Peepshow Toys: My Experience Buying Safe

Why Peepshow Toys Is My Favorite Sex Toy Seller: + Discount

Fast, affordable, & 100% *safe*—that’s why I recommend Peepshow Toys so highly. Truly, it’s a jungle out there, buying sex toys online. Most people wonder before buying, Will the shipping be discreet???1 What’s even more important is: Will the sex toys you’re putting in your body be safe? And then, what about the pricing, is it fair?

At Peepshow, sex toys are all nontoxic—and of course discreet. This review / rec of Peepshow Toys discusses my experience both as a customer and as a sex toy professional. Here’s 4 reasons the shop stands out. Keep reading for why—and don’t miss using my Peepshow Toys discount code, FELICITY , at checkout to save 10% off all-nontoxic sex toys.

#1. *ALL* Body-Safe

Peepshow Toys first drew me in with its body-safe ethos, of course. A commitment to sell nontoxic AND nonporous sex toys. (Also non-harmful lubes.) I love supporting quality ethical retailers because they have your best interests at heart so much more than the corporate megastructures of Amazon, etc!

Especially when Peepshow Toys started 6 years ago, this was DAMN rare among retailers. Everyone carried some PVC/jelly toys, or at least “lesser evil” TPR/TPE. (Which is porous but nontoxic—so lots of boutique retailers will sell penis toys like Tenga/Fleshlight made of it.)

Seemed legit. I bought something from Peepshow Toys. My ordered arrived 3 days later in a USPS box. (They most definitely do ship discreetly, and bill as the generic “Hamilton Park Electronics”).

Then I decided to try reviewing professionally…and I took a hard look at how different shops present themselves—and which ones I really wanted to work with.

#2. They Don’t Whitewash Pleasure

For me, sex is a life force. It’s messy. It can be chaotic. And it always involves lots of phallic objects.

What I love about Peepshow Toys is that they do have a “boutique” aesthetic—with all the major luxury brands—but they also have realistic dildos out the wazoo and a booming anal, prostate, and penis toy selection.

They don’t bullshit you—like some “boutique”-style brands2 by hiding dildos under a label like “massagers.” You want a cock ring, search for “cock ring,” you’ll find a full selection. You want a fisting butt plug, why not, it’s there too.

Peepshow Toys is very feminist-friendly but their marketing is neither whitewashed, nor does it assume that sex toys are for women (who may be scared away by realistic dildos) or for “men.” (They will tell you if something is anal-safe, though.) The store name doesn’t involve “babes” or “she” or a traditionally female name.

More recently, Peepshow Toys’ blog articles cover everything from the usual topics, like shower sex positions, to more…expansive topics, like rope bondage and puppy play.

#3. The DEALS

Peepshow Toys truly takes pride in offering everyone low pricing, everyday. They don’t mark up big on trash like “”jelly” dildos, and then make you think you’re getting a good deal when the price is reduced a lot. 

Phallophile Reviews 10% banner new

Their prices start as low as competitively possible direct from brand or authorized distributors—then you can take 10% off *almost* everything (SquarePegToys being the big exception!) everyday with certain discount codes, like FELICITY.

The owner of Peepshow Toys has a real gift for hunting down deals to be featured on the hot deals page. You gotta watch it to see the rotating deals: like 33% off  We-Vibe Nova 2, my FAVORITE vibrator of all 2020; and 33% off Satisfyer Curvy vibrating clit suction toys.

The bundles collection also has serious sweet spots: like my personal favorite, the We-Vibe Melt and Pillow Talk Sassy (half of my favorite 4 sex toys!!!) bundled together for $40 off plus free FedEx 2-Day shipping.

It’s hard not to love a good sale—on something you want, at least! And again, if you are concerned with body-safety, buy from a good discreet retailer. Versus on Amazon, where you have every seller trying to beat down their competitors’ prices every day—so it’s only natural for Amazon sellers to try to pass off lesser quality materials as better ones (e.g., silicone dildos that are really porous TPR).

#4. Also, Cheap 2-Day US Shipping

With sex toys especially, it feels so good to get your stuff as soon as possible! Like right now!!!

Peepshow Toys FedEx 2-Day shipping collection

Peepshow has developed a stellar 2-day-shipping collection over the last year. It includes luxury brands like We-Vibe, Njoy, Fun Factory, Hot Octopuss, and Je Joue, plus smaller makers like Velvet Thruster and Uberrime, not to mention Blush and Oxballs! This is a US-only offer currently.

The big deal here is that you:

  • pay the lowest possible shipping price (free shipping on orders over $70, or $6 for orders under $70), and
  • get FedEx 2-Day shipping ($28 value) free, automatically.

FedEx 2-Day Air is 2 business days and “2-day” doesn’t include processing time. (Order by Tuesday to get your toys by the weekend.) All products that include the free/super-discounted shipping say so in the product description, and FedEx 2-Day also applies to most items in my favorite sex toys collection here at Peepshow.

Conclusion: Clean…but Dirty

Peepshow Toys’ name sounds a little dirty, if you think about it. My brand—Phallophile Reviews—’s name sounds risqué too, once translated from its Greco-Latin roots: “Cock-lover Reviews,” to be exact.

But we have one CLEAN aim, together: giving you body-safe products (that can be fully sanitized). Scrub down your toys, bleach that bacteria off—but embrace your “unclean” mind.

Almost three years ago, I wrote Peepshow Toys a guide to body-safe materials. I’m proud that article is now the top Google result for “body safe sex toys” (and that Phallophile Reviews’ own body-safe guides are a few places underneath). I feel like every day, together, we’re working to educate anyone who wants to know about quality sex toys. Ones that are safe, but that don’t need to be prohibitively expensive.

We both appreciate your support and feedback! I’ve dealt with Peepshow Toys extensively as a reviewer, and they’ve always valued my honest input and worked to get me toys that I would truly want to review. Because it’s all about the desire. Feel free to reach out to me ( or them ( if you’re looking for product help!

🌟 Visit Peepshow Toys here.🌟

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  1. 99.98% of the time, yes, your online sex toy purchases will be discreet. There are a fair number of reports that Adam & Eve has sent customers physical mailers, like postcard-style flyers, visible in the mail months after the customer bought with Adam and Eve.
  2. I cannot work with shops that don’t have an extensive dildo selection—that style does not express my sexuality at all. I understand the desire to have a shop appear clean, not skeevy or threatening, but…can we not do that while also including all different toy categories?