Scifi Erotics Zuklat Review

Scifi Erotics’ Zuklat the Dayneb alien dildo taught me a valuable lesson: I’m not, in fact, a size queen. Instead, I’m some kind of lesser size royalty, like a duchess …

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Tantus Vamp Super Soft Review

New York Toy Collective Double-Sided Suction Cup Tantus Vamp Super Soft 1200px

Tantus’ new Vamp Super Soft is everything I had hoped for from the original Vamp. This revamped Vamp still has an above-average-sized, nicely rounded head with a protruding coronal ridge, …

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Shapely Toys Binate Review

For anyone interested in abstract, nonrepresentational dildos, I can’t recommend Shapely Toys enough. The designs are creative and unique, the service is fast, all toys are very reasonably priced, and customs …

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