Njoy Pure Wand Technique: Tips for G-Spot and Prostate Pleasure

The Njoy Pure Wand… It’s the stuff of legend in the sex toy community—praised above any other insertable toy. Its G-spotting (and prostate) prowess is shouted from the rooftops; it has a reputation for making users squirt buckets. And no one will deny that the Pure Wand is an amazingly well designed toy—311 medical grade stainless steel cast in an ergonomic, user-friendly shape.

But even though I’d heard all these amazing claims about the Pure Wand stainless steel dildo, I held off on getting one for the longest time. I first saw the Pure Wand when I was reading a “best sex toys” guide about five years ago, when I was a sex toy noob. And you know what? Its appearance scared me—all that cold, hard metal, curved in such a dramatic way. My first thought was: WHY???Njoy Pure Wand Stainless Steel Dildo full length

At the time I was looking for a realistic dildo to stick on the wall and fuck my brains out with, so the Njoy Pure Wand’s elegance was totally lost on me. But this year, I finally decided to get a Pure Wand because I kept noticing isolated cases where someone would read one of the many positive reviews of the Pure Wand, then buy one and be as confused as I was when I first saw the thing. I’ve read questions like: Why can’t I orgasm from this? Am I doing something wrong? Do you have any tips?

This guide on how to use the Njoy Pure Wand aims to help folks who don’t immediately have mind-blowing orgasms and squirt/ejaculate all over their bed when they start using the toy. G-spot orgasms usually aren’t easy, and neither are prostate orgasms—that’s why I’ve asked All Male Sex Toys to help me out, by sharing all the knowledge he’s gained from five years of Pure Wand use. (Seriously, check out his site if you want well-written reviews of penis and prostate toys.)

Nothing works the same way for everyone, but I hope that our Njoy Pure Wand prostate and G-spot tips will help you enjoy your Pure Wand experience! And, if you’re looking to pick up a legit Pure Wand, skip to the end for a 15%-off discount code!

G-Spot Massage (by Phallophile Reviews)

Start SLOW.

I just may be an impatient masturbator, and the Njoy Pure Wand G-Spot Dildo is not the toy I pull out when I want quick and easy. In my experience, the Pure Wand works best with a good bit of warmup, and with slow, gentle motions at the beginning (see #2, next).

Especially if you’re not used to large (or heavy) insertable sex toys, you may want to start with the smaller end of the Pure Wand, the 1”-diameter bulb. With either bulb, I like to put it just inside the mouth of my vagina to start.Njoy Pure Wand Stainless Steel Dildo small bulb 2

Gentle, Tugging Motions

Once that bulb is right inside the mouth of my vag, it’s great to tug it gently, staying shallow, so I really turn on all those nerve endings focused around the entrance. I think it’s fun to keep the Pure Wand shallow at first, then work deeper in as I get more aroused.

Twist and Tease

One thing I wasn’t expecting before I got a Pure Wand was how much I enjoy swinging it side to side (instead of just in and out). The Pure Wand’s curve—and smooth, lubed-up stainless steel—feels awesome swinging against my labia. Similarly, pulling the toy’s bulbous head in and out is teasing in the best way. If I combine both motions—almost pulling the big bulb out, over and over, while I twist the Pure Wand’s curve side to side—I’m seriously dripping even before I get into real G-spot stimulation.

But eventually I do need to insert the Pure Wand a little farther, because it’s a G-spotting toy if there ever was one.

Towels at the Ready? On G-Spot Stim and Squirting

First, a little background: the G-spot is tied to the urethral sponge and the erectile tissue surrounding it.1 That very science-y name, urethral sponge, means the tube between the urethra (where pee comes out) and bladder. Why is this important sexually, and what the hell does it have to do with the Pure Wand? Because in people with vaginas, the tissue around this area gets filled with blood during arousal, just like in people with penises, making it very, very difficult to piss while you’re fully turned on.

Because when you have the Pure Wand’s bulb pressing down on your G-spot, you will feel like you have to pee. With any kind of intense G-spot stimulation, in fact, it’s super common for vagina owners to think they need to urinate. (If you’re ever uncomfortable and do actually need to pee, then by all means take a break.) But I always think it’s tragic when I read someone saying something like: “My girlfriend hasn’t ever reached orgasm during sex, she just feels like she needs to pee and then she makes me stop/she holds back.” Usually, you have to push through this kind of cross-signaling, learn to relax and it ignore it, in order to have a satisfying G-spot or blended (clitoral + vaginal) orgasm.

