LELO Smart Wand 2 Large Review vs. Hitachi

LELO Smart Wand 2 grrrrs to life, with echoing vibration. I’ve tested this high-speed wand massager for days, exploring the rumble of its lower intensities—and the oddness of its highest speeds. Smart Wand 2 has 10 power options, adjustable through all 10 functions: a lot to take in. I’ve thought it was strong, I’ve thought it was weak, and frankly, I’ve been a bit confused by the Smart Wand 2.

I wanted to love it. Smart Wand 2 Large’s firm neck and curved handle make it excel as a fuller body massager. (Because your neck and lower back might need love too?!) After all, the “flexible neck” is a common complaint among wand vibe owners who are just trying to get more pressure on their clit! Indeed, the Smart Wand 2’s rigid neck and waterproofness are its best features overall, compared to other 💯 wand vibrators.

The vibrations, though: hmm, they’re a strange story. I review Lelo Smart Wand 2’s power, impact, and orgasmic ability vs. other wands!

LELO Smart Wand Size

If you’re searching this Lelo Smart Wand review for what size is best — because the original Smart Wand came in 3 sizes — then Lelo has answered your question: The Large.

The Smart Wand version 2 only comes in the original’s Large size, because this big vibe has been the best-loved Smart Wand. It’s got more power compared to the Small (now discontinued) and even Medium original Smart Wands!

The Smart Wand 2 (Large) is 12 inches long with a 2.3-inch diameter head. The Smart Wand Medium is 8.67 inches long, with a 1.67-inch diameter head.

Holding them in hand, you see the difference between medium and large Lelo Smart Wand immediately. The large’s head is much bulkier, covering more area; and it’s also easier to use for neck massage with the extra length—as I’ll show you later in this review.

How Loud Is Lelo Smart Wand?

Wand vibrators aren’t known for being silent, and Smart Wands are no exception. The LELO Smart Wand 2 (Large) is not quiet on high power if you don’t have it firmly pressed against your skin (held parallel to the vulva).

Noise-wise, Smart Wand 2 isn’t far off from Magic Wand Rechargeable on high speed (steady speed #4), with Smart Wand 2 ranging from 35 to 53 decibels (low to high intensities) in hand.

Interestingly, when you apply the Smart Wand against skin, the noise level drops 10 decibel points, to a more manageable 40 decibels when it’s fully pressed against skin. But angle it more, so the top of the head isn’t touching flesh, and then it’s noisier again.

It’s also stronger when not covered by flesh. When it’s not parellel to my vulva, half covered by my skin. The “SenseTouch” technology of the original Smart Wands isn’t marketed as being part of the Smart Wand 2, but I wonder what’s going on inside this wand to make it leap around when different parts of the head touch skin, or don’t. None of my other wand vibrators do this1.

I’d say the lower half of the speed range—the first 3 of 10 total intensities—are quite easy to hide. So how much power do you want, and how quiet do you need your toy to be? Obviously, non-powered toys are the quietest, but when it against skin, the Smart Wand isn’t tough to mask the noise of.

Lelo Smart Wand vs. Hitachi

You may wonder: vs. Hitachi, is the Lelo Smart Wand as strong?

📝Note: We’re using “Hitachi” as shorthand here for the Magic Wands by Vibratex (who Hitachi sold the Magic Wand brand to a decade ago). The Magic Wands come in 3 varieties, detailed here.

The answer: Well… No. Not after it’s fully flush with my vulva. In hand, the Smart Wand 2 has more rawwr. But against skin, Lelo’s Smart Wand isn’t as strong as the Magic Wand Rechargeable—and MW Rechargeable is the least powerful of the 3 current Vibratex / Hitachi full-size wands. I’m putting the might of Smart Wand 2 as slightly weaker than Magic Wand Rechargeable speed #3 out of 4.

On its lowest 3 intensities, I would say LELO’s Smart Wand 2 is rumblier than the Magic Wands’ lower speeds for sure. Its vibrations have a deep pitch (again, especially on the lower 3 intensities) that many vulvas enjoy, for anyone who interprets rumbly vibration as less “itchy” or less desensitizing.

