Silicone Cuffs, Kink Review

So weighty and secure! I love the thick, heavy feel of Kink Silicone Cuffs. Vs. Quickie Silicone Cuffs, Kink Cuffs dominate—there’s no other word. Kink Cuffs are like weighted blankets, for your wrists.

Why would you use silicone cuffs vs. metal or synthetic (vinyl, microfiber, etc.) handcuffs? I tested these with several partners, and discovered the thick Silicone Cuffs by Kink offer both sensation and security. The way they wrap around my wrists is excellent — full enclosure, once they’re pulled tight, the buckle is fastened, and the lock means escape is impossible. And versus metal handcuffs, the size and the silky surface of these silicone cuffs bites less. It’s…velvety. That’s great, because I prefer sensual play to painful play, even in a BDSM context.

I’ll describe how to use handcuffs during sex, something I wondered about the point of before I used these silicone cuffs in various scenarios. (What do you do while wearing sex cuffs? What do you fasten the handcuffs to?) Keep reading for more on silicone cuffs… Or skip to the end for a quick summary & 10% discount code.

Silicone Handcuffs Features

WOW! I opened the box & immediately knew: these were the neatest handcuffs for sex I’ve ever felt. The Kink Silicone Cuffs are super-silky silicone that’s thick and heavy—so it feels weighty around your wrists. That’s a huge step-up over:

Vs. Beginner Handcuffs, Why?

Cheaper “beginner” cuffs aren’t for hardcore play: especially the Velcro kind, gasp! The ones that come in bondage kits are fine if you’re just trying to wrap your head about dominant/submissive play, whether you enjoy that sexually. If it pleases you to have control, or feel like you can fully let go to a dominant partner during sex, then better restraints are a must. If you’re paying $11 for Quickie Cuffs, or $16 for a cuff and blindfold set, you get what you pay for: Less serious tools. Quickie silicone Cuffs are an absolute joke, wouldn’t even stay on my wrists.

That’s in contrast to Kink Silicone Cuffs, or even Saffron 4-Cuff sets. Those will bind for sure; they will not let you slip out once the buckle is fastened, the lock clicks in place, and the keys are out of your reach.

If the submissive partner likes to be bratty—to struggle and push their dom’s limits—then sturdy cuffs are particularly helpful. The way the silicone is smoothly matte, it feels so comfortable too; then you can wash any skin residue off Silicone Cuffs afterwards. (Unlike with the aforementioned Saffron Cuffs, which aren’t water-resistant like silicone is; cured silicone molecules repel water.) Like any silicone sex toy, handcuffs made of silicone are convenient to clean. Running water, and even soap, won’t damage silicone (or nickel-free metal).

How Do You Put on Silicone Cuffs?

The adjustability of the Kink Silicone Cuffs is so important. Each cuff has 4 widely-spaced notches, to slip the buckle’s unique tine into. (More in locking the cuffs, next.) Some sex handcuffs just don’t fit a wide range of wrists, like how I mentioned 100% Silicone “Quickie” Cuffs slide off my wrists. In contrast, Doc Johnson’s Kink cuffs will fit on either my wrists or my (kinda narrow) ankles. So they’ll work on a bigger range of wrists sizes, while keeping the fit secure.

Silicone kink cuffs - how to put on, steps
Click to enlarge.

To Put on Kink Silicone Cuffs:

  1. Circle the wrist (or ankle) with the black silicone band. It should curve inward, tightening around the wrist.
  2. Pull the red band through the buckle, and tighten. It should be tight, but not uncomfortable.
  3. Slot the round end of the buckle’s “tine” through the chosen notch. Push the red band through the metal ring beside it.
  4. Insert the included Kink lock through the circle. Push the lock in place.
  5. Make sure you have the keys in a secure place!
  6. Repeat #s 1–4 for the second wrist. Then the dominant partner will connect the cuffs by sliding open one end of the metal connector, linking the cuffs together.

Kink Silicone Wrist Cuffs are fully silicone except for the nickel-free metal buckles, bolts, and locks that make sure you’re securely fastened. Each Kink cuff set includes the two cuffs, two locks, and three identical keys — so you have not just one, but two spare keys. (In case you’re locationally challenged with objects like I am [always misplacing objects!], please do separate these keys and put them on new rings, so you have multiple sets—then you’ll have 2 backups if you lose 1 Silicone Cuffs’ lock key.)

Kink silicone cuffs with lock
Hooray for extra keys! 3 of the same key, for each cuff lock.