So sure, have your towels ready just in case—if only for your peace of mind. The key with the Pure Wand is finding the right depth, probably two or three inches into the vagina2 (and on the side facing your belly button), so you get that Oh wow, I need to let go feeling. Then, embrace the sensation, because it can really be a unique kind of high once you get used to it.

I once took a lover who’d read something about squirting and the Pure Wand and squirting. (Like this humorous advice from Epiphora, who says you’ll need “at least three towels.”) Anyway, my fuck buddy teased me about how I was going to squirt all over when he used the Pure Wand on me. And you know what? I didn’t, either when I was with him or ever, when I’ve used the Pure Wand solo. Many people just don’t ejaculate from vaginal stimulation. Others do, and they think the release feels amazing. To each their own!

Don’t Forget the Clit

So G-spot orgasms are great, G-spot orgasms are wonderful, G-spot orgasms are my god. (You think I’m joking, don’t you? 😉) But the reality is that the vast majority of people with vaginas are going to want clitoral stimulation too while they’re getting their G-spot massaged. The easiest way is with a nice bullet vibe: the We-Vibe Tango is an excellent companion to the Pure Wand, or check out my bullet comparison guide for more affordable options.

But I apparently like making my life difficult—the easy way??? what’s that?!—so I typically use the Pure Wand alone to stimulate everything. With the big bulb in place about three inches inside my vag, the Pure Wand’s stunning curve wraps around to put pressure on the oh-so-sensitive mouth of my vag and my urethra (also yes). If I angle it forward enough, like so the small bulb is almost sitting on my pubic mound, I can rub the Pure Wand’s curved “shaft” right underneath my clit. The clitoral stimulation is off and on, as I rock the stainless steel back and forth, so it’s a tease rather than the kind of pressure that’ll get me off. Again, though, it’s pretty damn fun!


This is the most obvious way, IMO, to use the Pure Wand: jerking it in and out. (Though I may be biased: I love thrusting toys.) Slow strokes, fast strokes, whatever—the motion I’m describing is insistent, rhythmic, boom-boom-boom.

If I have the Pure Wand angled far enough toward my clit, the toy’s tail end curves around my pubic mound so I almost get the sensation of jerking a dick that’s coming from my body—while I’m also getting tons of vaginal stimulation. (Let’s just ignore the fact that the Pure Wand is hard and slick.)

While thrusting the Pure Wand—like with any toy—the key is to listen to your body. Shorter, semi-fast thrusts work best for me because they keep the Pure Wand’s bulb in close contact with my G-spot. Thrusting fanatic that I am, I sometimes feel compelled to start jerking the Pure Wand like there’s no tomorrow. But, unlike with my favorite silicone dildos, “really fast” doesn’t equal “really good” with the Pure Wand and me. This toy is all about the heavy pressure from the stainless steel, and moving it fast not only decreases G-spot contact, but the motion may even be uncomfortable. When I get overeager and go too hard with the Pure Wand, the bulb beats against my pubic bone (inside my vag) in an ouch-y way. That’s why I’ve learned to stick to shorter, mid-speed thrusts for maximum effect.

On Overstimulation: Pause and Reassess

Speaking of “too much,” sensitive users may get overstimulated by the Pure Wand’s intense pressure. Not only do I sometimes go too fast, but the Pure Wand’s elegant curve has a tendency to want to go deeper. I don’t even realize how deep it is until I stop and realize that it’s gone past my G-spot and is shooting for my A-spot3—occasionally hitting my cervix in the process.

This kind of deep play can either be amazing or produce a response like “Whoa, back off!” in any individual user.

If you ever reach a point where you want the pressure to stop, then try letting the Pure Wand just hang out, a few inches into your vagina, for a spell. When I do this (lying flat on my back), I find that the Pure Wand’s weight feels really great just pressing down on the back wall of my vag. Meanwhile, the big bulb is chilling out, with its curve against my G-spot (about three inches in—your distance may vary some). Stopping to take in all these sensations enhances what I feel while I play with my clit.

