Best Uncut Dildos with Foreskin, 100% Body-Safe Silicone

Foreskin = sexy?! The best uncut dildos with foreskin are sexy & 100% safe. I’ve collected lifelike toys for a full decade now, and I’m thrilled to see more uncircumcised dildos in dual-density silicone, finally!

Silicone is critical because too many hazardous dildos are still sold! Silicone is the only safe + soft sex toy material. Be sure to avoid uncut dildos made of porous TPE or toxic PVC, such as the King Cock Uncut, RealCocks Uncut, and Hero Uncircumcised dildos.

My first uncut silicone dildo thrilled me after I purchased it 8 years ago: but now, I’ve found even better, for all foreskin fans. This updated, uncircumcised sex toys guide tracks all the pros & cons I’ve discovered while testing body-safe silicone uncut dongs!!!

Ultra-Real, Safe Dual-Density Uncut Dildos

OK, wow. The Curve Jock uncut dildos are the most skin-tastic toys I’ve ever seen. Dual-density platinum silicone that’s balanced to imitate an erection:

  1. A softer, gentler foreskin-laden head +
  2. A firm core to keep the length from floppin’ around.

The skin lines are everywhere in this uncircumcised dildo, rolling down the shaft & finishing in a thick skin circle. The Jock 9.8 inch has a head that pops delightfully if I’m riding it suction-cupped โ€” and I sense the dildo’s full foreskin + its ridge when I ride slow. Then, the Jock 8.5″ (no balls) has even more insertable length, and its lack of balls makes it easiest to “jerk in” (to my body) by hand.

Curve Jock huge uncut dildos with foreskin - size vs. hand

But now, the 8.7″ Curve Jock Uncut dildo is my absolute favorite of the uncircumcised silicone trio, since its skin lines are just enough realistic balance: less drag! Best of all, the 8.7″ Uncut Dildo’s head has the best bell shape ๐Ÿ””. My vag think it’s beautiful to feel its ridge sticking out, yet hidden under the foreskinโ€”smooth!

Curve Jock Uncut 8.7 Inch dildo with foreskin over head in hand

Try Sliquid Silk hybrid lube to add smoothness and cum-lube appearance, especially on the Jock 9.8″: the thickest! Then, this big uncut dildo glides. Its tinted head is stably cured, a silicone highlight creating the red head & darker veins.

These Jocks are big but not HUGE uncut dildos: Every Jock dual-density silicone with foreskin is at least 1.9″ diameter (that’s bigger than 997 out of every 1,000 real-life penises). See the Jock Uncut 9.8″ dildo vs. an average-penis-sized dildo below:

Uncut dildos with foreskin Curve Jock 3 sizes, Solina large dildo with retracted foreskin vs. fingers
From Left: Curve Jock 9.8″, 8.5″, and 8.7″ uncut dildos with foreskin up โ€” all wider vs. median penis diameter (1.5″), as seen in the Solina dildo, right, with its retracted silicone foreskin.

โœ… Jock dildo Pros: Ultra-realistic look. Dual-density silicone = soft + erect feel. Safe silicone highlights don’t wear off. Tons of skin texture. Strong suction cup.
โŒ Cons: Only in big and bigger sizes. Silicone lines require more lubricant.
๐Ÿ’ธ Price: $63.99 (longest), $73.99 (most skin-lines, with balls), $84.99 (best real-feel overall), or $89.99 bunched skin!

Curve Jock uncut silicone dildo vs. torso
Oooh! Long uncut dildo.

Hankey’s Toys – MANY uncut dildos

Mr. Hankey’s Toys is king when it comes (cums?) to offering a range of penis shapes. Hankey’s dildos are frequently called most realistic, because their skin textures are “goldilocks” level, neither too draggy nor ultra-smooth โ€” especially for the life-cast Hankey’s uncut dildos.

Browsing Mr. Hankey’s realistics category, you’ll find all these foreskinny models: Monster Dildo, Chorizo n Eggs, the Mikey, Duke, El Rey, Goliath, and more! Other Hankey’s Toys have a low-retracted foreskin: the Perfect Penis, Omega dildo, Atlas, etc. I’ve been playing with the Monster uncut dildo lately. The way its fat head expands my hole, as my sex machine moves it, is incredible.