How to Use Handcuffs During Sex

Everyone likes at least some variety, even if they love quote-unquote “vanilla” sex. So a good cuff set (and blindfold, and maybe a silicone slapper-paddle too!) are tools that are absolutely worth owning—just for mixing it up. So once you’ve got handcuffs, what’s the big deal, how would you use them?

Silicone Cuffs - how to use sex cuffs, on knees, hands behind back
A much better spanking position if you have a bed in front of you.

Sex in handcuffs can include any of:

  • Hands behind their back, while lying on their back, legs over the edge of the bed. They won’t be able to touch their own genitals, or you—unless you unhook their cuffs. What will you do with opportunity: Tease them for a while, and not let them come? Or overstimulate them?
  • Hands behind their back, on their knees: Kneeling to serve you. Make them show their oral sex skills hands-free: How good are they? (Even add a leash and collar for easily pulling their head closer in this position.)
  • Hands behind their back, head over the edge of the bed: The easiest way for deep-throat blowjobs. (Do be sure to make sure your partner has a signal to let you know if they can’t breathe here.) Again, you’re in total control of how deep you go, and how much airflow they’re getting.1 Using handcuffs and ankle cuffs joined with a hogtie is the most restrictive way to do this.
  • Hands behind their back, leaning butt-out over the bed: For a spanking, clearly.
  • Each cuff clipped to a separate restraint system, like Under the Bed Restraints or a Hog Tie (requires 2 cuff kits). (Silicone cuffs will feel weightier than the included Velcro cuffs in the Under the Bed kit.) In this case, your partner’s really not moving anywhere: You can tease them, deny them, use their mouth, and/or make them come at your pleasure.
  • Legs cuffed, lying back: Reach in and play with them, but they can’t spread their legs too far apart… This is interesting for forced orgasm play, like putting a Magic Wand between their legs. Kink Cuffs allow to 3.5 inches separation between the cuffs: Kind of like a reverse spreader bar. As we’ll see next, Kink Cuffs can be used on ankles if you have slimmer ankles…
Silicone Cuffs - ankle cuffs for sex

My Experience Getting Silicone-Cuffed

I’m very sensation-focused, and I LOVE silky matte silicone over smooth materials (like metal). It feels much more skin-like. The Kink Silicone Cuffs—with their weight and their thick silicone—just feel right on my wrists, unlike other restraints I’ve tried. I opened a two full boxes worth of gear from Doc Johnson (maker of the Kink line), and these cuffs where the one item I found unique and worthwhile.

Silicone Cuffs unboxing, Kink line
Screenshot from an impromptu unboxing video I made to compose my thoughts on “Kink” sex toys. Included in this pic: the metal+silicone C-ring felt odd, the wand was nothing exceptional, while I wore the Kink Cuffs the whole time with pleasure!

I can’t emphasize these cuffs’ feeling enough, how sweet it is: Indeed, right now I’m wearing these as ankle cuffs as I write, because the sensation is super-interesting even outside sex play. (The main set is meant for wrists; however, it’ll fit up to 8.5 inches circumference: so it will work if you have slimmer ankles. But there’s also a bigger ankle-specific set.) With the Kink Wrist Cuffs reviewed here, the next-to-tightest notch fits best on my 6-inch circumference wrists. So, these silicone cuffs adjust to accommodate a range of wrist sizes, from very thin wrists to fairly thick ones.

I’ve tested the Silicone Cuffs on five occasions over the past 6 months, and here are two highlights: detailed stories of using sex handcuffs. (2/3 of the other occurrences involved lending them out a BDSM group party, and watching people get spanked while bent over, hands cuffed behind their backs.) OK, so the first time I tried out the Silicone Cuffs was in a submissive role. For a few weeks I’d been seeing a man who the sexual chemistry was spot-on with. We were finalizing details about where and when we’d meet next, and I told him I wanted to write about a pair of handcuffs I thought felt awesome: Was he interested in using them? If not, no problem.

First cuff shot, for my last ex: Left cuff not fully tightened.

He seemed happy to agree. I started packing my gear, eager to see how the Kink silicone cuffs performed IRL action, not just as bracelets. Half an hour into our meeting, after we’d chilled out a bit, he asked to see what was in my bag. So I took out: a change of outfit, the silicone cuffs, a series of 5-sized cock rings, a ball stretcher, a vibrating ball cradle…. He picked out an Oxballs ballstretcher, then considered the full cuff kit.

We moved into the bedroom, where my erstwhile-partner had me set aside the spare keys, securely, so they wouldn’t get lost. He started opening the locks, quickly interpreting how to use the full setup. I could feel the anticipation bubbling inside. After I was wearing the cuffs, locked up, he told me to tell him if he did anything to make me uncomfortable or I needed to stop. And I trusted him, as he clipped the cuffs together. It was dim, and I was lying back, with my hands bound behind me. I couldn’t see, but he must’ve taken off his pants; because he pulled me slightly toward one side of the bed and offered his erection, in front of my face. I arched my neck upward, straining as I worked to keep a good angle for sucking his cock.

