Coming Out, Pt. 1: Bisexual

Coming Out pt 1 bisexual pride

I’m a pleaser — I truly enjoy making other people happy. If only for a moment! I selected “Felicity” as my pseudonym (my blogger name): 1. to match the …

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DP Me, Baby: My Anal Stretching Diary

Anal Stretching Diary crop 1000px

I used to hate putting things up my butt—especially my partner’s penis—because I found it so uncomfortable and unrewarding. This post details my own anal stretching experience and gives …

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My New Favorite Sex Toys of 2017

Top Sex Toys 2017 featured

2017 was a big year for me—some really unfortunate things happened, that’s for sure, but I also started this blog. During my almost eight months of sex blogging, you …

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