Swan Maximum Bullet Vibrator Review

Swan Maximum bullet vibrator review

What every bullet vibrator should dream to be. Swan Maximum Bullet is insanely good. “Squirting-level good,” as I had to wash my waterproof blanket after first use. It’s got …

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SquarePegToys Leo Dildo Review

SquarePegToys Leo dildo review

Leo by SquarePegToys has personality. Distinctive & attention-grabbing: Leo’s a fleshy beast of a sex toy, beautiful in SuperSoft Bronze silicone. (Or in 2 other SuperSoft colors vs. 2 …

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Empress Swan Vibrator Review

Empress Swan Vibrator review

It’s a rare vibrator I want to keep using and using and using! Putting words together about the Empress Swan Vibrator has been a struggle for me, since I’d …

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