Dealing with the Weight

Everyone will agree that the Pure Wand is a heavy motherfucker when you’re actually using it. When I first picked one up, I was thinking, Eh, it’s not that much at all, I don’t know what people are complaining about. The Pure Wand’s 1.7-pound weight may not feel too hefty in hand (unlike the Njoy Eleven, yikes!). But once you stick this thing inside your body and move it around for 15 minutes or so, you will start to feel the heaviness kick in.Njoy Pure Wand Stainless Steel Dildo in hand

If I was a new-ish sex toy buyer rather than a skilled dildo-thruster, my wrists would 10/10 be overwhelmed by the Pure Wand before I reached orgasm. So what do you do if you’re using the Pure Wand solo, with no enthusiastic partner to do the work for you?

Switch hands. Yes, I’ll admit that I have a fuck-all-difficult time orgasming on a dildo when I’m masturbating left-handed. I would never switch away from my dominant hand when I was almost at the point of climax. Similarly, it can feel awkward to hold a bullet vibe against your clit using your non-dominant hand. But, especially with practice, switching hands starts to feel more natural. Just don’t make the change at a point that’ll throw off your orgasm!

Go two-handed. This position of course assumes that you’re not using a vibe simultaneously. (Or you’ve set the vibe aside for a sec to give your wrist a break.) I’ve never done this with any other toy, but the Pure Wand has made me develop a two-handed technique. I put my right hand around the outside bulb, and my left immediately underneath so that it’s carrying most of the toy’s heft. This way, I still get the feeling of going at it right-handed while my right wrist gets a nice break. This position will limit the depth you can achieve with the Wand, so it’s best for G-spot stim rather than deeper pressure.

Take a break! When all else fails, see the previous step. Just stopping to feel the Pure Wand’s weight inside you, especially while you’re stimulating your clit, can not only heighten arousal, but it’ll give your arm a break.

On Clenching and Contracting

This piece of advice applies to G-spot/vaginal orgasms in general. The need to squeeze or clench around a toy is often an important step toward getting off. The clenching motion can draw more blood flow into your pelvic floor/PC/kegel muscles, increasing arousal. In the end all orgasms are involuntary muscular contractions, but you can choose to contract your muscles to get closer to that orgasm. In my opinion, clenching around a toy is hottest when I’m really aroused, and when I imagine a partner telling me to hold off just a little longer, edging me, and saying I’ll be rewarded for my efforts.

Whatever I’m doing with the Pure Wand, its hard pressure makes me especially mindful of what my pelvic muscles are doing. The slick stainless steel is such a contrast with my flesh. When I started using the Pure Wand, I really didn’t want to clench around it because the hardness seemed so much less satisfying than squeezing my vag around a soft silicone dildo. But I absolutely need to clench, off and on, increasingly urgently, in order to orgasm from the Pure Wand’s bulbous head. Tightening my muscles like this makes me ready for the climax to finally wash over my body.

Using Other Toys Afterward

The Pure Wand is strange for me: once I’ve come on it, I really don’t want to keep going. It’s so much pressure that I need a break, whereas with a silicone dildo I have no problem thrusting away after the first (or second or third) orgasm.

Once, I spent half an hour working my way toward getting off with the Pure Wand. Tugging, stroking, rocking, and thrusting—the buildup was intense, and then I finally came on this beast of a toy. (It seemed especially heavy then!) But a minute or two later, I realized I was still kinda turned on, so I pulled out a big, squishy, vibrating realistic dildo and let it sit inside me for a couple minutes, because my forearm was tired… After that I jerked it for about a minute, and I was still so hot from the Pure Wand orgasm that I started coming, and coming, and I think I must’ve gotten off at least ten times.

Now, I’m a bit of a freak orgasmically, so I can’t guarantee you the same results, but the point is: Even if you find the Pure Wand to be a little much sometimes, it can intensify orgasms you have with other toys afterward. If, like most vulva owners, you find clitoral stimulation more rewarding than pure vaginal, then definitely keep going with a vibe after you’ve gotten off on the Pure Wand plus vibe. You might make it to multiple orgasms you wouldn’t have had otherwise.

What Lube Is Best?

