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GoLove Best CBD lube review featured

Take a walk on the wild side? I wondered what I was getting myself into when I agreed to test a CBD (cannabidiol) lubricant, GoLove CBD Naturals. Trippin’? But really, this cannabis lube is about relieving tension, not getting high. And that’s powerful. In a market filled with problematic water-based lube ingredients, GoLove is excellent—really the best CBD lube for all kinds of sex, including sex with condoms, because it’s pH-balanced, free of glycerin, and safe with latex and all sex toys. And doesn’t stain your sheets, like other oil-based CBD lubes do.1

GoLove lube’s big selling point is that it helps ease painful sex, for folks with conditions like vaginismus, vulvodynia, endometriosis, and more. My GoLove lube review will run through different reasons why folks would want to try a CBD lube, then give two accounts: one of GoLove’s effect on anxiety, and one for how it can indeed help with chronic pain and enjoying sex. And last, save some money! 20% off coupon seen here.

CBD Lube Benefits

Why would you seek out out a CBD lube? Cannabis lubes like GoLove are THC-free (so they don’t get you high). But they definitely do other things—and GoLove in particular has a wet feel 💦 that’s like a hybrid lubricant (water + about 10% silicone). But, GoLove is all water-based.

It does all of the below:

  • Soothes pain and discomfort to a reasonable degree2
  • Gives a warm (but not stingy) feeling.
  • Chills you out!
  • Lets you focus on sensation more.
  • Moisturizes well / keeps you feeling wetter.

About GoLove Water-Based Lube & CBD Content

GoLove comes in a 40 mL bottle, where each pump of the bottle gives you 2 mg CBD—as potent as any CBD lube around. Different bodies react to CBD dosing differently, so you may find you need a little more or a little less to start feeling the effects: more on my user experience below.

It’s thick, I wasn’t expecting that! And it’s…silky?3 A little bit slicker, even, than the popular hybrid lube Sliquid Silk. Again, this suprised me because GoLove is all water-based, with no silicone content, so you can use it with all sex toys and clean it up easily.

That’s another way it’s nice: it’s compatible with all toys, and GoLove is also safe with condoms. Some CBD lubes (one big name being Foria) are oil-based, so they’ll gunk up your sex toys with seams and eat through condoms. Oil-based lube requires a lot more scrubbing to clean off, and I’ve definitely had to toss out underwear after butt-plugging with an oil-based lube: the oil wouldn’t come out. GoLove is so much simpler to wash off.

In short, if you need barrier protection (condoms / dental dams; or diaphragms) for any reason, GoLove is the CBD lube to go for.

Of course, its water-based formula does not have those ingredients I’m always telling readers to avoid in water-based lubricants: glycerin, first; and propylene glycol, both of which cause sensitive tissues (your mucous membranes) to absorb too much moisture and therefore cause higher rates of tissue tearing. When even We-Vibe’s lubricant contains problem ingredients, you gotta watch out for your bits’ health!

In contrast, GoLove is pH-balanced for vaginas, to avoid possible yeast infection. The ingredients are clearly labeled, I love that, and you can read more about each one on this page. ⬅️ That’s a fuller explanation than I’ve ever seen from any lube-maker.

GoLove CBD lube review ingredients safe water-based cannabis lubricant

GoLove comes in a sturdy glass bottle with twist open / close top. You then push down to pump it out in small bursts. If you drop the bottle, it will not shatter; you’d need to really work to damage it.

Besides the 40 mL / 1.35 oz. bottle, I received a few 25 mg CBD sample packs: those are only $5 each, if you’re not sure, and each is equal to about 12 squirts from the bottle.

So I tried out GoLove for myself, and also passed some on to a friend who suffers from cerebral palsy and chronic pain—for a fuller review of what GoLove might do for you.

My Experience: Anxious Sex

I read on how GoLove doesn’t contain THC—the main psychoactive compound in cannabis—and decided to give it a shot. At first glance, I was hesitant about CBD lube because I do not do well with depressant substances, including hard liquor and most cannabis products. The last time I tried a THC vape pen, at a party a couple years ago, I came out feeling super-melancholy and disjointed a couple hours later. It wasn’t fun. So we’d see how GoLove’s THC-free formula would do for me…

I’ll tell you about the “highest” part of my GoLove experience first, then tell you how I got there.

I’d describe my mood on GoLove as “slightly elated,” like the feeling you get shortly after you’ve just had a good laugh.

More than that, the soothing feeling GoLove produces is like sitting in a bath at the perfect temperature. I just wanted to lie there and take in the sensation.

GoLove made me feel seriously chill, wanting to sit back and relax and vibe. It took about 45 minutes after first application for me to achieve the full “chillness,” though—it wasn’t immediate.

At first, I didn’t feel much at all. I was like, Hmm, eh, we’ll see. I’d squirted about 5 shots of GoLove out, massaged it into my labia, inserted a little vaginally for good measure. Very wet. And I stayed wetter afterward, too.

GoLove cannabis lube review flowers Phallophile

I went about my routine: I was doing some data entry for a side gig of mine, and that was normal at first. Maybe 20 minutes into the work, I started thinking, “This isn’t too bad! (Why do I find this irritating normally, again?!)”

Then my cheeks felt warm, hot almost. Rosy. It was pleasant.

So I stopped what I was doing and went for the vibrators. I felt so sedate, I didn’t want to do any more work. Another few minutes in, vibrators lined up and ready to go, I was glad I’d picked out the dualstimulating toys. Because I wasn’t holding two toys at once or doing any thrusting, nah.

