speed!


  • Not everyone enjoys targeted clitoral stimulation.🎯
  • Tongue is very flexible, to move faster; so, the pressure it applies isn’t hard.
  • Splashproof, not waterproof submersible.
  • Not the strongest vibrator because the motor’s (a) small and (b) devoted to the flicking tongue! (Some clits will like more power.)

More on Pillow Lusty’s flicking vibration strength & my experience:

Pillow Talk Lusty vibrator review

Lusty’s Vibration Functions

Rumbly-ness (how deep are the vibrations?): From 10 to 6, out of 10.
Noise level: From 40 to 50 decibels in hand, or 37–43 dB against my vulva.
Vibration power rating: From 1.0 to 4.75 / 10 (where 10=Magic Wand power).

The Lusty tongue vibrator has BMS Factory’s phenomenal “Incremental Speed Control” (all Incremental PowerBullet vibes, here). 💖I love this adjustable vibration strength to death. The fancy term means: You have full control over the vibrator’s speed range. You’re not limited to a couple preset, factory settings:

Instead, when playing with the Pillow Talk Lusty, you hold down on the power button, then release your finger when you’re satisfied with how strong it is. It’s like a scroll wheel (employed on some Magic Wand vibes), but in button form.

How to Control Pillow Talk Lusty:

  • Deactivate travel lock. Press the power button three times quickly, tap-tap-tap. Lusty will buzz twice, as its button flashes.
  • Add a lil lube for most comfort! (Here are body-safe lube choices.)
  • Press down on the power button. Hold your finger against the crystal-esque button for a couple seconds (at least).
  • Remove your finger when Lusty is vibrating + flapping at the speed you like.
  • Remember to hold down the button, to further increase power if you want more (and aren’t on top speed already!).
  • To turn off, press the button once.

Tongue Motion + Vibes

And the Pillow Talk Lusty’s tongue movement… well, flicky is the only word to describe how it feels hitting my clit. It’s a light flapping; a quick sharpness, on repeat. It’s not painful, but it is very focused on the clitoral glans (=head; the visible part of the clitoris).

The Lusty’s tongue delivers a range of motion of ≈ 0.25 inch, back and forth, back and forth; best visible on the lowest intensity (when you first press the power button, and the tongue is moving slower).

Pillow Talk Lusty tongue in motion
Flicky. I’d like to credit Betty Butch (bettybutch.com) for implanting the adjective “flicky” in my mind in re this type of fluttering sex toy. Read their detailed, honest “flicking & licking” reviews here. (I hope they acquire a Lusty soon!)

The PT Lusty’s tongue moves so fast, in tandem with this lipstick toy’s vibrations, that I cannot count how many times the tongue flaps even in a short burst, like 10 seconds. It’s too quick for my brain to observe, count, and keep a tally (even a mental one!) of the number of flicks per minute.

My Experience: How Lusty Feels

When I’m holding the Pillow Talk Lusty near my clit, my attention is rapt. The flutter-tongue focuses my mind on that precise clit stimulation.

The flickering is zippy! It’s not too hard since the tongue’s silicone is so soft and flexible. That’s great for me since I don’t like poky-points against my clit and vulva. Indeed, I most enjoy broad G-spot bulbs, rubbed clitorally: I love the motion.

Pillow Talk Lusty tongue vibrator size

And the Pillow Talk Lusty is motion all the way. For zooming right in against the clit proper; but I also like to move it sloooowly around my inner labia, an interesting twist on steady vibration.

I will use it with the Pillow Talk Sassy to finish, my favorite vibrator of hundreds, also—like the Lusty—loaded with “Incremental” press & hold speed control. Sassy is stronger, for sure, with its larger motor. Sassy’s curvy shaft is the best I can use alongside fluttery, pulsing-type clitoral toys.

It’s not the biggest licking tongue vibrator; the Lusty’s moving tip is small & focused. (If you’re interested in larger, see the full-vulva-sized French Kiss Charmer with its longer, pointier tongue.)

The BMS Factory Lusty’s white cap is super-discreet, disguising the teal silicone tongue that makes this obviously a clitoral sex toy. Covered up, the Lusty really might be a large lipstick, or similar cosmetic. I had ZERO worries about travel-locking this tongue vibe, sticking it into a zipper pocket in my backpack, and taking it to my parents’ house while I was spending a long weekend there.

How to Clean

The Lusty is splashproof, and you can use lots of lube on it without damaging it. (I’ve had suction tongue toys before with air holes that can get gunked up: this is not a problem with Lusty.)

You can use it in the shower if desired, and to wash it: Run its silicone under warm water in the sink, and rubbing your normal hand-soap over the Lusty’s tongue + “mouth” recess, the whole open top.

Pillow Talk Lusty vibrator packaging

Storage pouch! After the Lusty’s silicone has dried, you can cover it with the storage cap, and store inside the pouch if you like: Putting the cord into the pouch helps keep it all together, since the Pillow Talk Lusty needs the proprietary charging cord. You could also choose to keep the box it all arrives inside, seen above without the white box cover!

Pillow Talk Lusty Recap & Rating

The Lusty is an awesome buy for anyone seeking a small, compact vibrator that does more. Lusty is not about sheer vibration power: It’s middle-of-the-road strong, but the fluttering tongue IMO makes up for that.

Self-propelled toys are super cool, doing work for you. I’ve not found a single one that’s as quiet and as discreet as the Pillow Talk Lusty, amidst my thousand-sex-toys collection.

Bonus points for its adjustable speed control, silky silicone, and cute teal color!

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  1. Hi Felicity! I came across your website when I was looking up dildos to try and I was super impressed with the sheer depth and honesty of your reviews. After reading through a bunch of your articles, I realized that G-spot and clit stimulators would probably be more my speed, since I don’t enjoy penetration much. I found the Pillow Talk brand really appealing and I’ve already ordered the Racy and Sassy to give them a try. I also wanted to try the Lusty, but unfortunately it looks like Peepshow Toys has sold out of it. When searching for it, there seem to be other websites that list it, but I don’t which are trustworthy sources to order from (I’m totally new to sex toys). Do you have any suggestions for other sites that are safe to order from?


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