Review: Funkit Toys NoFrillDo Budget Silicone Dildos, G and B

I’m always on the lookout for new and affordable sex toys—especially silicone dildosthat I can confidently recommend. But the fact is that the vast majority of inexpensive sex toys are mass-produced in China. The big companies that order them can afford to make less per item because the product sells in such huge quantities.

Funkit Toys’ new NoFrillDo dildos are an exception to the rule: they’re handmade by one person in the United States, but they still cost under $25. The NoFrillDos’ clever name describes these toys beautifully: they’re dildos without frills. (Though I’d argue that the R dildo does have some frills.)Funkit Toys NoFrillDo B G Dildos grass

I have to admit that I like frills—A LOT. So, though I might not be the intended target for the NoFrillDos, I’m pleased that my husband and I got the chance to test out two of the three available shapes. We’ll start with the least-frilly dil of the bunch…

NoFrillDo Model G (The Smooth One)

The G Dildo, I assume, got its letter because it’s the most G-spot-friendly NoFrillDo. As mentioned, my G-spot prefers more texture, so I tested the G Dildo briefly before passing it off to my husband’s prostate. In that time, I found I liked the curve well enough. It’s not drastic; it stimulates in a very subtle way. Plus, the toy glides very smoothly because of its glossy finish. I can see it being a good option for vagina owners who find more imposing toys to be painful. The G Dildo’s girth less-than-average girth—a consistent 1.25″ diameter—also contributes to its gentleness.

This is one reason why I hoped the G Dildo would work well for my partner’s butt, since he’s fairly new to anal play. The top of the dildo is slightly tapered, which helps. Inserting the toy was no problem, and again, the silicone’s gloss finish means smoother sailing. With a bit of upward angling, I can get the G Dildo’s slight curve to hit his prostate and apply consistent pressure. I don’t think the shape is the most ideal for intense prostate stimulation, but it’s good for thrusting because it isn’t extreme.Funkit Toys NoFrillDo G B comparison

Also, NoFrillDo G’s insertable length1 is more generous than many dildos of the same girth. I welcomed this, since we tried it in a harness next. The length was enough to allow me to have extra room, to pull back farther, while penetrating him doggy-style. He describes the dildo as “a good kind of intense,” with a nice curve that wasn’t too much, especially for a pegging beginner.

Funkit Toys NoFrillDo B G Dildos fence comparison

I don’t have too many dildos whose bases will remain perched on my fence without falling over!

But because this NoFrillDo is kinda long in proportion to its thickness, it’s pretty flexible in a harness. It wiggles up and down and needs some guidance—even though the silicone is slightly firm. I also attribute the wiggliness to the NoFrillDo G’s smaller base. It lets the dildo angle downward more than a toy with a larger base would—making that prostate-seeking curve harder to achieve overall. But on a positive note, the small base is exactly the size I’m always looking for from the dildos I thrust by hand!

Which leads me to the NoFrillDo B…

NoFrillDo Model B (The Bumpy One)

The NoFrillDo B (for “bumpy”?) is the thickest shape in the series, at 1.36″ max. diameter; it’s also just slightly shorter than the G. The top of the dildo starts out looking almost phallic, but then comes to a point in the center (the first “bump”), followed by another bump of the same shape. Together, the two ridges make for firm, focused stimulation. In the top, oh, 40% of the toy, the total width feels like less than an inch across because of how much the bumps stick out.Funkit Toys NoFrillDo B Pink 2

The rest of the B Dildo is extremely smooth, a quality further enhanced by how slick the silicone is. If you hate drag in your toys, then know that the NoFrillDos are the exact opposite.

I found the B Dildo less flexible than the G because of the B’s straightness, lack of taper, and (slightly) thicker girth. This is not a dildo that will wrap around my vulva.

Overall Thoughts

All together, the NoFrillDos are simple, quality options that I would recommend to anyone looking for a smaller, slicker dildo. In particular, the NoFrillDo Model G is excellent for gentle stimulation, while the Model B’s bumps are better for those who enjoy really focused stimulation. I didn’t ask to test out the Model R because I imagine it would be similar to my experience with the Split Peaches Unicorn Horn: really nice for twisting around slowly, but not so much for thrusting (which I’m all about).

You can check out all three NoFrillDos in pink or blue at Peepshow Toys here. Spend even less (10% off) anytime when you use code FELICITY at checkout.

My thanks to Peepshow Toys for sending me these unfrilled dils in exchange for my honest review.

Believe me, I will tell you when something does not work for me or when I think it’s badly designed. By making your next purchase through my affiliate links, you can support my writing at absolutely no cost to you. (In fact, you’ll save money by using my discount codes.)

  1. Technically about 6.5″ inches, but for practical purposes (assuming you’re not sitting on the dil), maybe 6.2″.

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  1. Wilde

    May 28, 2018 at 3:30am

    This is a great review! I love how you have perspectives from both your self and your partner. I’m always looking for toys to use with my various partners, and I’ve been looking at the NoFrillDo line for a while. Looks like I know what my next purchase is gonna be!

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