I decided some music would be nice, though—and flipped by an old nude of my partner while changing between apps. I was super turned-on, even more than usual. (And this was quite an old pic: but at that moment, it seemed almost like new, with all the thrill of new desire.) I’m very selective about my porn, so I didn’t feel the impetus to go search any out…that takes effort. Why not just fantasize?

So I lay there for a while, in the dark, absorbing all the feelings. The vibration, the warmth, the openness.

Interestingly, my nipples felt really great during this, and I rubbed a shot of GoLove around the areolae. I usually ignore my tits during play, they don’t do much for me, so this was a fun twist.

At the chillest part of the journey, I realized I wanted someone else to be doing it all for me. I wanted to be ordered around, dominated. Because I sure wasn’t making any decisions here. Or being felt up would be good. Or just held. Anything, really; I craved another person’s warm body, the touch of their skin on mine.

I’m a bit of a freak orgasmically, as it’s really super easy for me to come—especially given the right motivation, and the right tools for the job. If I want more orgasms normally, I’ll simply pull out my sex machine, and a great wand vibrator, and/or a lovely soft dildo. So I wouldn’t say I orgasmed more while on GoLove—that was not what I was looking for from the product, personally.

What did happen is that I felt more restful, to the point where I could focus on just existing around what was going on with my clitoris and vagina.

That part reminded me of wearing a blindfold during sex play: where you can not get overwhelmed by visual cues, and you can concentrate on feelings (and/or your partner’s words) more. Except, using GoLove was akin to wearing a blindfold while super-relaxed. Imagine:

  1. you’ve just won five grand in the lottery, AND
  2. you’re on vacation somewhere really nice, AND
  3. there’s no coronavirus.

High-five, right?! I was so laid back that orgasms weren’t even the end goal—very odd for me, since orgasms are my favorite natural high. I would definitely want to use this when I’m able to hook up with my BFWB next, maybe a few squirts of GoLove 30 minutes before, to go into a dom-sub type of scene a little calmed down.

The come-down from GoLove wasn’t jagged, like the sharp withdrawal I’ve gotten from THC, not even pot. With GoLove, I started feeling lightly sad, and I wanted to curl up in a ball and hold myself for 5 minutes. Then I stood up, and 5 minutes after that, I felt just about normal. Another 15 minutes passed, and I was wanting to analyze numbers and people again; I was back to my usual self.

So, overall, I thought GoLove lasted about 2 hours post-application, with and hour and a half where I was feeling its effects. It’s not something that will stay in your system and leave its mark for an extended period, if you are concerned about CBD / have never tried it before. The recommendations in the GoLove instruction guide say to use 3 to 4 pumps, and I did just slightly more, so I’d suggest experimenting there: less to begin with, and you can always add a little more.

Review GoLove Best CBD lube water based silky consistency
It’s slick ‘n’ pretty thick, especially for a water-based!

My Friend’s Experience: Painful Sex

Sex can be incredibly pleasurable—but what if it brings you pain, instead?

My friend Kim was born with cerebral palsy and agreed to let me share a little of her thoughts on CBD lube and pain—since I don’t typically experience painful sex myself. Kim’s had 2 back surgeries and a neck surgery in the past 10 years, and penetrative sex really isn’t her thing; I think my constant dildo reviews are a bit of a mystery to her, but she listens to what’s up next when I care to share!

She’s a very private person about intimate things, but opened up and wrote this for me:

Sex is a hard thing for me because I am afraid of the pain. I have been married twice and had sex when needed, but it was more for my ex-husbands. Since my boyfriend and I broke up last year, I have tried a few toys and started using lubricant at the suggestion of my friend [Phallophile], and that does help. This GoLove CBD was smoother than I had expected, I thought it coated well and it stayed. Half an hour after I put it on, I was thinking, it feels warmer than usual down there. When I used a vibrator, I thought I could feel a little more and I also was more relaxed, so I wanted to keep going longer, and I was able to orgasm, which I can’t sometimes. I would say it was maybe 50% more comfortable with GoLove, I could feel something different happening.

Overall GoLove Lube Thoughts

If you’re looking for a lube that

  • calms / reduces pain momentarily,
  • warms doesn’t contain menthol, and
  • takes you somewhere that life is less urgent,

then CBD lubricants are 100% worth trying.

GoLove is unique because it is water-based, not oil-based like so many other CBD lubricants. It doesn’t feel greasy, it feels more natural; it’s easier to clean off sex toys (and non-staining); and it’s also safe with condoms. 100% the best CBD lube for safety all-around that way.

GoLove is thick, wet, vegan, pH-balanced, and super-luxe. A little can go quite a ways, but be patient! I’d recommend starting with 4 squirts of GoLove, really rubbing it into your genitals, then waiting up to 45 minutes for the effect to kick in.

Find GoLove lubes here.

SAVE 20% at checkout ⬆️⬆️ by entering code PHAL20.

GoLove CBD




Easy application


Toy & condom compatibility


Overall experience



  • Thick, slick
  • Water-based so it doesn't make a mess & works with condoms
  • Calming, lets me focus on sensation more


  • You need to figure out the right amount for you!
  • Pricier than normal lube


  1. Or you can have a spare towel set aside to oil-up, but what if you want to move around? Play freely!
  2. Obviously, this is not going to remove chronic, lingering pain long-term, but it helps with everyday blahs and calms the pelvic floor temporarily when surrounding parts of the body are affected by pain regularly.
  3. I swear I wrote this before I later noticed that “Silky glide” was a bullet point on the GoLove box 😊

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