Arcwave Ion Male Orgasm Machine by Womanizer

Arcwave Ion is a fascinating sex toy: a “male orgasm machine” with Womanizer air-suction tech (for clits, originally!) inside a silicone stroker sleeve. This Arcwave sex toy grrrrrrowls while it surrounds and pulses on the penis. And Ion leads to fast and *different* orgasms—not like you’d get from a normal jerkoff session.

But the Arcwave Ion is not cheap: So is this air-pulse techology worth $200? I sent the Ion to a good friend to see if it beat his previous stroker experiences! Our review will cover all the Arcwave Ion’s bells and whistles, how to use Arcwave Ion, and what everyone wants to know: Does it make you come harder?

What Does the Arcwave Ion Actually Do???

He begins: I’m a relentless tinkerer — and this little device has me looking for the screwdrivers in order to consider its insides. (But, to my dismay, no screws to turn!) Rather, the Arcwave Ion’s a well-built, compact, sensible device unlike any any stroker I’ve seen or used before. By comparison to a Fleshlight or other stroker, this little magic maker is a bit more automatic.

The Arcwave Ion is an air pulse toy for your dick. What’s that mean? It’s based on all these marvelous clit toys that suck, pulsate, and maybe vibrate [Womanizer, Satisfyer, Sona, etc. comparison here] – all of the above, but not one dedicated to a penis.

There are penis vibes and strokers that have a vibrator in them, etc. and those can be fun, but none of them pulsate air like this. The blowing air, pulsing all around the penis, is a new toy I’m glad to have tested out.

How Arcwave Ion Feels: His Experience

The Arcwave Ion goes from a subtle, very pleasing rumble on your penis, to an “OMG this is gonna go quickly!”

I like to insert my penis, turn the button side facing me directly, set it to low, and just let it do its thing. While I’m flexing my pelvic muscles as if I were having P in V intercourse.

📝Note: Arcwave Ion is marketed as frenulum-stimulating: WOW Tech says it’ll target “Pacinian receptors” there in the back of the cock head (where the foreskin pulls down to, if one is uncut). But all penises have different preferences, so — like my friend — you may want to play with having your coronal ridge (front of penis) or the sides of your dick air-pulsed too.

When I’m done being lazy about things, I turn it up two + button clicks and then begin stroking. From the side, the back, the front, each motion provides a very different bit of stimulation, as the stroker has just one pulsator port.

Arcwave Ion what it does Womanizer for penis

Moving the Arcwave Ion around on my penis at speed 4 or 5, and I’m there when I want to be. Speed 8 is like going to 11 [on a 10-point scale] as my spine arches, toes point, and every joint in my bod crackles with pleasure. On high, I’m at climax in mere minutes. The Ion will make you come fast if you let it — start slower if you want to edge and have the hardest possible orgasm.

This little thing has become a part of every session, as I rarely come this hard without it.

What’s Included

What’s in the box? Open this very nice and sturdy box with a blue and teal stripe and behold, the Arcwave Ion.

Arcwave Ion just opened on counter

Four primary components here make up a nicely thought-out system for Ion and its storage. There is:

  • a charging base that comes with a USB plug,
  • a cover for the base,
  • the silicone tunnel,
  • the actual pulsator motor housing,
  • and then (#5) a few little extras like a bit of water-based lube and a little package of silica [“DryTech pack”] to place inside the base, to help keep the stroker side dry.
Arcwave Ion includes packaging

On Battery Life. A fully charged Arcwave will last me about 4 sessions, almost 2 hours. [He’s not using it on high speed all the time: Ion will last around an hour on top power.]

It is noteworthy that, when charging the Arcwave in the base and top housing, it looks just like any other bit of electronics. Its black matte finish and overall small footprint is very discreet, not even worth a second glance to the casual onlooker.

How To Operate the Arcwave Ion

In use, the Arcwave Ion is relatively straightforward. There are three buttons:

  • one with a speaker-looking icon, which is referred to as the “Smart Silence” button,
  • one + plus,
  • and one – minus button.

To turn the unit on, hold the + button for a second until it rumbles a bit. It naturally goes into “Smart Silence” mode, where the pulsator is only activated when your penis is inserted. [You can also turn off Smart Silence if the cutting-out annoys you during use.]

arcwave ion control buttons how to control arcwave ion

USE WATER BASED LUBE. In Smart Silence mode, the intensity increases and decreases with each stroke, a bit like a haptic feedback gaming remote. Adjust the intensity up or down with the +/– buttons.

If you’d rather have constant intensity, hold the Smart Silence button down for a second and the lighted button will dim a bit. From there, adjust intensity up or down, as it’s game on and pulsating with or without you.

The Arcwave Ion plays well, like a fun partner who’s all about pleasing — but who expects you to be ready before the play starts. With Arcwave Ion’s rigid side (to house the motor and rechargeable battery), there is little room for achieving an erection within the sleeve. You must be ready, using lube, and have achieved an erection before inserting your penis in the Arcwave Ion.1

The silicone is very soft and supple feeling, especially, I cannot stress enough, when you use a generous amount of lube. Lube, I say!

I’m wanting to use the Arcwave Ion rather than any toy here lately, or my hand. As I stroke my penis, even on moderate or low speeds, it tends to have an audible reaction to the subsequent motion.

It is loud. On one occasion I actually said aloud, “I swear this thing is growling at me!” Since every time I fully insert myself and withdraw, it has an audible, seemingly guttural vocalization. But, I think of it as a noise produced for playful mating behavior, rather than hostile warning.

Overall tips: A bit of extra lube and look out, loud, but it’s great! Best to be alone in the house if you’d rather not let on to your activities.