For the rumble factor, the Smart Wand 2’s most comparable rival is the We-Vibe Wand, top, below:

Lelo Smart Wand vs. Hitachi Magic Wand Rechargeable vs. We-Vibe Wand

2022 update: Unfortunately, the We-Vibe Wand is discontinued, but my new favorite waterproof wand is the Viben Sultry, which is half the price of these premium wands (under $90 for Sultry’s 8 intensities x 20 functions, waterproof submersible).

Overall, the Lelo Smart Wand 2 most reminds me of the O-Wand except less clunky, with more vibe speeds, and perhaps a touch stronger. Both those waterproof luxury wands (O-Wand & Smart Wand 2) go for almost $200.

Is Lelo Smart Wand Large Insertable?

Someone, somewhere needs this answer. Yes, sure, the Smart Wand head is insertable if you like a real big, real firm head. It’s fully waterproof, so there’s no risk of damaging the toy. (Like one might be wary of when inserting a Magic Wand head—again, if you’re a true size fan and you’re dripping fluids down into the neck of the wand.)

Lelo Smart WAnd 2 large vs. smart wand medium
This is not a small vibrator.

Obviously, insertion isn’t the product’s suggested use, since the 2.25-inch-diameter head will be extreme for the average Smart Wand owner. But hey, not everyone has “average” tastes: And inserting the Smart Wand 2’s head is not inherently dangerous to either (1) the vibrator or (2) any vibe-user who knows how to take a large toy.

Does Smart Wand 2 Fit Magic Wand Attachments?

Yes, indeed, it’s a go again. The Smart Wand 2 is a full-sized wand vibrator whose head is similarly sized to the Magic Wands by Vibratex. (Smart Wand’s head is just slightly more rounded.)

It’ll accommodate any Magic Wand attachment.

In fact, my favorite Smart Wand 2 use is with a fantasy vibrator topper…

Lelo Smart Wand 2 Strange Bedfellas wand topper
They look so good together: an “O-Topper” by StrangeBedfellas.com. It’s super-soft silicone: the teeth are for display only—the way I use it, at least.

My Smart Wand Tests

First, the Smart Wand 2 is a kick-ass neck massager. If you’re someone who stares at a computer screen a lot, you’re probably familiar with the achiness at the base of your neck that sometimes comes along with a full day’s work.

Lelo Smart Wand 2 neck massage

Smart Wand 2 is so easy to reach back with. So that’s awesome.

And as for what I believe most of us are here for, the sex part… Smart Wand 2 impresses, but doesn’t bowl me over, personally.

I’ll start by explaining that I love the We-Vibe Wand. It’s my favorite toy in the shower, and the long head suits my tastes well. (More vulva coverage!) We-Vibe’s Wand is also extremely rumbly for a wand vibrator, and doesn’t feel irritating to use on high for a time—like Magic Wand Rechargeable on speed #4 and the Lovense Domi 2 on high power do.

So I’ve been constantly comparing We-Vibe’s wand to our main focus here. And the Lelo Smart Wand starts out perfect. So deep and resonant. (After I turn it on and cycle down to steady speed #1, that is; because Smart Wand 2 starts on high, eeeeeh.)

But I start wanting more. Quickly. Because I have a lot of power vibes now. (And I don’t orgasm less easily because of it, because vibrators don’t change your nerve endings; I simply have standards.) So I move up. And power level #3 isn’t bad, in the Smart Wand 2. But why not go for more?

It’s the top speeds, intensities 4 through 10, that start to twitch. The vibration frequency jumps up like crazy especially on top power (and the two closest speeds). I can’t quite say that the vibration is buzzy, but it’s…too much, yet not enough, strangely.

I find myself wanting a barrier, like the wand topper mentioned above. I’ve used the Smart Wand 2 through shorts as well… but super-squishy silicone wins every time. I, personally, can just orgasm much harder on the We-Vibe Wand (as well as on MW Rechargeable).

As a vibrator critic, I do my best to offer complete power rankings, one toy stacked up against another, and another, and another. The truth about the Smart Wand 2 is that it confuses me. It confuses my system, because of how high-pitched the vibrations get on the upper intensity levels of the Smart Wand. These are vibes with 4 strong bands of resonance between 200 and 500 Hertz, whereas I consider anything over 125 Hz getting to be too high-pitched. Numbing.

