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I started Phal.Reviews 7 years ago, after I couldn't find great body-safe silicone dildo reviews. Toxic sex toys still abound☠️, while in-depth critical reviews are sparse!
Today —after trying out over 2,050 safe sex toys & tools!— we've published choosy vibrator guides, detailed dildo dives, how-to butt plug tips, and more. Phal. Reviews is all reader supported, with zero ads, pop-ups, or paid promos. Thank u for reading our careful work! 💙
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Tantus Echo Super Soft Review

Tantus describes its Echo Super Soft as “a fantasy dildo whose head is repeated multiple times.” So, when the folks at Peepshow Toys were looking for a reviewer for …

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Why I Love Fantasy Sex Toys

Fantasy sex toys make up a big (and growing) market. More and more fantasy toy makers pop up every year, all offering non-humanoid dildos (and some penetrables) for people …

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