Fun Factory Stronic Surf Pulsator Review

Pulsing, massaging, and jiggling—these are all words I’d pick to describe the Fun Factory Stronic Pulsators’ unique thrusting motions. The Fun Factory Stronic Surf is a new, heavily textured member of this dynasty of pulsating superstars. The Surf’s shaft ripples with big bumps; I admit I was a little scared of them before I started testing the toy.

But I set to work, trying the Stronic Surf in all the positions Fun Factory suggests, and I ended up finding a new way to stronic. (Yes, I own so many of these toys that I’m making the name a verb now!)

G-Spot Stim

When I first saw the Stronic Surf’s design, I doubted how much I’d like it. I’m really into getting my G-spot massaged, and I could tell the Stronic Surf’s smaller head and tapered shape would translate into more pressure at my vaginal mouth—instead of higher up on the front wall, where my G-spot is. (If you’re looking for pure G-spot stim, you may want to skip to my Stronic G review instead.)

And my intuition was mostly correct: I can turn the Stronic Surf into a G-spotter, but only if I tilt the head upward at just the right angle, by moving the handle more toward my clit. Then, the Stronic Surf’s slightly curved head and first ridge create some pressure—a gentle kind of pressure—on my G-spot. This positioning only works if the Surf’s last ridge (the biggest wave?) stays outside my vag. That bump, which makes the Stronic Surf the thickest pulsator I own, juts out so much that inserting it feels awkward to me.

Luckily, the large ridge does much better things for my body when it’s left outside to play.

Dual Stimulation

Every sex toy reviewer who knows anything will tell you that dual stimulating toys (like rabbit vibes) are notoriously hit or miss: if your clit-to-vag distance is outside the norm or you like pressure on the sides of your clit, then you may not get a dual-stim toy to hit your parts right.

That’s why I can’t say whether this use will work for most people, but the tip of the Stronic Surf’s last wave actually rubs right underneath my clit, and even on my clit if I really angle the Surf’s base upward. Since I’m all about the under-the-clit massage, this is a fascinating feature. And if I have the Stronic Surf’s base aimed straight in, at a 90º angle, then the “big wave” blocks the mouth of my vag and taps against my urethra, which is also fun—in a “wow, what a new sensation, maybe I should try it again next week” kinda way.

The area between my clit and my vag is super sensitive, so I get overwhelmed by the Stronic Surf pulsating there after five minutes or so. This kind of external stim is a huge turn-on, but doesn’t consistently get me off because of the off-on-off-on motion isn’t steady enough. But it’s a good thing that I read Fun Factory’s suggestion to try turning the Stronic Surf “backwards,” as I’d call it…

Back Wall/Perineal Massage

When I first started playing with the Stronic Surf, I was so focused on it as a G-spotting toy that I didn’t even consider turning it around the other way. I first realized that the Surf felt pretty damn good “upside down” by accident when I was twisting the shaft around to see if the side ridges would do anything for my labia. (The answer: No, not too much, unless you count the friction from the draggy silicone.)

Fun Factory Stronic Surf Pulsator waves

This pulsator casts a large shadow!

When the Stronic Surf’s wavy ridges are pulsating against the back wall of my vag, I truly understand the toy’s design. It seemed strange to me at first, but now I get it. The smaller, tilted head locks into place behind my cervix; the exaggerated ridges give me the more-intense pressure I need for non-G-spot orgasms; and best of all, the biggest ridge fits perfectly against my perineum (a.k.a. taint). I love sticking this toy in and having it pulsate away against my perineum while I’m doing various things: maybe browsing my social media, or writing part of this review, or even having a conversation with a very close friend. (All things I love doing with the Stronic G locked into place, too.)

Even better is that, with the biggest bump facing backward, I have the room to use a clit vibe, something I personally couldn’t pull off when the Surf was angled upward. This positioning is by far my favorite way to use the Stronic Surf. I’ve even found—*gasp*, because I usually despise non-rhythmic thrusting—that I enjoy some of the preset Stronic patterns this way. A special nod goes to Rollerball, the first “dynamic mode” setting, which has an escalating feel.

Stronic patterns

Click to enlarge.

So What’s the Verdict?: A Stronic Pulsator Comparison

So you’re seriously considering a Stronic Pulsator but aren’t sure which to get?

Fun Factory Stronic G Stronic Real Stronic Surf Pulsator comparison shot

Stronic Real, top; Stronic Surf; and Stronic G, bottom.

Here are my thoughts on how the new Stronics (called the Pulsator II series) fit different tastes.

  • The star of this review, the Stronic Surf, is best for more intense vaginal mouth stim, and also for giving your back wall all the attention it deserves. The tapered shape will be appealing for folks who have problems taking toys with bulbous heads, like the Stronic G. The Stronic Surf is also capable of rubbing against your perineum/taint—a feeling that none of my other pulsators and thrusters give me, and one that really adds to clitoral stimulation. But keep in mind that the Stronic Surf is also the largest of the Stronics. The last ridge is over 1.8″ diameter, well above average size, though if you’re like me, you’ll want to use for external stimulation instead of inserting it. The Surf’s next-to-last ridge is much closer to average, at 5″ circumference (about 1.6″ diameter)—but that still makes it bigger than the Stronic G’s bulbous head.
  • The Stronic G’s name gives it all away: this pulsator’s meant for G-spot stimulation. I was delighted to have it as my first Stronic: I was wowwed by its fast, rhythmic motion. I still pull out the Stronic G when I want more focused G-spot pressure. But when I want something broader and more realistic…
  • …then of course there’s the Stronic Real. What can I say, I like the realistic shapes, so this is the one that I personally use the most. The Stronic Real’s streamlined shaft ends in a coronal ridge that sticks out just the right amount to tease my whole front wall until I give in to waves of orgasms—and hands-free ones, at that.

Overall Thoughts/TL;DR

I’m a ginormous fan of the Fun Factory Stronics (and lots of other thrusting dildos, really), so it’s hard for me to not rave about the benefits of the Stronic Surf. It’s true, this pulsator confused me at first because I was trying to use it the same way as the Stronic G and the Stronic Real—but then I realized that the Surf is a different creature (but with the same motor). The Surf’s big waves make the most splash when I let the toy gently massage the whole back wall of my vagina, plus my perineum, in contrast with the G-spot action of other Stronics (especially the Stronic G).

This Stronic Surf is a heavy hitter, and if you’re looking for a sleeker, smoother shape, then I would definitely recommend other Stronic pulsators instead.

Wanna ride the waves? You can pick up a Fun Factory Stronic Surf here. Save 10% on any purchase sitewide when you enter code FELICITY at checkout.

My thanks to Peepshow Toys for sending me this toy in exchange for my honest review. I always tell my readers when something does not work for me or when I think it’s badly designed. If you want to support my writing, you can make your next sex toy purchase—whatever it is—by clicking through my affiliate links and then buying. (Doing so costs you absolutely nothing: in many cases, you’ll even save money by using my discount codes.)

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