First Blogiversary Sex Toy Giveaway!!!

Note: This giveaway has now ended! Thanks for reading my site and celebrating my first year of blogging, if you were able to participate!

FREE SEX TOYS—who doesn’t want them? (Especially when they’re body-safe!) Before I became a blogger, I entered a lot of sex toy giveaways. I never won, but the thought of getting something new and fun, without spending a dime, was tantalizing.

That’s why I wanted to give away as many toys as possible for my first blog anniversary—to give you a better chance to win. To be honest, giving away toys is even more thrilling than entering to win them!

True to my style, the options are mostly dildos—I’ve posted 44 silicone dildo reviews in the past year (including the Stronic G thrusting pulsator!!! ????), with another 6 in the works—and I’m working toward my goal of swimming in a pool of platinum silicone toys. ???? But I’ve also included my favorite bullet vibes and butt plug! The twenty total prizes come to a grand total of $1,331.87 retail value (plus winners get free shipping). Score!

Sex toy collection
Almost my entire collection as of April 30, 2018! It just keeps growing…

So here’s the deal: Pick your three favorites listed in this post (below) as the first step of entering the giveaway. (Make sure you’re sure, because no changes are possible.) If you only want one or two of these toys, feel free to name only those.

Conditions: This giveaway ends May 27 at midnight Pacific time. Each winner has 48 hours to respond back to me via e-mail. (Otherwise a new winner will be chosen.) Contest is only open to entrants 18 years or older.

Good luck!!!

Phallophile Reviews 1st Blogiversary Giveaway



SheVibe ships to the US plus Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom (shipping details here).

  • $100 SheVibe gift card: What’s better than whatever you want??? SheVibe has a huge selection, and it’s hard not to have fun while browsing their colorful site.

Peepshow Toys

Peepshow Toys only stocks quality body-safe products and has been a massive supporter of my work from the beginning! Their handpicked collections are excellent.

(Note that though shipping is free, international winners are responsible for any duties or customs incurred.)

  • NS Novelties ColourSoft 5″ (product listing / my review): I happened to start reviewing for Peepshow Toys soon after the ColourSoft dildos were released—a happy coincidence, because I love these things, and my readers apparently do too! If you’re tired of your realistic dildos being too firm, then go ColourSoft.
  • FemmeFunn Ultra Bullet (product listing / my review): This vibe competes with the all-powerful We-Vibe Tango for strength, plus the silky silicone exterior makes it more enjoyable to hold, and flexible.
  • b-Vibe Snug Plug (product listing / my review): I love the added weight inside these silicone-coated plugs. And the thin stem makes them great for long-term wear. They’re available in four sizes, ranging from 0.8″ max. diameter to 1.7″. You choose your size!
  • NS Novelties Luxe Electra bullet (product listing / my review): The highly textured NS Luxe Princess is my new favorite clit vibe, but…it’s a real PITA to clean, so I’m giving away its more-user-friendly twin, the Luxe Electra! This large bullet has powerful middle-of-the-road vibes, for whose who don’t need rumbly to the max.
  • Screaming O Charged Vooom bullet (product listing / my review): This is a nice, small bullet that I wish had been my first clit vibe. Its vibrations are pretty darn rumbly for the price, and it fits well inside any silicone bullet hole dildo.


Tantus is a BIG name in the silicone dildo world, and I was super excited when they sent me my first ever review toy last year: the Vamp Super Soft, part of their awesome new line of squishier toys.

  • Vamp Super Soft (product listing / my review): Big-headed and flexible, the Vamp SS is great for those who want a softer toy that’s not incredibly phallic. In metallic purple.


Vibrant is an all-body-safe, feminist sex shop that donates part of its proceeds to supporting Planned Parenthood.

  • Fun Factory Boss dildo (product listing / my review): I rave about softer silicone a lot…but I know that many people like it harder! The Fun Factory Boss is a rigid silicone with a wicked ridge for lots of G-spot or prostate stim. Winner chooses between black and pink.

Mr. Hankey’s Toys

Mr. Hankey’s used to do only LARGE realistic dildos, but now they’re expanding to fantasy toys and smaller (like, still pretty big…) sizes!