Hankey's Toys uncircumsized dildos - Chorizo, Monster dildo, Goliath

These are uncircumSIZED dildos. A Hankey’s Toys dildo in “medium” would equal extra-large anywhere else; then, Hankey’s has ginormous uncut sizes, like Goliath. For the fleshiest feel, select the 40% Soft silicone if you’re buying a dildo > 7 inches max. circumference.

โœ… Hankey’s Toys Pros: Soft, fleshy silicone (in either 40% Soft or 75% Soft firmness). Made-to-order customization. Very lifelike skin surface.
โŒ Cons: Not cheap. Few average-size dildos. No suction cups.
๐Ÿ’ธ Price: $125 to $380, depending on size.

SquarePegToys Dirk dildo with foreskin poses

I fell in love with the Dirk super-soft silicone dildo years back because it shows two different foreskin poses! The “actual size” Dirk is semi-cocked, its foreskin scrunched-up; then, the “1X” size is a full-on erection with skin up.

SquarePegToys Uncut dildos

Actual (half-erect) Dirk is fun to sit on, but I need it in a larger size. It’s 3.8 inches usable length. The 1X Dirk is better if you like girth: this full foreskin dildo is very filling, progressing from 2″ to 2.25″ diameter by 5 inches insertable length. Both Dirk uncut dildos are available with suction cups. Overall, both my boyfriend & I love the Leo dildo with retracted foreskin best for its truer-life skin textures.

โœ… SquarePeg dildo Pros: Two foreskin poses. Super-soft silicone is so plush.
โŒ Cons: Limited size options. Stylized, less-realistic elements in v.2. Short length for Actual Size Dirk.
๐Ÿ’ธ Price: From $52 to $79 by Dirk style.

VixSkin Uncut-esque texture dildos

VixSkin Mustang was the most popular dual-density realistic dildo for nearly a decade, as Vixen Creations pioneered multi-layers of silicone for lifelike effect. The Mustang dildo’s got a “foreskin patch,” a textured section under its corona that adds more (light) feeling.

VixSkin dildos with foreskin texture - Johnny, Mustang, Maverick

Newer VixSkin dildos like Cash & Ranger have ripply retracted foreskins โ€” and maintain the same squishy, soft silicone outside that VixSkin’s famous for. IMO, the Johnny dildo has the most realistic look & feel, with its scrunched-up skin.

โœ… Vix Skin dildo Pros: OG dual-layer silicone. Handmade. Great for anal & pegging play.
โŒ Cons: Popular models (Mustang, Goodfella, etc.) have an abstracted foreskin “patch”. Sticky surface, but glides better when well-lubricated.
๐Ÿ’ธ Price: $96 (Spur) to $145 (custom Outlaw)

Tantus Uncut #1 and #2 Dildos

Tantus was the 1st silicone dildo company to release multiple intact dildos, in early 2015. The Uncut #1 (larger), Uncut #2 (more average-girth) and Gary dildos have lines. Like most SheVibe-designed realistic dildos, the lines on these uncut dildos are everywhere and can come across as draggy:

That’s truer because Tantus’ dual-d realistic dildos employ firmer silicone outside vs. other brands. It’s less fleshy-soft. Still, the Uncut #1’s head was a filling ball that I loved years ago, because I was dying to play with an uncut member with a thick head. It’s fun to thrust, if you’re wet / use more good lubricant. It just isn’t the most realistically balanced option on this list. The Tantus Uncut dildos lack a suction cup.

โœ… Tantus Uncut dildo Pros: Two sizes, and neither is huge. Bulky head is filling. Dual-density silicone, but:
โŒ Cons: Firmer silicone “skin” vs. other dual-density dildos. Draggier skin textures. Foreskin is slightly abstracted. No suction cup.
๐Ÿ’ธ Price: $94 or $105

Fantasy Dildos with Uncircumcised Foreskin

Awesome uncut toys with extra “fantasy” dildo elements:

Fantasy dildos with foreskin

Dildo Foreskin Positions

Like real penises, uncircumcised dildos’ skin covers a range. The foreskin may be:

  1. Fully up,
  2. Forming a ring around the head, or
  3. Fully retracted under the coronal ridge, or even another half-inch down!

Living foreskins do slide up-and-down (in almost all cases, barring serious phimosis). Some foreskins are longer than others, and some are tighter than others โ€” so it makes sense that uncircumcised dildos have different looks too.