I don’t know how long this went on for, because I was immersed. (That man is never going to get a BJ like this again.2) It was probably 10 or 15 minutes (he had great stamina, I was working hard) before he’d had enough and started reaching between my legs, then finally unlocked me. I’d enjoyed knowing that he was making sure I had enough air to breathe; sometimes he’d slow down, let me open my mouth and rolllll my tongue around his cock. Time flew. I would’ve gone on longer, knowing it pleased him and I didn’t have to think about anything but what my mouth was doing.

If you have pleaser/submissive tendencies, being blindfolded and tied up is 100% essential to try: It’s very liberating, as you don’t have to be anxious or worry about anything during sex. (Assuming you have a partner who you can trust to not hurt you & to care for your needs: that’s key.)

Silicone Cuffs by Kink - locked up
They roll up so nicely!

So, when my affair with previous dude (which apparently, unbeknownst to me, was something called a “situationship”) ended a few months later, I wanted more perspective on these cuffs. From both sides. I found a new date who was intrigued by the prospect of being submissive to a woman. His temporary purpose: To do nothing that night, but my will.

I put him on his knees. Hands in front, at first. His purpose was to finger me the best he could with wrists joined. Then use his mouth, lightly, at my command. I had heels on, to be a bit further above his face.

It was enjoyable, letting him do his best, restricted. But with his hands in front, he had a lot of leeway to move, still: So, after a few minutes and a so-so orgasm (me of course, not him), I unhooked the cuffs. His job was to jerk himself off while I first found the paddle, then watched him. (Just because I felt like it.) I didn’t think he was interesting enough to watch for too long, though; so I locked the cuffs behind his back. Then I had him lean over the bead, for a nice light spanking. Sting, slap, bite, the paddle thwacked as I went between light slappy swats and a few moderately-hard hits.

But the hands behind the back, lying back while I worked on his dick, was the best time during this sex session. I was edging him for a couple minutes before he half-came, but I stopped, ruining the first orgasm. Too bad for him. He wanted to touch me more, I could tell; so I unclasped him. And had him use toys on me. That was the intermission. He had to be instructed in how to hold a powerful handheld vibrator for G-spot stimulation, so sad. And at the end, the finale was that he got to be tied up again, hands unable to grope me or control what I was doing to his cock. Rather, he needed to lie back, feel, and come when I agreed it was about time. And my work was complete as he remained, hands bound behind him, head propped up with a pillow, while his cum shot several feet upward, hitting his sweather that laid next to him in bed. (His mess to clean up. 😜👍)

Silicone Kink Cuffs Recap & Ranking

All in all, I think these Kink Silicone Cuffs are superb tools for bondage. Silicone is IMO under-used as a cuff material, since it’s more expensive if you want really good, secure restraint (not “Quickie Cuffs”). If you are seeking that weighty feel, faux-leather just isn’t as nice. It’s not velvety, full, surrounding your wrists or ankles like it was made for them. Fur-lined metal doesn’t have the heft of the silicone cuffs, either; but metal does hold the bound person securely, even if they’re bratty. And finally, silicone can be sanitized, in case your body fluids drip on these kinky cuffs.

These heavy silicone cuffs will work for either beginners or experience kinky couples—no matter if their wrists are thin or larger than “average.” Figuring out all the different ways to play with silicone sex handcuffs alone was a journey for me, really intriguing! I’ve had no negative experiences with these cuffs, I love whipping them out and showing them to people who I know are sexually open-minded. (Everyone’s like, “Oh, I didn’t know they make silicone handcuffs! Those are nice!”)

Among my unique life stories, I kept them in my car trunk for a few months just for that purpose. I love the Silicone Cuffs, how good they are to show off! I’d give them a 5/5 for how well-made they are (the best of Doc J.’s Kink lineup, IMO), and the only negative is, they cost more vs. other handcuffs. Because these cuffs are two-layer silicone (with multiple locks and keys) that’ll last a lifetime and can be fully cleaned.

Find the Kink Silicone Cuffs here.

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  1. Over the bed BJ tips: Blocking the back of the throat limits their ability to breathe through their nose, too. And the faster the cock thrusts, the less time there is to breathe through the nose between thrusts.
  2. Of course he fucked this up. Treat your pleasure-giving lovers well, friends; they have needs too, not just mouths to serve you.

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