  • Dragon dildo, size small (product listing / my review): I may have a thing for dragon dildos, and this Dragon is my new fave fantasy toy. So much texture! The winner’s Dragon will be available in the firmness and (standard) color of their choice.1 Be warned that this is still a big toy: almost 2.5″ diameter.
  • Rentman realistic lifecast dildo (product listing): I’m pretty disappointed I don’t own one of these, to be honest. Rentman (size small) is one imposing silicone dick, at just under 2″ diameter and 7.5″ insertable length. Also winner’s choice for firmness and color.

Uberrime Dildos

Uberrime is an independent artist who sells on Etsy and on his website here. I’m extremely impressed with the quality of his craftsmanship, designs, and colors.

  • Night King dildo (listing here): I love my new Night King! The Game-of-Thrones-inspired coloration is gorgeous, first of all; plus the toy has two of my fave dildo features: a big head (double ridges!) and lots of shaft texture. And it’s looooong. In 7.5A-shore silicone, I think the texture is noticeable without being overwhelming. But it’s definitely not for those who like smooth or slick dildos. Comes with a matching butt plug too.
  • Splendid custom-colored dual-density dildo (listing here / review here): This is an excellent G-spotting toy, IMO: it has a prominent, forward-curving head, and the firmness is just right for me. Uberrime Dildos is unique in allowing buyers to choose colors for their dual-density dildo, so we’re giving the winner that option! 120 possible color combos for this toy. Also comes with a matching plug.


Vixen Creations

No silicone-dildo-focused giveaway would be complete with some VixSkin. Many folks regard Vixen Creations’s VixSkin line of dual-density silicone as the most realistic dildos on the market.

  • VixSkin Johnny, Tie-Bright coloration (listing here / my review): Johnny is a pretty big dildo (about 1.9″ max. diameter), but its super-soft outer layer makes it more comfortable—and oh so fun to clench around. This Johnny comes in the Tie Bright (orange, pink, and blue) coloration that used to be exclusive to Mustang!

Blush Novelties

  • Avant D5 dildo (listing here / my review) times two: The Avant D5 is one of my top 5 dildos: pretty impressive considering that I’m usually drawn to more textured things! This toy’s uniform girth, subtle head, and medium-firm silicone make it stand out as a riding dildo.
  • Avant D3 dildo (listing here / my reviewtimes two: This dildo’s pretty colors disguise its seriously impactful nature. For G-spotting or for deeper stim, the Avant D3 makes its presence known.
  • Real Nude Ergo dual-density dildo (listing here / my reviewtimes two: The Real Nude Ergo is a great toy if you like smoother, gentler dildos. The squishy outer layer of silicone (like VixSkin) is perfect for clenching or for comfortable thrusting. (Great as an anal dildo, IMO!) The giveaway Ergo is in indigo blue.

Pleasure Forge

Pleasure Forge is a fantasy toy maker that specializes in Dungeons-and-Dragons-themed dildos and other monsters!

  • Illithid fantasy dildo, size medium (see this listing for shape and size but not color! / my review): The Illithid’s two sides are a really fun contrast: a slick front, with a super-ridgy back. (And eight tentacles!) Coolest of all, it comes in a psychedelic, UV-reactive marble (see examples of this coloration here and here). I reviewed the large Illithid; the medium size is 4.75″ insertable length and 1.5″ to 2″ tapered diameter.

Thanks so much for participating, and I hope you’ve enjoyed my blog!

  1. No elaborate marbles, sorry!

34 thoughts on “First Blogiversary Sex Toy Giveaway!!!”

  1. Wow this giveaway is incredible. It was so difficult to decide, but was a great opportunity to check out all the super cool toys!

  2. I wanted to comment on your silicone firmness guide but for some reason no comment box shows up for me? Idk what’s up with that. Anyway, wanted to say that that post is SUPER informative and taught me a lot – thanks so much for making it!

    • Oh wow, thanks for letting me know about that!!! It looks like the three posts I’ve marked as “cornerstone content” don’t include the contact form; maybe it’s a plug-in conflict. Aaaagh. I have to work on that.

      Thanks for the kind words too!

  3. Hey! I got here through your reddit post and I’m feeling so giddy/excited by entering your giveaway! I’m usually too shy to even consider having a toy, so thank you so much for doing this. You’re inspiring me to open up to new possibilities, I’m loving your blog, and hope your success just keeps increasing!