Water-based lubes are compatible with all sex toys, as there’s no worry about silicone lube interacting with cured platinum silicone. The problem with water-baseds, of course, is that they dry up: they get absorbed into your tissue and you have to reapply. (Especially if you’re someone who doesn’t naturally self-lubricate much, or it’s the wrong time of the month, or any number of other reasons.)Njoy Pure Wand Stainless Steel Dildo lube comparison

Personally, I think that a hybrid lube—Sliquid Silk is excellent—feels best with the Pure Wand. It lasts longer than a water-based, but I don’t feel like the Pure Wand’s slick surface is trying to slide out of my hand like I do when I use a silicone lube or an oil-based lube. (Though All Male’s opinion differs on silicone lube—it’s totally possible he’s just less sloppy with lube application than I am. ☺)

That said, silicone and oil-based lubes do have the most lasting power, so I can see why others would prefer those instead. If I was more into using the Pure Wand anally, I’d whip out my jar of The Butters like I do with my Njoy Pure Plug, because I want my ass to be as well greased as possible before it gets thrust into. (But a quick word of warning: latex and polyisoprene [like Skyn] condoms will degrade if they come into contact with oil-based lubes, so if you’re wanting to have protected sex with a partner in the same play session, avoid oil!)

Prostate Massage (by All Male Sex Toys)

So you’re looking for a great sex toy for some awesome prostate play? I reviewed the Pure Wand back in 2013 for All Male Sex Toys, and it quickly became one of my favorites for prostate play. Five years—and many other prostate massagers—later, I still haven’t come across anything that works quite like the Njoy Pure Wand for prostate play.  While the weight of this thing makes it a great choice for garden variety anal play, and it’s fun to pop your hole with either one of the balled ends, I’m going to focus on using the Pure Wand as a prostate massager.

Find Your Prostate

If you’re an old pro at prostate play, you can skip this step. But I’d hate to contribute something on prostate massage and make the assumption that everyone knows where to find their P-spot. The prostate is a gland that is located near the base of the urethra and can be stimulated by applying pressure on the anterior wall of the anus. It’s not too far up inside your hole (about 3 inches), but the location can vary slightly from person to person. There are plenty of online tutorials for prostate play, but for this guide I’m going to link to a video I found a while ago. It’s only two minutes long and not only shows you how to easily locate the prostate with fingers, but also throws out some tips on things like lube, gloves, and enemas. You know, for added comfort and cleanliness. Oh, and how to use a Gatorade bottle to find just what you’re looking for. VIDEO: How to Find and Massage Your Prostate.

Prepare the Pure Wand…and Your Hole

As with any kind of anal play, the most important thing I can share with you is to relax before you begin your session. Preplan your prostate play so you can gradually relax as the hour approaches. Soak in a hot bath if it helps. As suggested in the above video, consider douching your ass before you play. It tends to make things cleaner and can help you feel more relaxed, especially if you’re using warm water in the enema bottle. It’s a good idea to warm the toy, too, especially if the metal is cold to the touch. Though you can quickly heat the wand under warm or hot running water, I’ve found it works just as well to rub the stainless steel with your hands. This not only brings the metal up to a comfortable temperature, but it helps you get acquainted with the size, shape, and feel of the toy.Njoy Pure Wand, image by Njoy

Now it’s time to lubricate. For anal play, I typically recommend a good water-based lube, like Sliquid Sassy. It works well with any toy and goes on pretty thick. But since the Njoy toys are made out of stainless steel, you can use any type of lubricant you want. Since the Pure Wand is heavy and hard, I usually prefer a good silicone lube—like Pjur Original silicone—when I use this toy. Silicone lubricant goes on silky smooth and it lasts a lot longer than most of the water-based lubes I’ve tried.