Is the Smart Wand 2 rumbly? It is buzzy? Maybe it’s just everywhere, undefinable, a vibrator mystery.

A final point: The Smart Wand 2’s head is also harder. Both (silicone) Magic Wands and the We-Vibe Wand have this cushier layer under the outer silicone coating. I like soft things, fleshy things, so it’s an obvious choice for me. Still, Smart Wand 2’s firm head and flexible neck will appeal to fans of more pressure. And the Smart Wand’s silicone shouldn’t separate from the core underneath, the way my We-Vibe Wand’s outer layer has over the past year.

How to Control Lelo Smart Wand 2

Smart Wand 2 has 3 control buttons that are slightly more convoluted than I would hope for. Most of all, because it’s possible to turn off Smart Wand 2 by accident when you’re simply trying to level-down via the – button.

Lelo Smart Wand 2 how to control

The center button, (🦪) as I’ll write it, does turn the Lelo Smart Wand 2 on. It also cycles through the 10 functions: 1 steady, 9 patterns.

But the + button turns the toy on too! To full speed, straight ahead, initially. The Lelo Smart Wand 2 wants to let you know it’s not joking, right away.

To get it to a more manageable intensity, you need to hit the down (–) button. Press press press.

These buttons require a bit of a firm touch. You can’t just tap them, you have to push some.

If, like me, you accidentally turn off the Lelo Smart Wand 2 90% of the time when you’re simply trying to begin your vibes on not-turbo-speed, then happily, the oyster button in center (🦪) will let you start on low when you power up again. (There’s a memory element, for a short time.)

The Smart Wand 2’s gold accent (metallic finish, nonporous ABS plastic) is very visually appealing and doesn’t leave much of a seam in the silicone. So it won’t be difficult to clean, happily. The silicone itself is smooth and easy to deal with. You want real gold, though, you’re looking for Lelo’s luxury collection, with kegels balls starting at $3,090, up to a $15K gold vibrator.2 (Yes, you read correctly: fifteen thousand dollars for a vibrator.)

Smart Wand 2 by Lelo Recap / Ranking

I want to like it. I kind of like it? The Lelo Smart Wand 2 is a high-quality, luxe toy. BUT. It’s a hard sell, for both my clit and most people’s wallets. The Smart Wand reverberates like crazy, except: it loses strength when applied to skin, so it feels weaker than Magic Wand Rechargeable (on high ⚡) when I actually have it against my clit; and the Smart Wand costs $70 more.

You may be won over to the Smart Wand 2 for its looks (oooh the aqua + gold) or its fully waterproof nature—that’s a huge Smart Wand advantage over Magic Wands ($79.95 / $129.95) and also over the Lovense Domi 2 ($99 – $109; can be washed with head downward in sink, not submerged).

Would you go for this lovely-looking Lelo Wand’s sportscar-motor vroom and its non-flexible neck? Don’t let me keep you from deciding: I’ll be over here using it as my dedicated back massager.

Find the Lelo Smart Wand 2 here.


  1. Except how the We-Vibe Wand cuts out entirely when you don’t have it touching enough skin. Yikes, but luckily you can turn that feature OFF.
  2. Have to note that I think it’s very funny to see a 4-part payment plan option for the $15,000 gold vibrator. That’s not a toy for someone who requires a payment plan, that’s the kind of toy you buy on a whim if you have “‘fuck you’ money,” as my good friend likes to call the ultra-wealthys’ largesse.

2 thoughts on “LELO Smart Wand 2 Large Review vs. Hitachi”

  1. To be honest, after reading this review, I felt the same way. I wanted to love it, but to me, it felt weak. And people say it’s quiet, but it’s only quiet under blankets and pressed firmly into your skin, and some people can’t stand that much close contact with their cl*t. It was really rumbly, where the Hitachi is buzzy and numbs you out occasionally.

  2. I think you describe well what I experienced with this wand. It feels kind of strangely jumpy. Like it’s almost going to bounce around. It’s strange.
    I greatly prefer the We-Vibe Wand, but now it’s gone and I am looking for an alternative.


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