Because uncut penises are rarer in the United States (โ‰ˆ20% of the male population), most silicone uncut dildos fall into group #3, fully retracted. Some Americans may not even notice these retracted foreskin dildos are uncircumcised. You have to look for the extra skin-folds under the dildo’s head, to realize it represents intact foreskin.

Seeing more clearly uncut dildos in American shops is one solid step toward destigmazing a normal body part.

Movable Foreskin Dildos?

TL;DR: Silicone uncircumcised dildos may not have lifelike sliding skins. But, they’re sure to remain clean and safe long-term: non-porous, unlike human skin (which develops a microbiome from birth).

The next-closest thing to a moving foreskin dildo is the Solina Mega XL or XXL, with its retracted skin-ripple: that so-soft extra bump glides & tugs gently, repeatedly, when you thrust it or put it on a fucking machine.

Movable foreskin dildos โ€” also called “sliding skin dildos” โ€” include a thick layer of material. The problem: that outer “skin” is much harder to move vs. living skin. No synthetic materials exist that replicate human foreskin accurately.

Sliding Skin dildo - unrealistic foreskin silicone
Sliding skin dildos have weirdly unnatural “foreskins,” which do not move with either vaginal or anal thrusting.

This is not all bad news. Platinum silicone, which makes up all the best uncut dildos, is body-safe for a lifetime’s worth of play because it’s stable. Its cross-linked molecular structure makes silicone less porous vs. living foreskin. Silicone dildos do not retain bacteria & other microbes like human tissue does.

How to Clean an Uncut Dildo

Cleaning a silicone uncut dildo is simple: soap & water! With any silicone dildo, you want to:

  • Have any handsoap ready. Liquid soap is easier.
  • Get soap all over the dildo.
  • Run water over it, as you scrub the dildo down with soap.
  • Wash for 30 seconds to a minute, before and after each use.
  • Let it dry.

Because silicone is fully cured, you don’t need to worry about separating the dildo’s foreskin. If any lubricant or fluids remain after the uncut dildo air-drys, they’ll appear white. Then, just wash a lil harder with soap & water!

What Lubricant to Use on your intact dildo: Silicone dildos are compatible with water-based, hybrid, or oil-based lubricants. Find out all about sex lubricant safety here, since not all lubes are body-safe.

5 thoughts on “Best Uncut Dildos with Foreskin, 100% Body-Safe Silicone”

  1. Hey, girl, hey! Did you get the Hankey’s “Monster” in the 40% or 70%? I’ve been eyeballing that and I’m leaning toward the 40% (like you, big fan of the softer toys, especially when they’re big). Thoughts?

    • Hi!! I got it in 70%, but would strongly recommend it in 40% instead. 100% agree that as a toy gets thicker, a softer density feels better โ€” I was thinking of going 40%, but my Nick Capra from 2019 is great in what was the 70% Soft. Turns out the 70% here in new Monster feels marginally firmer (I think Hankey’s may have changed the density/blend some over the years), so it’s a bit much. Not awful, just not as good as it should’ve been.

      • Good to know! I also have the Nick Capra in 70%, but I got a little too ambitious on the size and ordered the “medium” (or, in any world outside Hankey’s, “HUGE”), which means… it’s mostly just fun to look at. (I mean– as a fellow phallophile ((oooooh, that’s fun to say!)) I think it’s a quite a glorious specimen. ๐ŸคŒ)
        I just ordered a few (way too many) new toys from Hankey’s, and most of them will be in the 40%. I was nervous that they might be too soft, but now I’m glad I did that.
        Just out of curiosity, how do you think the Hankey’s 40% compares to SquarePeg’s “supersoft”? I feel like Squarepeg nailed it with their softness/squishiness/texture combo. I just wish they had a bigger selection of realistic options (and, I’ve gotta admit, I’m kinda bummed that they’re smoothing out the glans on their realistic models now ๐Ÿซค) which is why I decided to order a bunch from Hankey’s.

  2. I’d be curious to hear your thoughts on the Strap-on-me sliding skin dildo as I thought it was a really pleasant feeling and super easy to move (made of silicone, obviously!) Maybe doesn’t quite count as having foreskin?

    • It’s easy to move with one’s hand, but the “skin” is very thick vs. living skinโ€”so it doesn’t move during vaginal thrusting like a real foreskin does. Stays stationary. It also isn’t a super-soft silicone, so it feels harder than skin, unnaturally hard.

      Sliding skin dildos are a lost cause for imitating living foreskin as a result of both those factors, in my opinion.


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