  4. Hi Felicity, I just recently read one of your reviews and I am amazed. I think we have the same taste in toys. I am trying to find the perfect dildo. I have tried a few but each one has something missing. My man loves to make me squirt with the toys which I never even thought was real until about 6 months ago and I can’t get enough. What I want is a soft, curved, powerful, big (1.5-2.0 depending on squish) squishy and firm. I have spent a lot of money already and I need your help. I got a rabbit come hither but I hate the rabbit because the gets in my way. I got doc Johnson Big D but no vibe and no curve and a little too floppy. I have a lucid dream but it is too hard. The toys on my wish list are Lelo Mona 2, Fun Factory Big Boss or Big Boss G5, Tantus Adam , General, Destiny, few more from Tantus like the curve or acute but may be small. Also I need some small easy to hold and powerful vibes. The best one I have is the mini swan but I am always hitting the power off button by mistake. I am considering the we touch, tango and the Femme fun diamond wand. I am looking for Will you help me! I want a good collection but cannot just go out and get it all! I like rechargeable but it would be nice to have some good powerful battery toys in case I forget to charge them.
    Thank you so much! I love your blogs.They are really helpful. I want to test some toys too!!! I would be a perfect candidate!

    • It sounds like you need a dual-density silicone dildo, IMO! They’re a combination of squishy and firm, with their soft exteriors and firm cores. They’re the closest you’ll come to a real penis in dildo form, if that’s what you’re looking for. I have a detailed comparison of this type of toy here. The Blush Real Nude dildos are the most affordable option, and VixSkin is probably the most popular (especially Mustang, which has a really nice curve and head; I’d also recommend Johnny). The Adam O2 is one of these, but I think it’s been discontinued in favor of the Adam Super Soft, which doesn’t have the firm core.

      The Njoy Pure Wand is really the ultimate toy for squirting (for *most* people, not all), but if you’re looking to stimulate your clit at the same time, you and your partner may have to work around the really big curve. Also, it’s super-firm.

      It’s good you didn’t like the Doc Johnson Super D, actually, because it’s made of TPE, which is porous and will harbor bacteria with time and exposure to water and heat. All the other toys you mentioned are body-safe.

      I haven’t held a Fun Factory Big Boss myself, but I hear the vibes are really strong. No curve, though.

      And as for the vibes…The Tango and Touch are both incredibly rumbly and strong. It just depends on whether you want your stimulation to be more pinpoint (like the Tango) or a little broader (like the Touch, which has that scoop shape). I did a bullet vibe comparison recently; here’s the final results section! For power, I’d say to get the Touch/Tango or the FemmeFunn Bullet. Or a wand if you want extra broad stimulation.

      I’ve been offered a Diamond Wand for review but haven’t received it yet, so I can’t say anything about the quality specifically, but FemmeFunn is making good products.

      Haha, yeah, I’m swimming in review toys right now, it’s crazy! I totally understand wanting to spend as little as possible, because I couldn’t have bought so many toys on my own.

      Let me know if you have any more questions. 🙂

  5. Super stoked to see fantasy dildos! That dragon would definitely have been a pick if I thought there was any hope of being able to shove it up my vag, heh. I’d heard of some of these indie makers but not all; it’s nice to find more variety in monster dong.

    • Yes, it is a big size still. Right now Mr. Hankey’s is working to make smaller sizes (“extra small”) for the Dragon and their other multiple-size toys. I would’ve liked to include the extra small as an option for the giveaway, but it’s a month too early!

      Besides Mr. Hankey’s and Pleasure Forge, Xenocat Artifacts and Strange Bedfellas (both on Etsy) make some nice monster dongs!

  6. What am amazing collection and giveaway! I’m really excited I find your blog (thru Twitter)… I LOVE dragons, too… Always have and I really need to have one in my collection. Which is the best feeling I’ve you’ve got? Off to read more…!

  7. I appreciate your reviews very much as someone who likes softer silicone and colorful toys – I got the colours soft 8 inch after reading your review as I was looking for a larger, soft, inexpensive silicone dildo to try out. It did not disappoint 🙂

  8. Thank you so much for this giveaway! I have the worst luck with giveaways, but I can only hope to be blessed for this one. I hope you have a great week ahead of you. 🙂

  9. What an amazing line-up of prizes! Congrats on your milestone and thank you for sharing with us!!

    Fingers crossed that I can snag a Hankey’s Dragon, which I’ve fallen in love with ever since I read its review here.

  10. Avant D5 dildo Rentman realistic lifecast dildo Night King dildo would love to add these to my toy collection. It would be amazing

  11. Congrats on the 1 year! I discovered you through Reddit (yeah, that place sucks sometimes), but I will be staying because of you.


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