Be sure to apply lots of lube to your hole, as well as a generous coating to the wand. If you’re using a Pure Wand for the first time, I’d suggest starting with the smaller end. With a diameter of 1” (as opposed to the larger end, which measures 1.5”) and a more slender shaft than the thicker end, it’s a manageable size for most beginners. I’d recommend lubing the shaft at least three inches under the knob, but not much beyond that to start. You don’t want the handle covered with too much lube, since you’re going to grip this part of the toy to help ease it inside you. You can always apply more lubrication as needed. Once your hole and toy are greased up, it’s time to work it in.Njoy Pure Wand two bulbs diagram, by Njoy


See the words “Start SLOW” up there in the first part of this Pure Wand guide? Let me second that. While there are softer toys and bendy toys that are more forgiving to eager anal explorers, the Pure Wand is heavy and it’s solid. If something’s got to give, this ain’t gonna be the toy. While you can work your way up to some faster thrusting and deeper penetration, it’s always smart to ease into things, especially if you’re using the Pure Wand for the first time.

Gently press the lubed ball into your lubed anal opening and carefully exert some pressure until you feel your hole open and the ball pop in. With most anal toys, I like to employ a gentle poking motion, easing a bit more of the tip into me each time I poke. There’s no rule that says you have to ram the whole thing in to the hilt on the first try, and by working it in slowly, you give your butt a chance to grow accustomed to the Pure Wand a little bit at a time. Besides, it feels pretty good to playfully pop your hole with the rounded end of this dildo, if I do say so myself!

Once you’ve got the tip in, the rest is fairly easy. Resist the urge to go quickly. The handle of the wand has a curve to it, so use a light touch and feel your way deeper. If you’ve located your prostate before this, you know in which direction to send the tip of the wand. I think what makes Njoy’s Pure Wand such an effective prostate massager is the fact that it’s really a versatile sex toy. The long, curved handle allows you to send it as deep as you need it (for prostate stimulation, anyway). If you’ve ever tried hitting your P-spot with a fixed-length prostate toy and found that the tip rests just short of the precise area you wanted to target, or the tip of the massager overshoots the bullseye, the Pure Wand might be just what you need to try. It’s so easy to move the end right where you want it, with plenty of length to satisfy everyone. And while you’ll definitely enjoy the sensations on your loaded-with-nerve-endings pucker and revel in the sensation of being filled with this heavy toy, something wonderful happens when the rounded knob makes contact with your prostate.

The P-Spot

I’ve described the sensation of the Pure Wand stimulating the prostate as like a well-placed knuckle pressing (and twisting) against the back of your neck. If you’re not used to intense prostate stimulation, it can feel almost like a shock at first. It’s definitely a strange sensation, but it can be a very pleasurable one. There’s no need to grind the metal knob deep into your prostate as soon as you make contact. Use a light touch at first, until you can ascertain how much pressure feels good to you.

At first I will typically align the ball with my P-spot and just stay totally relaxed, not even manipulating the Pure Wand while it’s inside me. You’ll actually be able to obtain stimulation just by allowing the weight of the wand to press on this sensitive area, or by using your body’s weight to bear down on the toy. If things start to feel too intense, just ease up, shift your body’s position, or gently pull the knob away from your prostate. Experiment with clenching or flexing your anal muscles, and you’ll feel the business end of the wand coming in contact with your prostate. How light or how hard is entirely up to you. You’ll quickly learn what feels good.

Before long, the steel will warm nicely from your body heat and as you grow more comfortable, you can try other maneuvers with your Pure Wand. Positioning the balled end in just the right spot and moving the handle from one side to the other—kind of like a rudder—can produce some very interesting sensations in your P-spot. Alternately, you can hold the handle in one desired position and push down on the ball that isn’t currently in your ass, using the exposed end of the wand as a sort of joystick. With the precision of manipulating a mouse pointer on a computer screen, you can control just where to send that knob inside you, and how hard (or soft) it stimulates this spot.

Want to try thrusting? I like to use very slow thrusts, easing the round tip all the way back to just inside my hole and then sliding it back up inside me, using my P-spot as a target of sorts. If you enjoy prostate stimulation from anal fucking, dildos, pegging, and the like, you already know how good this can feel. Increase speed as you go, if you feel you need things to be a little harder and/or faster.

The added length of the Pure Wand permits you to push the knob beyond your prostate. The curve in the shaft allows the ball to press into the top of mine and stimulates it from a different angle in a way no other toy can. Try some really focused massaging on this spot by moving the wand back and forth. Experiment with varying levels of muscle relaxation and clenching, just to see how the sensations differ. While I like to hold the handle so the knob is pushed directly into my P-spot, you can certainly adjust it so it veers to the left or right; even a slight adjustment might make a huge difference in how the toy makes your body respond and the level of pleasure it gives you.