Care & Cleaning

I bought a cheap, clear “Ultraskyn” type stroker once, and the strong smell was frankly disgusting. Versus Ion, which has no scent. Big difference from cheap strokers, where I think “Might as well use your hand” because they’re not durable.

Cleanup is a snap. Simply twist the sleeve off the motor and wash both sides with hot water and soap. Pay attention to the pulsator, even rubbing soap in the hole, rinse and let air dry.

Arcwave Ion cleaning tips
From Arcwave Ion instructions: how to remove the sleeve.

You can dry it upright with the included drying stick, too, to ensure water doesn’t pool in the rippled sleeve.

The Arcwave is waterproof, so a thorough cleaning is pretty easy. No worries about damaging the motor with water, etc.

Arcwave Sleeve Sizing

The one real drawback for me is Arcwave’s length. My penis is of average length, and the Arcwave is a bit short. [4 inches closed-sleeve length.] When I’m all the way in, my head will emerge way out the other side. Now, the pulsing design is to focus on the frenulum but that is only a couple inches in. When I masturbate, I definitely prefer the feeling of being completely submerged, like being inside of a traditional stroker which provides sensation to your entire penis.

Arcwave Ion soft silicone demo with BMS Naked Addiction dual density dildo
This dildo is half an inch longer than the average penis.

But frankly, I’d still rather use the Arcwave. The air pulses are that good.

But if the good humans who designed this toy are listening, make a few more attachments that will work with the motor side! A few sizes up, first: more length. And maybe even different textures, with bumps and dimples.

Have a bit of fun with different feelings—since that is the idea, right, trying something new? Otherwise, this is a fantastic product and worth every penny.

I’m looking forward to what the innovation of Pleasure Air in a masturbator will bring next. It’s not quiet but it gets you there and more.


Ion Silicone Softness

Let me (Felicity / Phallophile) talk a little more about the details… The Arcewave Ion’s silicone is really super-soft, which surprised the hell out of me. Why? Because soft silicone doesn’t bind easily to hard surfaces. You’ll rarely see squishy-soft silicone vibrators for this reason: the silicone just doesn’t stay stuck to the motor core underneath.2

So Ion’s silicone is super-stretchy, to fit all but the very thickest dicks. And the squishiness means more comfort on a penis’s more sensitive nerve endings. But the downside? The sleeve is a bit more fragile than a firmer silicone (like the Man Wand vibe).

After I photographed the Ion on all the plants above, it had fibers and lint all over, so I washed it and set close to some other silicone toys to dry. It fell over on my drying rack, and when I picked it up to put it back in its box, I noticed that the other silicone products had actually left marks on the squishy-squishy silicone.3 This isn’t a degradation issue — the material is functionally nonporous and won’t mold, can be used over and over — but you do need to be careful when storing and drying it.

Arcwave Ion review soft silicone stroker
See marks in top of the silicone sleeve: store your ION carefully to avoid!

Silicone is 100% the way for safe toys, because it don’t let mold / bacteria grow on its surface like a TPR/TPE stroker does when it’s not fully dried after use!

Best idea: Actually use the Arcwave case with the stick in the middle when drying, and don’t just lump it together with a pile of other toys (like I do with most of my other sex toys, since silicone-on-silicone contact is safe).

Noise Level

This is a loud sex toy. There’s no getting around it. Even with “Smart Silence,” the Arcwave Ion’s noisier than a Doxy wand. (Doxy is the strongest handheld vibrator option.)

Ion’s not as loud as my Motorbunny (like a Sybian) super-turbo-power vibrator—but it’s, like, vocal, as he indicated. When I ran it for a Youtube demo, Ion made me think of a tiger … with a taste for cock.

It growls at up to 85 decibels when you’re moving in and out of it!

Pros & Cons


  • More impact than a plain (non-pulsing) stroker
  • Body-safe, won’t degrade
  • Discreet look, storage, and packaging
  • Super-soft silicone
  • Air pulse tech is really targeted
  • Faster orgasms for him


  • Not quiet
  • Not cheap
  • Silicone should be stored carefully to avoid dents in the surface
  • Not full-shaft coverage (3.5″ insertable channel)

Arcwave Ion Recap / Ranking

Arcwave Ion is a success at powerful and unique stimulation. So much so, that you’ll probably need to learn to slow down with it, as it’ll make almost any first-time user come fast!

My friend felt that Ion’s worth the luxury pricing because it is body-safe silicone that won’t mold, it has strong-focused pulsations, and it gives him easier orgasms. He says it’s definitely better than his hand, not “garbage” like most porous, non-silicone strokers; simple to clean; and it’s “a tool I plan on using often.”

The only drawback for him? It doesn’t cover the whole penis length; he’d redo it with a longer sleeve, and fully enclosed around the head. It’s also not a toy to use if you live with others who could hear any noise from your room. We give it a 9.3 out of 10 stars, because it’s got big pros but isn’t perfect.

Find the Arcwave Ion here.


  1. Want a vibrating toy that can be used flaccid? See the Hot Octopuss Pulse line.
  2. My tied-for-favorite vibrator, We-Vibe Nova 2, now sports a surprisingly soft 10A-shore silicone exterior. Super-squishy silicones are measured on the 00 scale, softer than toys (like Nova 2) on the A one. Fantasy vibe sleeves and SuperSoft dildos can, however, have bullet vibrator holes: so you get that extra-gentle feel plus the power of a We-Vibe Tango (X) inside.
  3. It’s gotta be around an 00-30 Shore durometer: it’s soft-soft. The Arcwave instruction manual actually recommends, “To avoid damage, do not overstretch the silicone with your hands.”

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