You may notice preejaculatory fluid (precum) leaking from your penis as you massage your prostate with the Pure Wand. The gland produces around 30% of the liquid that makes up the ejaculated semen, so it’s not unusual to see this discharge. You can either wipe it away or use the silky fluid as lubricant while teasing your penis. Whether or not you add penile stimulation to your prostate massage session is totally up to you. Some like the heightened pleasure the prostate rubbing brings to masturbation. Others will want to focus solely on the P-spot. It’s true that some can climax solely from prostate massage. If you opt for jacking off, you’ll probably realize that by stimulating your prostate simultaneously, the resulting orgasm and ejaculation will be more intense than usual.

If you have other favorite erogenous zones, try stimulating those while using the Pure Wand. Teasing my nipples feels even better while the wand is in my ass, and playing with my balls and massaging my taint (which can target the prostate—externally—from the other side) feels great as well. The Pure Wand can be fun to use with a partner, too! Lie back and let them massage your prostate, either as a warm up to sex, or as a way to get you off. I once had a guy massage my spot with the Pure Wand during sex, and it resulted in several minutes of uncontrollable prostate orgasm. While an entirely different thing from your typical orgasm, a P-spot climax can last and last…and drive you absolutely wild. I would urge extra caution at giving control of the wand to a partner, only because this toy is heavy and hard. It won’t take much effort to punch your guts if someone else is getting a little too enthusiastic with one-and-a-half pounds of steel in your ass. Communication is key. Just like when you’re using it solo, start slow and work your way up to something more intense.

Small Ball, Big Ball?

The biggest decision might be which end to use. I think the smaller 1-inch ball is a good one to start with, especially if you’re new to the Pure Wand and/or anal play in general. The larger end adds an extra half-inch of diameter, which doesn’t sound like much more, but it might be a little too much for some, given the shaft is a little thicker on this end, too. Having used both ends, I actually prefer the smaller knob. It seems to give me better prostate stimulation and, while it doesn’t make my hole feel quite as “full,” it’s just generally the all-around better choice…for me. One nice thing about the Pure Wand is it’s easily cleaned, so you can quickly wash up one end and lube up the other, and switch back without a lot of effort. Just be careful when swinging this thing around, especially if it’s well-lubed or covered in soap. The last thing you need is to drop a big steel heavy thing on your foot or in your sink (or tub, or anything else that could be easily damaged).

Well, that’s it for my part. I’d like to thank Phallophile Reviews for inviting me to contribute to this guide. By now, you’re probably eager to introduce your prostate to your Pure Wand. I hope you have as much fun with it as I have. Happy prostate massaging!

Where to Get a Legit Pure Wand!

There are all kinds of Njoy Pure Wand knock-offs floating around on eBay, Aliexpress, Amazon, etc. If you want to ensure that you’re getting a quality product that’s made of 311 medical grade stainless, with a flawless finish so it’s totally nonporous and body-safe, then it’s best to shop at an authorized retailer, like any of the discreet online shops I support.

Pick up your own Njoy Pure Wand right now (all prices include free shipping!):

This post uses affiliate links, which don’t affect the price you pay, ever. Click through All Male Sex Toy’s link if you want him to receive a small commission in exchange for his work, or through any of my links if you want to support my writing (and help me create more dildo guides!). Our advice in this post is based on our honest experiences with this toy. Peepshow Toys sent me a Pure Wand with no strings attached, on condition that I could write about it if I wanted to!

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  1. And probably also to the inner legs of the internal clitoris, and to all kinds of fun nerve endings inside the front vaginal wall. Check out my G-spot info post if you want to get a little science-y—though there’s also a lot of speculation involved, cuz, sadly, research into female pleasure anatomy has traditionally been minimal and underfunded.
  2. Exact depth varies from person to person: some people even get the most sensation an inch or so in, while others like broader areas of their front (anterior) vaginal wall stimulated too, up to three or four inches in. In everyone, though, the G-spot is going to be on the front wall, toward the urethra and clitoris, rather than the back wall (toward the ass).
  3. Common nickname for the anterior fornix, located at the very back of the vagina’s front wall.

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